Saturday 23 July 2011

Quiet times....

I walked the garden at 5.30 this morning.     The air was fresh, and overnight rain had left the garden sodden.     Inula caught my eye, she is beautiful in her demise.
Mulberry Rose changes each time I see her.     Her pale pink petals are a thing of the past........her colours deepen with age.   
Soldier beetles find their partners amongst the is that time of year.    The circle of life.
Fox and cubs, such a pretty wildflower and much loved by bees.      It is a little invasive but easy to pull.....I tend to let it do it's own thing, I love the colour, I love how it nods in the breeze, I love it when a bee's here to stay.
Evening primrose, I cannot resist it's intoxicating scent in the evening.     
My parents and Ma in law came to supper last night.   I walked the garden with mother when we had finished eating.     It is a joy to share this time with her.    There is a deep connection between us.   At times she can drive me crazy with her moods (she has always been that way), but she also has a side that is caring and kind.   She listens, advises, and sees things from every angle.
She tells me to enjoy each and every moment God gives me.    Not to worry about the little things.
To see the bigger picture.    I put my arm around her.......I love her for all she is, bad moods included :)
Tomorrow I am out with the local Garden Society.    We shall be visiting Sussex Prairie Garden.   I shall not take my camera.   I want to just enjoy the moment.     If you would like to see the gardens  visit
It should be a fine day........and temperatures around 22C  (74F).      Not too hot for walking the six acre site.
We approach the end of July...... the year is passing so quickly.
A new project, my imagination runs riot.     Mr P has left me in charge of this one.    I am working with Alan, he is trying to understand the ideas of this crazy woman.   He is doing well.   Will show you more as the project progresses.

Enjoy your weekend........if the weather is hot, may it soon cool down.   If the continuous rain has got you down, may the sunshine brighten your path.


  1. I feel as if I have done that garden stroll with you - thank you! Your mother sounds a wise lady and I am glad that you and she are close - my mother got on my nerves at times though I loved her dearly and now that she has gone I wish I had spent more time with her and talking to her about what mattered to her so enjoy the time you have with your ma even if she has her moods.

    Looking forward to seeing what is being constructed at the bottom of your garden.

  2. Hi Jane,

    I see my parents at least twic a week. One day for shopping and the other, I take them out for a meal or bring them around to the house.
    I always have quality time with them. Of course, there are difficult times but I have learned to be tolerant, patient and I hope understanding.

    I am not sure how this project will turn out but it is going to be fun.....

  3. Your garden is responding well to all your rain. Can't wait to see what you are building. Everyone needs an Alan in their garden. :) Sounds like you are going to have a good time touring the prairie. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun...

  4. Cheryl, the link to the prairie didn't work. :(

  5. I got there by typing in the address. What a magnificent place. It would be intimidating to have so much area to cover. I can't even think about 30,000 plants. Whew. I don't think I have 40 relatives and friends that could help plant them out. What a challenge.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Tks re link...think it is ok now. Strange it worked first odd.

    It is a magnificent place....I am just so excited to stroll the grounds.
    I can compare it to your wonderful prairie land.....I am sure there will be no comparison but it is going to be very beautiful, of that I am sure.

  7. HI Cheryl...You are a bit further along in season than we are my teasel hasn't blossomed yet!!
    Sad to see the time go...
    It is nice to just go and enjoy a day without the can get addicting.
    Enjoy your Mom while you can..time goes fast in life to...My Mom died 15 years ago at the age of 74...!!
    PS I gave you an explanation on my post on the Deptford pink...!!!

  8. Walking the prairie in 70 degree weather sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday, Cheryl. We are still very hot here, so I have been letting things go--the weeds will still be there when it cools down:) Your project sounds intriguing...I can't wait to hear about it.

    I'm off to check out the link to the Sussex prairie now.

  9. Hi Grace,

    The teasels are very early, probably due to the warm Spring. Mine usually bloom during August.

    To be honest Grace, I have an on-going neck problem. These days a camera around my neck for a long period does me no favours.

    I do enjoy my Mum. I see her twice a week and speak to her every day......

  10. Hi Rose,

    I would not worry about the weeds. I have weeds and no excuses :) We all let things lapse a little at this time of year.

    Goodness knows what this project will look like on completion. I can see in my mind's eye but that does not mean it will look like that at the finish Ha!

    Do hope the weather cools down soon....

  11. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos, I hope the weather is behaving itself for you now and I look forward seeing more of the 'project' :)

    We've had lots of flutters here today; it's been so magical!

  12. Hi Liz

    Butterflies are few and far between at the moment. I am very concerned. My garden is usually full of butterflies this time of year.

    It is very chilly....we also had torrential rain last night.

  13. Dear Cheryl,
    Life and the gardens do change....I think we have climate change, more than the passing of a season, I think we have the melting of the ice caps. Much of our weather, world wide, is extreme right now.
    I think your Mum is a dear heart. Her stories would be fascinating. You have a kind heart. Your taking care of the elderly teaches by are treasuring and honoring...
    I am very excited about your project!
    I am in my tenth day of heat advisory...we had 105 f this afternoon. I am melted....
    This year it has been much hotter than last. I have begun to water. I rarely water but the bushes are stressed. I am keeping water fresh for the bugs and birds.
    The Prairie walk will be fantastic. It has been too hot for me to get out on our prairie. I am looking forward to a cool down. I understand how the camera can be in the way. I have a strap that goes around my shoulders so my camera stays off my neck. But even so I sometimes just want the experience without the camera.
    I will enjoy the web site and hearing about your time on the Prairie.

  14. Dear Sherry,

    I watch a BBC programme on the ice cap around a year ago. It has worried me ever since.
    I worry for my little grandchildren.

    Taking care of the elderly is often very difficult. I know you understand, I know you walked this path. My mum tell me more these days than she ever has before. I listen, I learn, I absorb.

    I do so hope some rain comes soon. I understand the anxiety of high temperatures and no rain.
    I shall hold you and your garden in my thoughts.
    The rain will come......

  15. Beautiful, beautiful Cheryl, both the photos and the words.
    Your family and your garden are truly lucky to have such a wise and open hearted custodian in their midst.
    Enjoy you day tomorrow. Some time you must come and visit Charleston House and come round for tea. :)

  16. The summer is passing. Flowers and plants tell their story and I'm glad you are sharing your photos with us. I too like the bright orange of the fox and cubs (did not know the name of it). And my evening primrose is finished. So soon.

    I can't wait to see your new project.

    Your mother sounds like a dear and I'm glad you are taking the time to listen to her stories and absorb her wisdom. How lucky for both of you to have each other.
    Will check out the link.

  17. Me again. I checked out the link. Such pretty flowers! I love the butterflies and dragonfly on the Garden Visits section. But everything was lovely.
    Hope you had a wonderful time.

  18. Upon reading your post, the more I miss my mom. I realized that I should have cherished the moments while I am still living with my parents. Now, only seldom seeing each other since I have now a family of my own.

    You have a beautiful flower collection by the way.

    Lisa from Country Guitar Lessons

  19. Each time you walk us through your garden it seems more lyrical. Much tenderness in your relations with plants and parents and a wisdom that belies your years! Exciting project ahead - looking forward to that.

  20. Isn't it wonderful when we finally "grow up" and appreciate the people our parents are? I loved your walking place with Nella. All that beauty and then come home to your lovely garden.

  21. Tku for your kind words Lucinda.

    Time is so short but I do have Charleston House on my list. Tea, now that would be lovely :)

  22. Hi Wendy,

    Time passes much too quickly. In our youth, we take it for granted....there seem to be long paths ahead full of promise. As we age, we realise that we have to make the most of each day, try to achieve our dreams, and to listen to those that need our strength....our reassurance.

  23. Cheryl a lovley walk with you this a.m. Here it's raining and oh so lush..a good day to stroll my own woodland garden always a work in progress as you well know.

  24. Thanks for the link to the Sussex Prairie Garden--I admit I feel foolish in up to now thinking of prairies as a distinctly Midwestern USA kind of thing. The flowers look pretty similar to what would be in a prairie here. A friend of mine is a steward of a prairie restoration here in Ann Arbor. As nice as it is to get photos, I know what you mean about wanting to enjoy the experience. I swear when I download a lot of photos from some garden, I sometimes don't actually remember seeing it with my own eyes!!

    Also, as a lover of orange, the fox and cubs really appeal to me. I wonder if we have them here. Just Googled--we do but we call it orange hawkweed and it's apparently native even to Michigan. I'm going to have to see where I can find some!!