Thursday 30 September 2010

The joy of an autumn garden.....

A mist hung over the garden this morning.
Overnight rain clung to petals,

creating wonderful photo opportunities.
I have always loved autumn. It is, for me, the most perfect season.
Bittersweet climbs the hedgerows........
and elderberries droop with swollen fruits.
Native monkshood has just come into bloom. Every piece of this plant is poisonous. It is a personal favourite, carder bees seem to love it to.
Corn marigolds bloom from May - first frosts. I love this native, it is wonderful for insects.
The Red Admiral is a regular visitor.
Grasses are now in flower, and make a statement in the border.
Rotting honeysuckle berries make a tasty feast for comma's.
Red admiral seems to favour the elder.
I remember the words of Lisa........I love going away because when you get back home, your garden is new to you again.
I have found this to be is like coming home to a very old friend.
I am so enjoying autumn, are you??

Tuesday 28 September 2010


We talked bugs........visited Powell Gardens.
We had a picnic and watched moths and dragonflies.

Veggies, fresh from the garden, filled our plates at supper.
Time to share, time to talk. Table time.
Each day opened new doors.
I have a friend who loves the bugs as much as I do.
I love prairie planting........I may just add a border to the garden.
Sherry's gardens are pretty and full of life.
We celebrated the autumn equinox.
A hummer joined us........
I shall visit again.....I have made a friend for life.......

Monday 27 September 2010

Excursions and Beckie's garden

Rose and Beckie had arranged several trips during our two day stay. It was lovely to have Lisa and her DB with us. Our first visit was to Meadowbrook Park, restored prairie was the main feature. Golden rod was very much in evidence, note the bright yellow background in the photo above.
The Idea Garden was the next excursion. I so enjoyed visiting this area. I have to say it was absolutely stunning.

The planting was dense and absolutely full of butterflies and bees.
I could have stayed there all day and I would have loved to help the master gardeners. I had a strong desire to get my hands dirty.......
My most favourite though was the pollinatarium (is that right?) Rose, bless her, had arranged the visit. A young woman, Sarah, if my memory serves me well, showed us around. Our topic, bees. I was in my element, I loved the talk, learned a lot and can't thank Rose enough for being so very thoughtful.
After the visit it was back to Beckies for supper.
Beckie's home and garden is full of 'Olde world' charm.
The garden is pretty and much loved.
Grandchildren climbed trees and played on the grass........adults prepared supper.
As we sipped tea and chatted about this and that...a tree frog joined us. He stayed quite a while and seemed to be enjoying the company.
I noticed that the milkweed seed pods had burst. Aren't they beautiful?
Beckie told me the milkweed aphids keep the plant under control. Seeing all the seeds blowing in the wind, I understood.
There is a special border in the garden. Planted in the memory of a much loved daughter. A place for dragonflies to roam. Beckie's garden touched my heart.
Tku Beckie for such a wonderful time. Supper was delightful. May I have the recipe for peach cream please?
Meeting your family was a joy, especially the grandchildren. So well behaved, so very polite. They would be welcome to my home anytime.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Rose's garden

It was a lovely moment when Sophie came rushing out of the house, and greeted each and every one of us. I am sure she was chatting with Mr P. We are both dog lovers and for us this was a very special moment, Sophie captured our hearts.
Whilst most of the plants had turned to seed, asters and golden rod in one border stood out. I love the colour combination. It looked wild and anyone who reads my blog will know, I love wild.

A butterfly was drawn to the asters, and made such a pretty picture. Had she heard the wildlife gardener was visiting??
I saw many grasshoppers.......I love grasshoppers, anyone who has watched 'Hoppity goes to town' is bound to be hooked.
And look, a mantis. I was just so first mantis, how cool is that?
When Rose showed me Hydrangea annabelle, I had a touch of hydrangea envy. Lime blooms, so pretty. This is now on my wish list.
Whilst Rose and Beckie made a most delicious supper, I sat in the garden chatting to Lisa and the rest of our party. When the hummer arrived, I found it so hard to concentrate, I was smitten. I had never quite realised how beautiful and just how fragile they are.
If I remember correctly this is a juvenile. The parents will already be on their way to a warmer climate. I do hope this little one makes it........I was so humbled to share time with this delightful creature.
It was wonderful to see Rose's space. It is a garden in the making. As each season comes and goes, and Rose gains confidence, this garden will be an oasis for the wildlife that surrounds her home.
I had watched dozens of dragonflies feeding in the long grass, swallows above us enjoying the fading sunlight. Tree frogs called as we walked to the car, saying our goodbyes. I loved this place, it has such incredible beauty, I do not believe Rose realises quite how much.
Thank you, dear Rose, for letting us share your table. For the most delicious supper. For catering for my vegetarian diet. AND please do tell, how do you make the topping for Apple Crisp, it was just so delicious........

Friday 24 September 2010


I fell in love with the Monarch.......
She is like a piece of tiffany glass.........

I walked with butterflies...... Buckeye is very pretty.

Carpenter bees are huge. I love restored prairie.
We touched down at Heathrow this morning. I am extremely tired at the moment and there is plenty waiting to be done. Glad to be back amongst you.........I have lots to share but it will have to wait a wee while.
Tku Beckie Rose Lisa and Sherry for your hospitality, kindness and gifts. Mr P and I had such a wonderful time. So many memories, so many magic moments..........

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Early birders......

A few weeks ago Frank @ The Early Birder asked if he could come to see the garden.
It was with some hesitation, I said yes.

A garden is such a personal thing.
One persons taste can differ from another, to such an extent, that they cannot begin to understand, what you are trying to achieve.
I need not have worried. Frank and his wife Anita, are charming and interesting people.
It turned out to be a lovely few hours. I also learnt a lot.....Frank is full of information about birds, plants etc.
They did not see any rabbits. When they left I spotted them hiding in the copse.
Juvenile sparrows hide in the shrubs and trees.......
Elderberries are ready and ripe......
Wildflowers are giving their seeds to the plants for next year.
A journey with a garden is a wonderful thing. It never ends.......nature often adds her sprinkling of conjour up a pretty picture, that you had never imagined.
Days are warm, nights are chill. There was a mist this morning......I do love mist hanging over the garden.....
Happy autumn days.........