Friday 26 August 2016

Summer dreaming.........

 I am a dreamer, there is no doubt.     I mostly dream about the garden.
 I see images in my mind and try to create them.
 Most times I fail but this  year my dreams have come true.
 By growing Echinacea and Cosmos in pots the rabbits have left them alone.
 The bonus is they are covered in bees.
For me, this paints the  perfect picture.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

The jungle garden..........

 The jungle garden was never really planned, it just happened.    It is now a favourite place for the Grandchildren.    It is quiet and secluded and full of birds.
 It is 31 degrees today and humid.    I love to sit in the shade surrounded by the greenery, and watch the birds.
 I have three favourite plants in this area.    Trachycarpus Fortunei is first on my list.    I planted this around twelve years ago.    It will take low temperatures but likes a nice warm wrap in winter.
Poppi and I usually cover the lower trunk with fleece, this seems to work.    If you look to the right of the image you will see a smaller version.   This has been planted in the last two years, so has a way to go, before it reaches the height of its neighbour :)
 Second on my list, Fatsia Japonica........beautiful architectural plant that flowers in Autumn.    Much loved by late flying insects.....berries appear in the Winter.
And finally Fargesia Nitida, the fountain bamboo.     A beautiful clump forming plant, with purplish stems, that turn yellow/green with age.   Some gardeners are scared to plant bamboo.   I have never had a problem with them.    I am selective when purchasing a new specimen and to this point they are still where they should be  :)    Not taking up new homes in the garden.

Hope you are all coping with the hot weather....find somewhere shady to sit and have a nice cup of tea, which is exactly what I am going to do now.

Sunday 21 August 2016

How does your garden grow?

 Camera in hand I walk the garden.    Would you care to join me?   Lets talk flowers :)
 I am not a lover of Gladiolus but have to say I am smitten with this.    I cannot tell you the name, a mixed bag of bulbs without a label.
 I can tell you the name of this one though, for it is without doubt, a firm favourite.    Abysinnian Gladiolus or one of its common names the fragrant gladiolus.    It has the most beautiful scent that cannot fail to please.
 Unknown rose....given to me by my Father.......very special to me.
 Shrub rose Rhapsody in Blue, a gift from my Mother.
Flowers in shades of mauve, violet and purple that gradually fade to slate blue.    It has a sweet spicy scent.....delicious.
 I love this plant........Hydrangea paniculata Vanille-Fraise.
I love the pyramid shape flower panicles, they start white,
 turning shades of pink as they age.    When October arrives they will take on rich pink tones.    
 A random planting that worked out well...........
 Persicaria pink elephant.    Love the name, bees love the flowers.    We need to help the bees :)
 Sedum Autumn Joy and Herbstfrende.     I wonderful late flowering plant for butterflies and bees.
They often get a bad press for flopping.    I find planted in full sun and never watered they keep upright, neat and tidy.
I would not be without them and have one flower bed full of them.      In Autumn they are covered in honey bees, butterflies and  numerous other insects.    They are worth their weight in gold for this insect loving gardener.......

Hope you enjoyed the short tour.    Will take a look around the jungle garden next time.    Until then, have a lovely week.

Saturday 13 August 2016

Time to dream........

 Dreaming swan is a 'new to me' Japanese anemone.    The large semi double flowers open tinged pink and turn to white.
 The blooms are gracefully carried on wiry stems, which dance and sway in the breeze.
 The flowers have lavender blue bands on the reverse of their petals.    When the sun shines on them, they look so pretty.
 Early morning dew also adds to the picture.
Early this morning I found a creature fast asleep in a flower.

Japanese Anemone dreaming swan is a long flowering perennial.    It is said to be deer and rabbit resistant.
I think it would look lovely planted among grasses.
I may try this next year.    I have divided some feather grass recently and have 12 little plants in the greenhouse.
Watch this space.

Enjoy your weekend and the lovely warm weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Monday 8 August 2016

Dear Mother of mine...............

 For a garden that has been somewhat neglected, it is obviously able to take care of itself.
 Cutting the grass and watering plants, were carried out here and there but only when time permitted.
 Life in the garden carried on..........
 as I nursed my Mother.     In the last few weeks of her life I was humbled by her acceptance of death.    A quietness surrounded her, and it was passed to all those who saw her in those last few weeks.
 One day, as I sat by her bedside, she was gazing out of the window, at the beautiful blue summer sky.
 "Goodbye world" she said with the most lovely smile.
 She took my hand.  "It is such a beautiful world Cheryl.   Take time to enjoy all that is around you."
 I will never forget the  words she spoke just before she died.     They left me with something special........passed from Mother to child.    

 We all have moments of darkness......but somewhere, sometime we see light, and we once again carry on with life.
I hear my Mothers words on a daily basis............and I smile.
She taught me so much in a lifetime...........thank you Mum.