Friday 8 October 2010

Indian summer.......

I have listened to their pleasant twittering warble all summer. I have watched them feed above the garden. Now they prepare for their long flight to South Africa. Not all will make it. God's speed little ones.
After six days of rain the sun has come out bringing much needed warmth. The bees are back in small numbers.

Miniature rose are still blooming freely in the window boxes.

Asters are an autumn treasure......much needed colour in the autumn garden.
Primroses bloom in Poppi's fairy garden. I miss her, she is enjoying school. Her time to grow, to learn, to be Poppi.
As much as I am not a fan of fuchsia, they have put on magnificent displays this year.
The blooms have been perfect.
The rabbits give me a gentle reminder that they are still around........warning me of possible damage. I must protect more plants this winter.
Finally the slate tiles on the roof will be removed. Kent peg tiles have been sourced......and the old house will be taken back to her former glory. There are 5,000 tiles to be put in place, so it will not be a quick job.
At the end of October I am taking the little ones for a beach holiday at Mojacar.
Time to run free, to dabble in rock sit at a beach bar and take lunch.
I am looking forward to spending time with them.......
See you in November.........stay well, stay happy and enjoy your pretty gardens.


  1. I just love to hear the twitterings of swallows as they go on their merry way. They are all flocking up and leaving our area too. We see them in great numbers now. We need six days of rain here. Unfortunately we aren't to have any so they say. Sigh~~ I am rarely out in the garden without the hose spewing. At least the temperatures have moderated. We are still having higher than normal temps but they don't feel too bad with no humidity. The fushchia in my windowbox is still blooming. The last of the hummingbirds love these blooms. I wish I could get a shot of it. Have a great time with the Grands by the sea.

  2. Hi Lisa,tku. Swallows are on my list of favourites. Every spring I await their return with anticipation.

    Still no rain!! I am sorry to hear that.....I have been glad to have the rain here. Everyone I speak to has been complaining about the rain but for me, it has been a relief and the environment looks so much better for it.
    The warmer temperatures are also welcome, for they have brought the bees and butterflies out.......

    I wish I had hummers feeding on my fuchsia....

    Have a lovely weekend.......

  3. I cannot believe we are into Autumn again, it has come far too quickly for my liking! So sad that the Swallows are preparing to leave again.

    I see you are not too fond of fuchsias but don't forget that the Humming Bird Hawk Moth is very fond of them, indeed the only times I have seen them in my garden is when they were 'drinking' from fuchsias :) I haven't grown any for a few years and must remedy that next year, it will be well worth it if the moths visit :)

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the sun and sea, I'm sure Poppi will be eager to share all her news about school with you :)

  4. Hi Jan, thank you for your kind wishes.

    Autumn has indeed arrived early......the older we get the quicker they come.

    I have seen the Humming Bird Hawk Moth several times during the last week. She feeds on the Abelia. I have never seen her on the fuchsias, I tend to plant them in semi shade, I and wonder if this is the reason.
    My fuchsias are hardy, so they will always be here, for her.

    Have a lovely weekend and hope you have the glorious weather that we are having at the moment.

  5. It's always sad to see our garden friends leave for the winter--I saw the last hummingbird over a week ago and have taken down my feeder. I'm glad the sun has come out for you so that you can enjoy your garden again before you take off on your holiday. I wish a little of that rain would come our way! I still have some plants to put out before the ground freezes, but I seem to be spending all my time watering the garden.

    Enjoy your trip! The children will love making sand castles and exploring the beach.

  6. Hi Rose, I am sorry that you still have not had the rain that you so need. It must be so frustrating.......and watering each day can become such a chore.
    Perhaps we could do a rain dance??

    Making sand castle is something that I have always enjoyed. Cannot wait!

    Have a lovely weekend Rose and wishing you some refreshing rain......

  7. Hi Cheryl..Happy for you that you will be spending time with the grandchildren they grow up all to fast...but of course we don't get any older!lol ; }
    I do love Poppi's fairy garden!! Does she have any plans for them to be warm during the winter months? ..children have such great imagination..just curious.
    Will miss you for awhile but be safe, enjoy,capture the moment and love to all my friend!!

  8. Hi Grammie.....they do indeed grow fast, we must make the most of these very precious times.

    Poppi believes the fairies take care of themselves.....if she is really worried we move them inside the tree (which is hollow).....and of course all fairies live in hollow trees, don't they? And they have the door to let themselves in, of course.

    I will miss you all , but will soon be back amongst you.

    Hugs X

  9. Hey Cheryl,

    November... Oh my, that sounds scary, isn't November still months away????!!

    Have fun on holiday, I really need one too!

  10. HI Liz, HA! No, sorry, it is just around the least you have a birthday to look forward to.

    You certainly deserve a holiday....perhaps a mini break at some point?

    Have a good weekend......

  11. Hi,

    Where is the time going? November is a scary month, deadlines and they did seem so far away but reality is now hitting that they're not so far.

    I'd love to have a break but the only time I'm able to - over Christmas - Pete can't have time off work at all during December.

    Have a nice weekend too, hopefully the good weather will stay for you.

  12. We are having a long awaited respite from the heat, nice and cool...a real Autumn here in Texas. My Nuttall Oak may even turn a brilliant orange if we dip into the 40s long enough.
    Thanks for the lovely post.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  13. LOL, I feel the same about fuchsia as you. I don't grow it, and never really think about it, but when I see it in other people's gardens I like it!

  14. Dear Cheryl,
    The days just skip away.....Poppi will be full of stories, concerns and dreams.
    Spending time near the sea will be refreshing for the children and for you. This will be a special time to look into each other's eyes and to walk hand in hand on the beach. Are there shells to gather? The long dark of winter will soon be upon us. Making memories now will keep you warm when Winter's chill gets into your bones. Sunshine and children are so joyous!
    October is flying by. I too love being part of the migration...seeing the birds and the butterflies readying for the long trip is exciting. I will miss them too.
    I love seeing Poppi's garden. She is an amazing young lady....she has that inner wisdom and self confidence few have.
    We still have warm temps...Indian summer may come in late November after it freezes. We have rain coming in tomorrow. I do hope so. I have had to water the newly planted things.
    See you in November. Have a wonderful Holiday.
    I will miss you.

  15. Cheryl, We are having a bit of summer in Nashville too. It's very hot and we haven't had rain in weeks. The bumbles are happy, though, and visit all the asters and goldenrod! Have a wonderful visit to the sea with your grangchildren~Does this mean the roof work will be done while you're gone?! gail

  16. Interesting, your roof tiles. I don't know much about them (will google it). We just use asphalt shingles on our roofs. Not very exciting. I love to see old buildings restored.

    The migration is nice to observe. I have seen and heard our Canada geese flying south for the winter. It seems like only yesterday they were coming back!

    I too love Poppi's little faerie garden. And I'm sure the faeries will keep warm and snug in the hollow tree all winter - or they may just curl up with the hedghog (if he's still around). LOL!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your dear little grandchildren.

  17. I love that you are restoring the roof to the original peg tiles. That will be a big project, but I imagine you will be very glad that you did it once it is done.

    I absolutely adore Indian Summer even though my allergies give me fits this time of year. Your Asters and Fuschia are beautiful. Poppi's garden is quietly growing, patiently waiting for her return. Enjoy your time at the beach with the grandchildren. What a lovely holiday, and at this time of year your garden can patiently wait your return too.

  18. Some of your swallows make it here. Catching the mosquitoes and nesting in neighbouring houses. They did try briefly to build a nest here, but at the front door, so they weren't happy and tried the next house.

  19. Beautiful images of your Autumn garden and so sad to see the swallows leave but at least they will be warmer where they are going. That roof is a big job but worth it as Kent pegs are such pretty tiles.
    Enjoy your holiday with the little ones away from these shores too


    p.s. have invited you to join the Bloggers game of 10 things I like. Maybe you'll have time when you return, if you like