Thursday 6 September 2018

 I am often surprised by the things I find in the garden.   The pyracantha has formed a circle, making a lovely viewing point.
When the birds have eaten the berries I shall give it a tweek here and there to form the perfect round.
 Trees are laden with fruits and berries.   It has been a good year.  I feel at times that I am walking in a paradise garden.
 The box hedge was trimmed in August and has appeared to have survived the weeks of scorching temperatures.
 Evergreens in general seem to have done well too. 
 Flowers are fading as temperatures drop, but you always get some that go the extra mile, like these Persicaria.
 Sedums are just coming into bloom and will be a wonderful source of nectar for bees, butterflies and any other late flying insect.
 Borders are a little messy, but I confess I like them this way :)
The view from the tree house as the sun rose this morning.
I sat for ages just listening.    There is solace in silence.
I thought of my dear Mother.    Her words echoed around the garden "You will be living in a wood one day Cheryl"
I think she could be right :)


  1. Your garden seems to have loved the weird weather you had this summer. It is indeed a paradise. What a wonderful place to find peace and solace.

    1. Kind words, thank you.

      I do indeed find solace in my garden.

      You are in my thoughts, along with others taking an unknown road.

  2. What a lovely post. I love autumn too, so relaxing. Your pyracantha is lovely, fancy it growing in a circle like that! Loved the view from your

    1. Mother nature is pretty amazing. I wonder how many times I have walked past the pyracantha and not noticed the circle.

  3. Our gardens surprise us often. The circle of Pyracantha is great and I love the view through the circle in your garden. I really love that jungle-like appearance of your garden, it must be heavenly walking around there on your own or may be alone with your dog.
    Regards, Janneke

    1. My dog is never far away from me Janneke.
      Lovely to see you here, I hope you are keeping well.

  4. Your garden has indeed rallied after the drought times. It looks marvelous. I love it when borders are thick and a bit wild. The persicaria in my garden is shorter than normal and it didn't bloom much this year. It was just such a crazy weather year so far. I don't even expect anything less. I LOVE the circle made by the pyracantha. Circles are sacred and I am drawn to them. I can almost feel the calm of the morning. MMMmmmmm. Mother knows best.

    1. I have been amazed just how much has survived Lisa. Our gardens are always full of surprises, aren't they>
      Circles are indeed sacred. I love the Pyracantha circle, it is fascinating.

      Mother does indeed know best :) Bless her.

      Have a good weekend Lisa.

    2. I hope you are having a great weekend Cheryl. Still no rain here but they say tomorrow is a good chance. I am hoping and praying.

    3. I am hoping and praying for you.
      We are expecting sunshine and light showers.

      BTW my moss is slowly coming back and looking good :)
      It would seem it will only be a moss garden in Autumn and Winter.

      Have a great weekend Lisa and get your brolley out :)

  5. I always enjoy seeing sedum, so nice this time of year.

    I think your garden is a paradise, I always enjoy your posts and your photographs … a walk around your garden and a nice cup of tea … what could be better!

    Enjoy these Autumn days, it really is a wonderful time of year.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hello Cheryl, your garden looks so lovely, just the way I love it too..
    Beautiful cirkle in the first photo, and your sedums are so pretty. I have one in my garden, but I think I have to move it to another better place.

    Thank you for following, I signed in with pleasure on your blog.
    You are welcome to sign in by me also..
    What would life be without flowers?..