Friday 15 July 2011

The joy of gardening......

I grew Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' from seed.
This cultivar is tall and slender,
and very beautiful.     What a joy it is to garden.     Is there anything more satisfying....if there is, then please, do tell.
This little treasure has me spellbound.   Nigella 'Mulberry Rose'.    Isn't she just too lovely for words.   I am smitten.    If you would like seeds, I am glad to share....please ask.
Monarda Prarienacht.....there is just something about these delightfully tatty blooms that I love.
I treat them as annuals, they really do not like my soil but grow them I do.   They always make me smile.
And finally, this is my favourite Cosmos at the moment.   The seeds came free with a gardening magazine and for the life of me I cannot remember the name.  

Just a few blooms that I am enjoying at this time.   

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Wow all the flowers look truly beautiful, can't really choose between them. They all have a little something....

  2. The nigella looks like a fairy puff on a stem. I can see why you like them so. Mondarda is one of the flowers that returns in my garden. I like to watch the bees working orver the flowers. Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. Hi nice to read and see your posts again..
    I have grown the Nigella before in the blue shade...they are so interesting to watch that seed pod form and the plant with it's light and airy greenery...I have not seen the rose pink before!!!
    Your tatty plant reminds me of Bergamont or Bee Balm...which both I love and have in my garden!!

    I grew that Cosmos a few years back,and I can't remember either..I loved it!!

    Thanks for sharing your joy of gardening!!
    ♥ Grace

  4. Just all beautiful with colors that make you melt! I'm smitten as well!!

  5. Good to see you back Cheryl and sharing those beautiful blooms. I tried growing Monarda a few years back but they failed to get through the winter so I plugged the gaps with more Geraniums!

  6. Hi Cheryl...I took the time to check on the Monarda and lol both I mentioned are the Monarda
    family... I learn something everyday!!

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Nigella (love in the mist) are such pretty flowers. I have always had them in the garden.
    'Mulberry Rose' is new to me....I love it and shall definately be growing it again.

  8. Hi Grace,

    I believe Nigella is very popular. The pink is new to me to!! I am not usually a 'pink type girl' but this year I seem to be surrounded by it. Perhaps Poppi is changing her Grandma's view on colour. It is good to have some changes in a garden each year.......

    Yes bee balm, Bergamont, Monarda....are all the same plant :)

  9. HI Frank

    I think I may give up on Monarda. I really love it but it never makes it through the winter.
    My soil is just too waterlogged for them.

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    I assume the Cosmos is 'picotee', it looks very similar to the seeds I got free with Garden's Illustrated although I'm unsure if they were picotee.

    It's a shame to hear the Bergmot doesn't survive winter for you... Although I did lose two types here I do have one thankfully.

    I'd love some of the pink Nigella please, my blue ones are beginning to bloom - none of them I sowed! lol, I'm just grateful that some seedlings survived at least.

  11. Hi Liz,

    My seeds were from Gardens Illustrated......I do like the stripe on the petals, very pretty.

    Nigella do spread themselves around a little.
    BTW the pink deepens as the blooms mature, hence the name Mulberry Rose.
    They are really lovely and quite stately........
    I will certainly send you some seeds.

  12. I like Lisa's description of the nigella blooms--they're so unique, and I like the dried seedpods as well. Mine are from seeds that originally came from you, though they're white--I'd love some blue ones! They've managed to re-seed every year in the butterfly garden, where only the strong survive:) Monarda is another self-seeder here, although it's a native, so I'm not surprised it does so well here. Love the name 'Prairienacht'! I just noticed this morning that my cosmos has little buds. Every day in the garden holds a new surprise. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Cheryl,

    The seeds from Gardens Illustrated were 'Candy Stripe' :)
    Mine don't have the stripe on the petals though, just the purple in the centre and some slightly extend up.

  14. Hi Rose,

    I will certainly send some seeds to you. I will take seeds from the darker blues?

    That is part of the joy, isn't it. We never know what is around the corner when we walk a garden.....

    It is raining hard........and is a little on the chilly side.
    We are having supper with friends tonight.....looking forward to that.

  15. Hi Liz,

    Thank you, I will make a note of that in my journal. I wonder why yours do not have the stripe. Hhmmmnnnn

  16. Dear Cheryl,
    I also have the candy Stripe Cosmos this year.
    The butterflies love the Bright Eyes Cosmos and I hope they go for the candy Stripes.
    I used to grow Nigella too. Always a delight to see your blooms. glad your internet is fixed I missed you!
    Nice for you to have rain and coolness. It is stupid hot here....
    Butterflies love the heat!

  17. Beautiful. Planting seeds and watching the plants shoot up and bloom is a wonderful thing indeed.

  18. Hello Cheryl*

    Lovely, lovely as always. Love in a mist is one of my absolute favourites and I'd love to have a sprinkling of pinks amongst my blues if you could save me some mulberry rose seeds. Thank you for the generous offer.

    How do you manage to get your photos so softly hued? They are just so lovely and ethereal. Is it a particular setting you use? I love nature photography but my skills don't go much beyond the point, focus and click.

    Enjoy the summer rains, here we have thunder and lightning at the moment.

  19. Hi Lucinda,

    Of course, I will save seeds for you. It will be a pleasure.

    It is all luck with my camera. If I like what I see through the lens I click.
    I use the macro or AV setting most but that is it. I tend to move around a lot and see where the lights falls and how it affects the image. I never improve my images you see them, so they are.
    Tku for such a lovely comment.

  20. I have the same 'free' Cosmos and a couple of them have come up almost completely white. The plants are a nice size, I must save some seed in a few weeks.

    Your nigella are beautiful.