Tuesday 28 September 2010


We talked bugs........visited Powell Gardens.
We had a picnic and watched moths and dragonflies.

Veggies, fresh from the garden, filled our plates at supper.
Time to share, time to talk. Table time.
Each day opened new doors.
I have a friend who loves the bugs as much as I do.
I love prairie planting........I may just add a border to the garden.
Sherry's gardens are pretty and full of life.
We celebrated the autumn equinox.
A hummer joined us........
I shall visit again.....I have made a friend for life.......


  1. What a wonderful time you obviously had.


  2. You have been mightly blessed Cheryl.

  3. Hi Cheryl...Absolutely gorgeous photos and I really love the grasshopper!! : }
    What wonderful memories you have made!!

  4. Dear Cheryl,
    I thought of you when I watered the salad bowls this afternoon. I thought of you when the north wind blew a song into the wind harp. I think of you often. Thank you for coming all this way....thank you for being my friend.
    My husband made a friend too! He is inspired.
    My gardens and my home were honored you and Mr. P came to visit. You are always welcomed at our table. My husband and I had a Holiday too.
    Your post brought tears. No words....

  5. Hi Cheryl, I see you made it to the US! How I wish you could have made it here. To Charleston, but I am so glad you had such a beautiful and wonderful time. I would love to meet you too. Ah but of course Charleston is even hotter and more humid in September, so probably not good!
    Your posts and your pictures are so, so beautiful!
    Many blessings ♥

  6. What a lovely time you had. I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation and cemented those friendships. I feel we have all been blessed by forging those bonds through our computers and most especially, our gardens. An extra special blessing to be able to meet in reality.


  7. Dear Sherry, it was an absolute joy to spend time with you. I feel as though I have known you all my life. I see your home, gardens and you, clearly now. I hear your voice and laughter. Mr P made a friend.....it seemed like they would never stop talking......lol, such fun.

    Tku once again for your wonderful hospitality and friendship.

    Love and light

  8. HI Sandy, yes, I made it to the US to meet bloggers I call my friends.

    The heat did get to me, but I would do it again to spend time with them. Their hospitality was wonderful and the time spent with them was full of fun and laughter.

  9. HI Jenny, travelling such a long way to meet people I had never seen before was perhaps a little crazy. My family, thought I may be kidnapped...lol
    I am sensible enough to just know when things are right. The people I met were most kind and hospitable. Sharing their homes, food and family. I know in my heart I will sit with them again at some point. Sharing tea was just the best.
    I am truly blessed.

  10. Cheryl, I can just picture you and Sherry together watching the bugs and waiting for the hummers to come--what a wonderful time you must have had! You made so many magical memories for us all.

    Seeing your comment to Jenny made me laugh. Your mother was not the only worried one--my son couldn't believe I had invited "total strangers" to my house and was glad I hadn't come to any harm:)

  11. Hi Rose, I can understand your sons anxieties.
    You hear of so many weird things happening.
    I believe, we are all very sensible people, and I think, you can tell when something is right. Just think we would have missed all that fun if we had not taken the chance. Now we can do it all again, if we want to, and our families will be ok with it.

  12. Hi Cheryl, I am so sorry not to have commented since your return but things have been rather difficult here lately. However I have read all the posts and enjoyed your adventures so much. You certainly had a lovely time and obviously enjoyed some wonderful hospitality.

    All of your photos are beautiful and I loved seeing the butterflies, blooms, the Praying Mantis and particularly the Humming Birds...how I envy you that! I don't 'know' Beckie and Lisa but have often seen their comments on your posts so it was nice to see a glimpse of them and of course it was lovely to see dear Rose and beautiful Sophie. I am sure all the memories of your trip will remain with you for ever.

  13. Hi Jan, I do hope that everything is ok your end. I noticed on your last post that hubby had been in hospital for a short while. I do hope that he is recovering well??

    I had the most wonderful trip.....gardeners are just the best.....such good kind hospitable people. I miss them all, and cannot wait for the time I will meet them again.
    Seeing their native wildlife was just amazing......seeing creatures for the first time, is just like a miracel to me.

    I am so grateful to Mr P for giving me such a wonderful 40th anniversary gift......

  14. What a great time you had! I'm so glad you got to see so many new critters and see your friends face to face! Beautiful gardens and photos!!

  15. Sounds lovely. I've always wanted to see Powell Gardens. I had an engagement to speak there once but the class didn't fill so it was cancelled!

  16. Your butterfly pics touch my heart...
    Sherry has a healing garden and those hummers are magical, aren't they? I could watch them for hours. So nice when the men can connect too and share in your enthusiasm and activities.

    I'm so glad you weren't kidnapped! LOL! Of course you knew in your heart before you left that your blogging friends are genuine, down-to-earth people. And your visit proved it.