Monday 27 September 2010

Excursions and Beckie's garden

Rose and Beckie had arranged several trips during our two day stay. It was lovely to have Lisa and her DB with us. Our first visit was to Meadowbrook Park, restored prairie was the main feature. Golden rod was very much in evidence, note the bright yellow background in the photo above.
The Idea Garden was the next excursion. I so enjoyed visiting this area. I have to say it was absolutely stunning.

The planting was dense and absolutely full of butterflies and bees.
I could have stayed there all day and I would have loved to help the master gardeners. I had a strong desire to get my hands dirty.......
My most favourite though was the pollinatarium (is that right?) Rose, bless her, had arranged the visit. A young woman, Sarah, if my memory serves me well, showed us around. Our topic, bees. I was in my element, I loved the talk, learned a lot and can't thank Rose enough for being so very thoughtful.
After the visit it was back to Beckies for supper.
Beckie's home and garden is full of 'Olde world' charm.
The garden is pretty and much loved.
Grandchildren climbed trees and played on the grass........adults prepared supper.
As we sipped tea and chatted about this and that...a tree frog joined us. He stayed quite a while and seemed to be enjoying the company.
I noticed that the milkweed seed pods had burst. Aren't they beautiful?
Beckie told me the milkweed aphids keep the plant under control. Seeing all the seeds blowing in the wind, I understood.
There is a special border in the garden. Planted in the memory of a much loved daughter. A place for dragonflies to roam. Beckie's garden touched my heart.
Tku Beckie for such a wonderful time. Supper was delightful. May I have the recipe for peach cream please?
Meeting your family was a joy, especially the grandchildren. So well behaved, so very polite. They would be welcome to my home anytime.


  1. So glad you enjoyed your visit to such a lovely garden. Photos as always are lovely.

    Jane x

  2. You truly have had a wonderful holiday! Lots of effort has obviously gone into planning visits that you would enjoy. The photos you've shared have been beautiful. I love the butterflies you've shown here, and also the tree frog!

  3. Hi Cheryl...another great visit how wonderful this sounds like such fun! : }
    I saw tons of those aphids on some milkweed here and I had never seen that before...well looky-there I learned something today!! : }
    Lovely flowers and butterflies and oh the tree frog I love them!!

  4. Cheryl, I'm so glad you enjoyed our little excursions while you were here. I doubt that many people in our area even know the Pollinatarium exists. You've reminded me that I still haven't sent them a thank-you note; I agree that Sarah was a great hostess. Such lovely photos--the Monarch on the red flower is stunning.

    Autumn has finally arrived here, I think. Yesterday I was going to plant some flowers, and it was actually too cold and windy to get out! Typical Midwest--Thursday it was hot and steamy again, and by Saturday we were freezing:)

    Looking forward to reading about your visit with Sherry!

  5. dear you are over here! i hope you are enjoying every moment in the usa. one day i hope we will sit together in each other's gardens. you've come at a great time of the year. say hello to all your bloggy friends for me.

  6. What a lovely visit to Beckie's garden. It is good to see her looking so well. Her garden is special, and her family is precious. Thank you for taking us on your journey. What a wonderful experience!

  7. Hi Dan, the butterflies are amazing. So large, so very beautiful. I have never seen so many in one area.

    The trips were fantastic, I am so grateful for all the time and effort that my friends put into our visit.

  8. Hi Grammie, I think we all learn something everyday when blogging, I know I most certainly do.

    The tree frogs are just so cute.....

  9. Hi Rose, The Pollinatarium was fabulous. Sarah had such an easy, relaxed way with her. I could have listened to her all day.

    Glad your weather has at last cooled.......I know you found the heat quite overpowering at times.....

  10. I am back now Marmee. I spent ten days in your lovely part of the world. It was great to meet fellow bloggers, I now call my friends.

    Hope you and yours are well and happy.....

  11. Hi Jenny, it was lovely meeting Beckie, she is such a sweet soul. She has the most tender heart. Mr P and I both thought her very special.....

  12. Reading this brought back such wondeful memories Cheryl. I loved seeing your visit through your lens. Since it has cooled down I have been outside most of the day. Too bad we didn't have a little of this cooler weather while you were here. As Rose says you just never know what the weather will be from day to day.

  13. I would have loved to have joined you, but have my own fond memories of the Idea Garden and that grandchildren tree! :)

  14. Nice you brought us along on your holiday. How could you keep your fingers out of the dirt in the Idea Garden, Cheryl? I'll bet you had to sit on them! What a lovely visit. Good company, good food and lots of little critters to enjoy too.