Tuesday 19 November 2013

The woodland area has looked beautiful this year.   I took this photograph around two weeks ago.     With hesitation I divided hellebores and Arum Italicum in August.    It appears to have been very successful.    I just hope that the Hellebores flower this year, as I would miss their beautiful blooms in the depths of winter.

I lost interest in the garden when my father died.   I felt very empty and lost for quite some time.  I missed his daily jokes, his kind words and deeds.....but most of all the big bear hug he would always give me when things were difficult.      Dad always said to me to keep smiling, no matter what happens in life try to reflect on the positive, not the negative.   I hear his words.    Dad never let things get him down.......he was a wonderful man and I realise I was so lucky to have such a caring and kind Father.   Yes I smile when I think of him, sometimes my heart is heavy but that is becoming less.

I have planted a small orchard in front of the tree house.   It is dedicated to my Father....he loved fruit trees.