Wednesday 1 September 2010

Early birders......

A few weeks ago Frank @ The Early Birder asked if he could come to see the garden.
It was with some hesitation, I said yes.

A garden is such a personal thing.
One persons taste can differ from another, to such an extent, that they cannot begin to understand, what you are trying to achieve.
I need not have worried. Frank and his wife Anita, are charming and interesting people.
It turned out to be a lovely few hours. I also learnt a lot.....Frank is full of information about birds, plants etc.
They did not see any rabbits. When they left I spotted them hiding in the copse.
Juvenile sparrows hide in the shrubs and trees.......
Elderberries are ready and ripe......
Wildflowers are giving their seeds to the plants for next year.
A journey with a garden is a wonderful thing. It never ends.......nature often adds her sprinkling of conjour up a pretty picture, that you had never imagined.
Days are warm, nights are chill. There was a mist this morning......I do love mist hanging over the garden.....
Happy autumn days.........


  1. For some strange reason, blogger would not allow me to do a link to Franks blog. After trying several times I gave up. Please find Frank and his wonderful blog on my side bar........

  2. What fun to have visitors. Did you see any new birds in the garden?? I can't wait to have autumn mists in my garden. Better still I can't wait to have visitors.

  3. What a simply beautiful post, Cheryl! The photos are just lovely, they really are.

    I just visited Frank's site and thought I was either in the wrong place or that he had the exact same beautiful bronzes that I so admire :)

    It sounded like a very nice visit and that all concerned enjoyed it.

    Now who could resist that little Rabbit :) go on you know you couldn't :)

  4. How good to have like minded visitors to share your garden. Lovely photos as always and your prose too is very evocative - I am realising that to everything there is a season and that I must not try and hold on to summer but let her go and accept the autumn in all her beauty to follow.


  5. Hi Lisa......Yes we saw blue tits, sparrows etc.
    Heard the green woodpecker.....but it is a very shy bird and did not come into the garden while we were there.

    Visitors eh. wonder who they are??

  6. Jan, it was such a delightful few hours. It is strange, when you meet people that love nature as much as you do, there is sometimes no need for words.....

    Don't tease my tender heart. As much as the rabbits give me alot of hassle, I could personnaly never hurt a hair on their little heads. Just remind me I said that, when they are nibbling through the garden in the depths of

  7. Hi Jane....I do hope that you can walk with the seasons. There is so much out much beauty right on our doorstep.

    It was lovely to meet Frank and Anita, I had a lovely time.

  8. Hi Cheryl...That is easy to understand!! I have had people tell me that I should host weddings and have garden tours your gardens are so lovely but I could not do that!! If someone asked to visit I can do that but it is my santuary!!
    I have been following Frank and He my blog for awhile now!! I throughly enjoy His blog!!
    I don't expect He will be asking to visit my garden....that would be a bit of a trip here to Maine ..but He and his wife would be welcome!!You can't be far from him, right!!
    Lovely post...extremely hot here still!!
    Loved you photos and post!!

  9. You are so right, Cheryl, that a garden is a personal thing. Not everyone has the same tastes or the same visions, but we can all appreciate what another gardener has achieved. How nice to have visitors; I'm sure Frank and Anita enjoyed the tour of your sanctuary.

    My apologies for my comment on the Persicaria, Cheryl. I'm afraid it's a long-standing prejudice on my part. When I was young, I used to have to help my Dad pull weeds out of the soybean fields. Certain "weeds" were particularly troublesome and difficult to remove--smartweed was one of them, so it's hard for me to give up that image of them. They grow wild around the farm buildings here, and I'm trying to look at them now in a different light:)

  10. Cheryl, so beautifully done in words and pictures AND now I get to see a Bunny.

    BTW you can tell Grammie that Anita has always wanted to see fall in New England so you never know she might get a long distance visitor sometime!!

  11. These are my kind of pictures Cheryl. I'm glad you had Frank and his wife for a visit so I could find your blog!

  12. Dear Cheryl,
    So very, very beautiful.....wonderful to have garden visitors who understand the wild ways....we seem to share the private and public dilemma. I have had the garden tours in the past. I have lost much of those gardens to ice and drought and climate change! Now I am digging and re-doing and planning a different that is for the birds and bugs...maybe some food for the people!
    I am looking forward to having garden visitors....

  13. Hi Cheryl,

    Wonderful photos, so nice to see things are still busy in your garden. With the uplift in the weather again our Butterflies have returned, only the Buddlejas are now almost finished.

    Have a nice week, or rather weekend... Is it really Thursday already???

  14. HI Grammie.....Frank is not too far away.
    It was a pleasure to meet him and put a face to his blog. It makes such a difference.

    Still hot....poor you. Perhaps your sanctuary will cool down soon, giving you a chance to enjoy and tend it.....

    Frank saw your comment....I think you may have visitors some time in the future.

  15. Dear Rose, please do not apologise, it really is not necessary. We all have different tastes and I honour and respect that.
    Why should you like smartweed just because I

    I had a lovely day....really did

  16. Hi Frank....tku

    Will pass that on to Grammie......hey ho!!!

    Thank you for the plants. They are all tucked up and ready for winter.......

  17. My dear Sherry.....I am certain garden visitors will understand your gardens perfectly well.
    The ups and downs, the losses and is all part of the journey with a garden.
    I have always believed a garden that is cherished, holds the soul of those that tend her.
    Therefore my friend your space can be nothing but beautiful.......

  18. Hi Liz, time does indeed fly. I can't keep up at the moment. I seem to rush from one thing to another and do nothing properly.....I really must calm down.

  19. I know rabbits can be very destructive in a garden, but I love them so. I love how the sunshine illuminates/shines through their ears!