Thursday 4 November 2010

I was born to garden........

I never planned this garden, it just seemed to happen. My life is much the same, I am not a great planner........
And yet, for me, it works. Of course, there is always room for improvement

but I am so enjoying watching it mature and change.
I have made sure that there is always something in bloom, regardless of the time of year.
Plenty of berries for birds.
Food to help them through a harsh winter.
Plenty of blooms in case the bees wake from their slumber on a warm winter day.
I was born to garden for wildlife. It has given me so much pleasure....beyond words in fact.
I leave you with one of my favourite quotes:
Live each day as if it were your last, and garden as though you will live forever.


  1. Love the quote Cheryl! Your garden always seems to have such a tranquil feel to it and as you know tranquil is a word I love!


  2. Hi Jane.....I believe it to be a tranquil place.....I think having so many trees gives the feeling of peace to a space. Just my thoughts.......

  3. Hi Cheryl....I think your musing on that which you nuture and its reason for growing there is what gives it the feeling of is very inspiring to me!!
    Weekend straight ahead "again"!!
    Have a good one!!

  4. You may not have "planned" this garden, Cheryl, but it has certainly evolved into a beautiful, peaceful place. I love the quote--gardening has certainly taught me patience and another reason to look forward to every new season.

    It's getting cold here--just bought some suet blocks for the bird feeders. Soon it will be time for close-up "bird television" for Toby and Sophie:)

  5. I can so identify with your first statement Cheryl. I couldn't stop gardening if I wanted to. It is how I breathe. It is where I find refuge. It is my greatest outlet. It is where I like to "be". I love seeing the overall shot of this part of your garden. Seeing those seeds dangling from that tree made me wonder what type of tree it is?? I have seen those same seeds dangling around here but the leaves are gone from the tree already. I don't know what they are. Give Nella a pat from me and hugs all around.

  6. Cheryl, Like yours, our garden was never planned. And, because we left so much native material (pine trees, manzanita, scrub oak) in place, it made it that much more eclectic and random. Over the past 25 years, the growth has been much more than I ever dreamed! So much so that we have had to edit (mostly oaks). The diversity offers everything a little creature, especially birds(and voles!), is pretty darned content here.

    You described your garden through just a few photos and heartfelt text to a "perfect t" - so, so lovely. Gardening, for me, is the best anti-depressant around.

  7. I love that quote Cheryl and your gardening skills!! (your a pretty darn good photographer too!!) I know you've seen my photography blog (and thank you for your comments) but make sure you see my Sunny Side Up blog too. I'll link you to the property posts here
    just to get an idea of my gardens. They remind me of yours in many ways.

  8. I think some of the loveliest gardens just evolve over time. It is the only way for me, I'm not a planner and don't have the 'vision' to design my garden. Yours is exactly as a garden should be, cared for with a deep love (which exudes from every photo), gently tended but never harshly manipulated. I have said it many times I know but it has a wonderful sense of tranquillity...I love it...

    I have Mahonia Charity too (I think I remember yours is Charity, she has been a long time resident in my garden. Have a wonderful weekend Cheryl, how are your parents? reasonably well I hope.

  9. Oh my goodness, your garden, writing and beautiful pictures really do convey a wonderful love and feeling for nature Cheryl. Absolutely inspirational!

  10. Have a wonderful weekend Grammie, always a pleasure when you visit.

  11. HI that, bird television! Ha!

    Have a wonderful weekend.....

  12. Thank you Lisa. When I met you I knew you had a love of gardening that went beyond the 'norm'.

    The seeds are hanging from the Hornbeam tree.
    A native, and one of my favourites. The autumn colours at this time are stunning....

    Hugs to you and yours......

  13. Hi Amy, I felt your garden would be natural and very beautiful. Wildlife love natural and although things get us down (me rabbits) would we have it any other way.....

    I agree, gardening is the best cure for depression. I have read quite a bit on the subject and it is amazing just how often you read, that through gardening someone has coped with their black times.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Thank you Eve for your kindness. Gosh, yes, I can see how similar our gardens are. That is quite amazing......tku for sharing.

  15. Tku for your kind words Jan. You seem to see the garden through my eyes.....

    Mahonia Charity is a wonderful winter wildlife plant. I really love the scent. This time of year there is very little fragrance in a garden, this wonderful shrub makes up for it.

  16. Sometimes the best of things are not rigidly planned. I've seen many gardens that look pristine, planned, and they are really not inviting. You have such a lovely garden and while you may not "plan" everything, it all comes together beautifully. That's how nature intended it to be.

  17. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos, I really must get some Mahonia for the Bees... Pretty little Cyclamen too, they provide such a nice kick of colour when there are few other pinks still around.

  18. Nicely put ncmountainwoman, nature does it best.

  19. Hi Liz, I love Mahonia, the scent is very similar to lily of the valley. I noticed several honey bees on it yesterday.

    I am pleasesd with the Cyclamen, a good buy. In the next few years I believe they will make a lovely feature under the old apple tree.

  20. cheryl,

    doesn't it feel wonderful to have life come full circle and really know what your purpose is? i love that you know you were born to wildlife garden. it is fulfilling to be doing what you love. your garden looks beautiful at all times of the year and this time it is exceptionally beautiful.
    i am sitting fireside enjoying a visit with you today.
    happy autumn.

  21. Hello Cheryl, I just loved this post and you were born to garden but you were also "Blessed to Garden" ! You have the magic touch needed to create such beauty.
    I really loved this post.

  22. I love that quote too! And I find often that the things I plan don't work out. The things I just let happen, seem to be much better.

    Your garden is such a joy, particularly for the critters who look for shelter and food to survive.

  23. Hello Cheryl - your garden proves that not everything needs to be worked out on paper first. Yours is built on love as well as a natural eye for design and consideration for the creatures that share it.

    Laura (too disorganised to be a good planner)

  24. Dear Cheryl,
    Gardening for the bugs and the birds is why I do what I do too. My city space is small but I try to have berries and blooms for the bees and butterflies and all the birds.
    I never have planned a garden completely. Just a few bits and pieces....after 38 years of gardening what I have learned is that gardens change. As I have changed so have my gardens. Sometimes a tree is taken by the wind and a shade garden becomes a sun garden over night!
    Your gardens are so very beautiful...I love the lay out...the way I am drawn in...
    I have to have dirt and flowers and herbs....I need bees and butterflies and birds...I must have my trees...with out them I would die.
    We travel the same path.