Saturday 30 July 2011

Sunday safari

"I am going to have a garden one day Nanna.
 With lots of flowers ........
for the bees.....
 and all the funny little creatures.
The only thing is Nanna, I do not know what I am going to do about global morning."

Bless her, she obviously meant global warming.....don't they make you smile :)
Alan is doing well......I am really happy with the progress.

Happy Sunday safari.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Quiet times....

I walked the garden at 5.30 this morning.     The air was fresh, and overnight rain had left the garden sodden.     Inula caught my eye, she is beautiful in her demise.
Mulberry Rose changes each time I see her.     Her pale pink petals are a thing of the past........her colours deepen with age.   
Soldier beetles find their partners amongst the is that time of year.    The circle of life.
Fox and cubs, such a pretty wildflower and much loved by bees.      It is a little invasive but easy to pull.....I tend to let it do it's own thing, I love the colour, I love how it nods in the breeze, I love it when a bee's here to stay.
Evening primrose, I cannot resist it's intoxicating scent in the evening.     
My parents and Ma in law came to supper last night.   I walked the garden with mother when we had finished eating.     It is a joy to share this time with her.    There is a deep connection between us.   At times she can drive me crazy with her moods (she has always been that way), but she also has a side that is caring and kind.   She listens, advises, and sees things from every angle.
She tells me to enjoy each and every moment God gives me.    Not to worry about the little things.
To see the bigger picture.    I put my arm around her.......I love her for all she is, bad moods included :)
Tomorrow I am out with the local Garden Society.    We shall be visiting Sussex Prairie Garden.   I shall not take my camera.   I want to just enjoy the moment.     If you would like to see the gardens  visit
It should be a fine day........and temperatures around 22C  (74F).      Not too hot for walking the six acre site.
We approach the end of July...... the year is passing so quickly.
A new project, my imagination runs riot.     Mr P has left me in charge of this one.    I am working with Alan, he is trying to understand the ideas of this crazy woman.   He is doing well.   Will show you more as the project progresses.

Enjoy your weekend........if the weather is hot, may it soon cool down.   If the continuous rain has got you down, may the sunshine brighten your path.

Monday 18 July 2011

My daily walk with Nella..........

My daily walk with Nella is something I really look forward to.
I love to see the changing landscape as one season meets another.
Most of the land is used for grazing....sheep and cattle.
The meadow will soon be cut and stored for winter feed.    I watched the meadow browns flit from grass to grass.
Hops grow in the hedgerow.   This is one of the host plants for the Comma butterfly.   They do well here.
During the winter months this area partially floods, and turns into a fairly large lake.
Eventually I reach the river.    The water lily are in bloom.   It is fairly shallow this year due to the dry Spring.
The water is clear...........I sometimes see the heron on this stretch.
The verges are left until September.     They are full of wildflowers which is a wonderful food source for insects and birds.  

Life changes, we change.    I hope with all my heart that this area never changes, that it will always be protected.     We need wide open spaces, places where we can breath and feel in touch with Mother Nature.     Time to stand and take in all that surrounds us..........

Sunday 17 July 2011

Sunday safari

The little bee is cold and wet.    This weather is not good for insects.   Poor bee.
I love to see the young birds.   So pretty.
The feeders are always busy.
The juvenile Gt. Spotted Woodpecker is a regular visitor.
Butterfly visits are fleeting.   This rainy weather does not suit them.
Hostas have really bloomed this year.     I love the flowers.
The pale lilac blooms are beautiful.
I struggle with hanging baskets.    They usually suffer from wind damage.   This year has been an exception and they do not look too bad.

Each year in July the Romany wagons go by my garden gate.    For me this a magical experience and something I so look forward to.    The wagons are beautifully decorated.    The horses are well kept, their mane decorated with ribbons.    The girls wear their long skirts with elegance and gold coins hang from chains around their crown.    The lines on the faces of the elderly tell a thousand tales.   They follow the old ways.......I always nod to them as they pass, they do the same.     They do not like to have photographs taken....I give them the respect they deserve.
They came last week and made my summer.......

Happy Sunday safari.

Friday 15 July 2011

The joy of gardening......

I grew Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' from seed.
This cultivar is tall and slender,
and very beautiful.     What a joy it is to garden.     Is there anything more satisfying....if there is, then please, do tell.
This little treasure has me spellbound.   Nigella 'Mulberry Rose'.    Isn't she just too lovely for words.   I am smitten.    If you would like seeds, I am glad to share....please ask.
Monarda Prarienacht.....there is just something about these delightfully tatty blooms that I love.
I treat them as annuals, they really do not like my soil but grow them I do.   They always make me smile.
And finally, this is my favourite Cosmos at the moment.   The seeds came free with a gardening magazine and for the life of me I cannot remember the name.  

Just a few blooms that I am enjoying at this time.   

Have a lovely weekend.