Friday 30 October 2015

Leeds castle...........

 Wednesday morning I decided to visit Leeds castle.
 A fifteen minute drive and I was walking in the castle grounds.
   I usually have Grandchildren with me. It seemed strange without them but  gave me the opportunity to go off the beaten track, and enjoy the spectacular autumn scene. 
 The grounds has streams, waterfalls and lakes.........a bird paradise.
 My favourite tree.......ancient and full of character.    I always think it looks as though it might have a secret door :)
 I like this formal area.      It draws you along the pathway.
 Beautiful display of monkshood.     It really stood out amongst the dying foliage of other plants.
 Salvia and rosehips caught my the colour combination.
 I walked along to the tropical gardens.     
 I found a bench.     The sun came out.   It was so warm I had to take my coat off.
 I walked on and was very taken with the red hot pokers.
To the side of the garden is a man made lake.      All sorts of birds were flying in.     I do not know if they will stay, maybe they are just passing through.    I sat on the wall and watched them.   

It was a lovely few hours, I am so lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday 25 October 2015

The colours of autumn

 I love the colours of autumn, especially the maples.   
 This is my favourite for autumn colour.    It was planted by the previous owners.
 No matter where you stand in the garden you cannot fail to notice the glorious colour of autumn.
 It shines out like a draws the eye.     It is beautiful.
 Most summer blooms have faded but autumn blooms are just beginning to open.    Mahonia charity has just started flowering.    I noticed honey bees on them yesterday and it was not a particularly warm day.
 Aconitum, a toxic plant, that needs respect.   I love the flowers, they are so pretty and the colour at this time of year is most welcome.
I have waited so long for this to flower.....Schizostylis pink princess.   I am not disappointed.    The palest pink flowers are so pretty and look incredibly fragile.    It seems so out of place in an autumn garden.     Schizostylis do not last long in this garden, probably around three years at the most.   
I shall enjoy it while I can.............

Happy autumnal gardening.............

Thursday 22 October 2015

 We rented a bijou terraced house,
 with wonderful views of the sea.
 The weather was warm enough to eat breakfast on the balcony.    Surrounded by flowers, and listening to bird song.
We walked to the beach each day.      I would often peek at the walled gardens en route, the planting so different to mine, they became a constant source of  fascination.
 We would walk for miles, stopping at beach bars for something to eat.
 I would watch the birds and the odd stranger pass by.
 Time to talk was the best thing.........when one's life is busy, and the coming together is infrequent, these times are precious.
 Some days were spent in Mojacar village.    Steeped in history, it is a fascinating place.............I love the hanging geometry of its streets.
 When you reach the village the view is wonderful.     The flat topped mound in the image is Mojacar la Vieja (old Mojacar).   Moorish remains have been found here, also bronze objects and Argaric buttons.
 Modern plantings have been put in place in some areas......
 I particularly like the courtyard garden in front of the entrance to the church.
Most of all I love to walk the narrow streets, and honour those that walked before me.    It has an air about it, something you cannot buy.    You will either feel it or not but there is a magic
that is priceless.

It was a wonderful eight days..................

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Looking for sunshine

I will be away for a while.    A warmer climate is calling :)

I will leave you with the Nuthatch, who seems to now call the garden home.    Great to have such a pretty resident.

Stay well my friends and see you on my return.

Monday 5 October 2015

It is a little overwhelming..........

 My concentration levels are low.    I find it difficult to focus on one thing, without being distracted by another.   I have always been this way.
 It is rare for me to sit for a long period of time.   I find I become distracted, I need to be 'doing'.
It is frustrating and annoying..........
 I start work in the garden, before I have finished the job in hand, I am starting the next.
 Most of the time I seem to work in chaos but it generally turns out okay in the end.
 I am making a conscious effort to change but it is so difficult to alter the habits of a lifetime.
 Complete one task, then move to the next.   
 I am now reminded that  I have not ordered the pebbles and rocks for the dry river bed.......I will get around to it, really I will.
 After I have cut back the shrubs, of course..........
 and cleared the borders of weeds.
Perhaps I will just sit in the copse a while, only a short while.
Oh my, I need to raise the canopy on the trees.....I think I will make a list, perhaps that will help.   Hmmm....I do not think this is going to work.   I am as I am, I need to learn to accept it.

The roots of who you are lie in the 'darkness' of the subconscious........

Friday 2 October 2015

Sweet dreams...........

 I had the most lovely dream last night.     I was sitting in a cosy room chatting and laughing with my father. 
 I knew, in the dream, that my father had passed away.    
 I slowly walked towards him.........he opened his arms and gave me a hug.
At this point I woke up.    Tears rolled gently from my eyes.
Tears of spend time with my father, if only in a dream, was beautiful.

May you all have beautiful dreams...........have a great weekend.