Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday safari.......Narnia

The last two days, have been the coldest in late November, since records began.
Each plant carries ice crystals.

There is no movement........everything stands still.....waiting.

Their beauty captured..........
their displays breathtaking.
Apart from the birds, the garden is lifeless......
and so very quiet. And yet......
if we look closely, there is always something that surprises us. A shaft of light touches a seedhead........a solitary fly sits and dreams of spring..........
Happy Sunday safari.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Wonderful photos, we had a hard frost this morning covering the plants... I wanted to take photos but daren't attempt to walk up down the steps in case I slipped over...

    Have a wonderful week and I hope you escape the snow.

  2. As always lovely photos - isn't it a fabulous world we live in?! Thought of you this afternoon as I was making some ribbon woven tree decorations and using some of your lovely ribbons.


  3. Hi Liz, the garden has been frozen for at least two days. I only spent a short while outside as I was absolutely frozen. The deck is now an ice rink. Nella nearly went down today, and she has four legs. What chance do I stand....Ha! We are expecting snow on this space.

    Have a good week, stay warm, if you can.

  4. Hi Jane....we do live in a wonderful world. It never ceases to amaze me.

    I am glad you are putting the ribbons to good doubt the decorations will be very pretty.

  5. Such lovely photos Cheryl but I feel cold just looking at them :) The bird bath has been frozen solid for the last few days, we chip away at it, pour some more water in but it freezes again rapidly. It was -10C at 9am here today!! We had a light dusting of snow during Friday night but are expecting more on Tuesday. I feel for the poor birds and animals trying to survive in this weather especially as it has come so early.

    Stay warm and safe Cheryl :)

  6. Hi Jan, I also feel so sorry for the wildlife. This is so early for such cold temperatures.
    I have so many birds in the garden at the moment. They are eating me out of house and home....which is fine. I have filled all the nesting boxes with hay, hopefully they will use them to roost in.

  7. Hi Cheryl...definitely a time of silence, but hopefully spring will come as fast as winter has seemed to ??????
    Your photos are in all things..we just have to be able to silence ouselves and recognise it!!

  8. Oh my goodness, a fly! He must be cold!
    There is something pretty about ice covered leaves and branches, I can see why you named this post Narnia.
    Sorry, it's so cold where you are. We only have a light dusting of snow so far. Cold, but not icy.

    I particularly like the last pic - one of hope.
    Happy Sunday to you

  9. Wow, flies in winter. Engerlund is a land of marvels! :)

  10. Brrrr!! I hope the warmth comes back to Narnia soon!

  11. What a great capture the fly photo is Cheryl. Those first photos sure convey how cold it has been. I hope your area thaws out soon. Brrrrrr

  12. It is indeed a wonderland. But one I'm not ready to visit yet. Brrr! Here's hoping you have a warm up soon. The photographs of your frozen garden are lovely.

  13. Dear Cheryl,
    Your photographs are very beautiful but kind of scary. So cold so soon! I too would be worried for the wildlife. Thank goodness they have you to tend to their need. Water is always so important! I bet the birds are eating lots of seed.
    I did up the window boxes this afternoon with pine boughs and suet cakes. We are to have cold snow yet!
    Stay warm and safe my friend. Be careful on the ice.
    Happy is always a delight to walk with you in your gardens.
    Sherry, the happy Cowgirl

  14. Hi Grammie, winter has definately arrived early in my part of the world. It is snowing this morning.....I hope that it does not last too long!!

  15. Hi Wendy....I am glad that you could see the meaning of the post. Indeed, one of hope......

  16. Dear Sherry, There is plenty of food and water for the birds and any other wildlife in need. I am even feeding the i a fool?
    I actually found one poor creature frozen to death in the garden. It even shocked Mr P. It had no marks, and seemed to be frozen to the spot....Nella could not understand and did not attempt to touch it. It left me worrying for most of the day........

    The window boxes sound delightful.....I can see them clearly. It is good to be with you in spirit......

  17. So lovely, Cheryl! Your garden looks frozen in time, just waiting for spring. We haven't had ice or snow yet, amazingly, just the cold. But my daughter in Oregon said they had one of the coldest days on record there last week. Winter has definitely arrived. Stay warm!

  18. Hi Rose, thank you. You seem to be having much higher temperatures generally this year?
    It is extremely cold here and we have had snow flurries today.......

  19. Narnia, what a perfect title for these beautiful photos