Sunday 14 November 2010

Sunday safari

It has rained on and off for most of the week. The droplets look magical on the Monterey pine. It has done very well here. Goldcrest visit the tree looking for spiders and other insects.
Contorted hazel drips with catkins.......this tree does well in a large barrel or pot.

Calendula officinalis was common in medieval gardens. At that time marigolds were used in the kitchen to colour soup and butter. In the medicinal garden its cordial was said to cure depression. The plants were important enough to arrive in America with the first white settlers.
Schizostylis Coccinea 'major' has strappy leaves and loose spikes of rosy-red freesia flowers.
It starts blooming in September and goes on (in mild autumns) until the end of November. It has done well and adds much needed colour on these rather grey days.
Aster seedheads are very pretty. They remind me of mini powder puffs.
Microgreens are easy to grow. This late crop is a tasty addition to salads. Thank you Sherry for the inspiration.
The garden is sodden from heavy rains and wildlife is scarce. My projects are on hold until the rain stops and the soil dries out a little.

A squirrel has decided to spend time in the old apple tree, much to the annoyance of Nella. She spends hours sitting at the base, waiting and hoping.........

Quote: Dilettante gardeners love the spring and summer; real gardeners also love the winter.

Anne-Scott James. Down to earth.

Happy Sunday safari.


  1. Here is also raining and raining, a slippery, muddy garden..but wildlife in the garden is nice to follow during the winter.
    have a nice week!

  2. Hi Sophie.....I love to watch the wildlife in all seasons. It makes gardening more of a pleasure.

  3. Hi Cheryl
    The picture of the Monterey Pine is lovely! Our garden is completely sodden, including the lawn. It never seems to get warm and dry enough to get rid of the excess water.
    We have a lot of birds in the garden at the moment, mainly sparrows and starlings, with a few blackbirds and the odd goldfinch.
    That squirrel had better hope it doesn't slip...

  4. Hi has rained all day and tonight the temperatures will drop below freezing. Nice icy roads tomorrow and apparently our fair share of mist. Fabulous driving conditions!!

    The squirrel is on dangerous ground. Nella has endless patience with this sort of situation.........

  5. Hi Cheryl..I just returned from a four mile walk and realized just how much there is to enjoy even though the season seems drab; it is all in the eye of what you see as beauty!!

    After a week of rain and wind we have had three staight days of sun and mild temperatures!
    I do like your rainy day pictures; especially the pine!

    Have a good week and hopefully sun!!

  6. As lovely a post as always Cheryl and the photos are beautiful! I particularly love the first one, you seem to bring such a lovely ethereal quality to your photography.

    I am really showing my ignorance here but I don't think I know Schizostylis Coccinea, it looks like a very useful plant to have in the Autumn garden and reminds me a bit of Liz's Angel's Fishing Rod.

    Love the Squirrel photo too :)

  7. Hi Grammie, four mile walk, lovely. I do enjoy a good walk with Nella.

    Thank you re images.......temperatures are supposed to drop this week and mists will cover the area. This is normal for this time of year.

    Have a nice week to!

  8. Hi Jan, Thank you.

    Schizostylis are also known as the River lily.
    They used to be called the Kaffir lily but for obvious reasons that is not appropriate, and could cause offence. They grow near rivers and have a love of moist soil. They should do well in this low lying area. They originate, I believe from South Africa but do not quote me on that. I agree Jan, they do look like Angel's fishing rods, one of the reasons I chose them for the garden.

    Have a good week.....

  9. The coccinea is so pretty! I'm not familiar with this plant at all, so I'm glad you explained in your reply to Jan just what this plant is. Those microgreens look delicious. My late spinach crop didn't do well at all thanks to the drought here, so no greens from the garden for me, but I do have lots of those "powder puffs," too:)

    We still have had very little rain. I've been watering the new plants planted this fall and am hoping that they have gotten enough moisture to make it through the winter. So glad you dropped by and saw the new flowerbed. It took a lot of work, but I'm so excited and know I'm going to be very happy next spring that it's all ready to work up. It's turned colder again here, so I'm ready to put the garden to bed!

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos, I love the rain on the pine... Very pretty.

    It hasn't been so bad here, Saturday was actually really nice and warm would you believe??!!

    I hope you have a nice week, and that the weather is a little better so you can get your jobs done.

  11. Hello Cherly - loved every drip of this safari! The contorted hazel is beautiful and the info on marigolds was new to me.

    p.s. I've now got my eye on your last post fireworks chrysanth!!

  12. Dear Cheryl,
    I could feel the chill in your air as I walk with you today.
    I have to be outside in all weather...I walked in the rain and enjoyed it so very much.
    Only light frosts for us so far. Hard freeze could happen any time now.
    Do be so very careful on icy roads...
    Happy Safari...
    I am taking a road trip tomorrow. Will be out of pocket for a few days. Wish me luck...I am on a quest to find my Cowgirl style. I just might be a Cowgirl poet.
    Thanks for the link. Your greens look yummy.

  13. HI Rose, I was just too excited when I saw your flower bed. It is a lot of hard work but worthwhile. When you plant in the spring, the effort will be but a distant memory.

  14. Hi Liz....did you say nice and warm? How come you are warm up there and I am freezing down here.
    Weather has not been too bad today, at least the sun came out. Temperatures reached 6C.....

  15. Hi Laura, spider chyrsanthes are lovely....I do not think you will be disappointed.

  16. Beautiful photos again - love the first one - I'd like it framed or used on a Christmas card or something. Love that red flower too - I can imagine how it must brighten up the garden on a grey day. Not wet here but frosty today - bright blue skies and sunshine but very cold!


  17. Dear Sherry, I am so glad I copied your wonderful idea. The micro-greens in terracotta pots have worked extremely well. I shall re-sow when they are finished.

    Have fun finding your inner cowgirl, I am sure you will. Safe journey and see you next Sunday for safari.

  18. Hi Jane....I like that idea. A christmas card would be a good idea.....that is the artist coming out in you. Tku for the suggestion.

    Glad the sun is shining....I seem to remember you do not like grey days.....

  19. Hi Cheryl,

    Honestly, it was nice and warm in the sun... Even today the sun was pleasant. I wouldn't necessarily want to have walked around without a jacket - although there were some people doing so - I just had a light jacket on and didn't feel cold at all on Saturday.

    I don't think I've ever felt warm in the sun at this time of year...

    Not long to go now until the Solstice and the days lengthening :)

    Hope you're feeling a little better now, nothing worse than being ill. I really hate it.

  20. Lucky you having all the rain. I am still waiting for a good soaking. Those catkins look so sweet. It is funny you mentioned the medieval times. I am reading a novel about King Arthurs time from a womans perspective. Very interesting. Lucky you having so many blooms yet. Too much frost and freezing here already. I have one lone mum in a protected spot by the front step that has a few blooms yet.

  21. Oh, that hazel looks positively witchy!
    Is it a witch hazel?
    Love those pink fresia flowers too and the powder puff ones.
    Gardening in the winter must be quite a challenge, but very satisfying.

  22. I grew calendula one year in my NY garden Cheryl. I think it reseeded itself. I've been meaning to grow that one again, thanks for the reminder. I love your hazel...I would love to find one of them for my Alabama home. You've inspired me to get out and find what is blooming in my yard! Thanks.