Friday 24 September 2010


I fell in love with the Monarch.......
She is like a piece of tiffany glass.........

I walked with butterflies...... Buckeye is very pretty.

Carpenter bees are huge. I love restored prairie.
We touched down at Heathrow this morning. I am extremely tired at the moment and there is plenty waiting to be done. Glad to be back amongst you.........I have lots to share but it will have to wait a wee while.
Tku Beckie Rose Lisa and Sherry for your hospitality, kindness and gifts. Mr P and I had such a wonderful time. So many memories, so many magic moments..........


  1. Wonderful to have you back Cheryl. I've missed you so much. Glad you had such a good time and look forward to hearing more about it when you are rested.

    Jane x

  2. Hi Cheryl YAH!! Shes back..missed you.
    Great that you had such a wonderful time and will have things to share once you get organized!!
    Beautiful Butterflies!!

  3. Hi Jane, tku. Also tks for the lovely card you sent while I was appreciated.

    Hi Grammie, missed you to. I need to get organised, the bunnies have been extremely naughty while I have been away.

  4. Welcome home Cheryl! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Looking forward to all the no doubt beautiful pictures you have to share when you get a minute. Sorry to hear the rabbits have been naughty!

  5. Dear Cheryl,
    I am so happy you are home safe and sound.
    I too had a wonderful time with you and Mr. P....
    Hugs and missing you.

  6. Hi Bilbo, hugs back.

    Hi Dan, tku. The rabbits have dug holes everwhere and got up onto the oak barrels on the patio. They have cropped some of the shrubs to the ground. Grrrrrrrrr!
    Shows you what a grand job Nella does. As soon as she is not here, back they come.

  7. Dear Sherry, excuse me yawning as I type. I can hear Mr P yawning also! We are trying to stay awake till bedtime, then we should be ok tomorrow.

    It was a wonderful few days that went all too quickly.

    Hugs X

  8. Welcome Home Cheryl and Mr P. It was such fun having you even for such a short time. I am glad you made it home safe and sound and you are not still driving around and around in ST Louis. I hope you awaken refreshed so you can get out and see what those rascally rabbits had been up to while you were gone.

  9. So glad to hear you are back home safe and sound, Cheryl. What a wonderful time we had! Memories made that will not soon be forgotten. Your visit was such a delight; I hope that you and Mr. P will be able to return again one day. Tell Mr. P that next time I will be on the lookout for dangerous falling walnuts for him:)

    The Monarch is my favorite butterfly, and your description of it is spot on--just like stained glass.

    I'm sure you had a great time with Sherry, too; I can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip, but first do catch up on your rest!

  10. Welcome back.
    Love to hear about your visit.

  11. Welcome back Cheryl! The Monarch is so beautiful cast in front of that blue sky. Sorry to hear about the mischievous rabbits - I'm still dealing with a very smart but destructive VOLE! Am looking forward to reading (and seeing photos) about your trip across the pond!

  12. Hi Cheryl. Welcome home to the land of cooler temperatures. Delighted to hear that you and Mr.P had a very enjoyable trip, butterflies etc.

    BTW Anita was so surprised with the package of ribbons you sent over and sends her love and many, many thanks.

  13. Hi Lisa, St Louis, Ha ha............what a nightmare. Still we survived.

    Feeling much better this morning. Could not function yesterday. 28 hours without sleep did not suit me one little bit.

    The rabbits have been pretty destructive, Nella is putting them firmly in their place.

    Tks again for such a fun time Lisa......

  14. Hi Rose......tku. We had a fabulous time with you. Tku so much for taking us out and about, it was wonderful.

    Mr P's shirt still has the mark where the walnut fell. It just will not budge. It will always be a reminder of that time, and that is rather nice.

    I am looking for the sweet pea seeds for you and will send the book I promised very soon.

    Hope you and yours are well, especially the lovely Sophie.

  15. Hi Amy, you do have some beautiful butterflies and birds in your part of the world.
    I found them is lovely to see something different.

    Hope you sort the vole out............Nella is hunting rabbits at the moment.

  16. Hi Frank....I must confess the lower temperatures are a welcome relief. I was near melting point at one stage. My hair looked most attractive plastered to my

    Anita is most welcome, I thought they may just be of some use to her.

  17. What exquisite photos! You really portray butterflies in the best light. Stained glass, what an apt description.

    Glad you had such a happy visit. Welcome back!

  18. What lovely photos, Cheryl. I love Goldenrod. It is so showy, the perfect backdrop for a Monarch.

    I am so glad you had a wonderful visit. I always feel I need a vacation to recover from vacation when I get back from one. I hope you and Mr. P rest up.

  19. Isn't it funny how we all take our native landscapes a bit for granted and revel in those unfamiliar to us! :)