Monday 20 August 2018

Roses and signs of Autumn.

 I grew up with roses.   My parents had little but what they did have they treasured.   Dads garden was full of roses.   Each week my dear Mother would pick a bunch, put them in the best vase and place them in just the right place.
 They brightened up the dullest room.
 Grannie and Great Grandma grew roses.   In  a cottage garden, they were allowed to spread this way and that.   
 Great Grandma would pick one every day for her lapel.     As a small child I would follow her around the garden, puzzled by the time taken to select the perfect rose.
 Now, I understand.   We all have our preferences and this is one of mine.   A new rose purchased last week.   A David Austin rose 'Golden Celebrations'.   It has been planted beneath a red climber.   The scent is amazing.
 But this is the rose I have always wished for.   David Austin's 'Imogen'.    It is pure white with a creamy centre, and has a subtle fragrance.
 And just look at the petals, like a small child's frilly petticoat.
I have planted it about a metre from Golden Celebrations.
They look pretty together.   I cannot wait to see them grow.
There are signs of Autumn in the garden.     Some mornings it feel as though it is but a breath away and yet by afternoon it feels like Summer again.

Am I ready for Autumn, yes I think so.   I am a lover of baggy jumpers, candlelight, soup, cosy evening with a log fire and most of all walking my dog through the woods as the leaves tumble before me.    Autumn is my favourite season, it is reliable, soft, and nostalgic.    Yes, I really am looking forward to it :)


  1. Your roses are yummmy. My favorite is the golden one. I am always drawn to yellow/golden roses. I can almost smell this one. MMMmmmmm. Imogen reminds me of you Cheryl, beautiful frilly and full of life.
    This afternoon I saw the first colored maple leaf fall to the ground. Autumn is right around the corner. The weather people are predicting a few days of below normal temps to tease us. Then of course the heat and below normal rainfall will follow. Like you I am looking forward to Autumn. I want to stop worrying about the garden. Does that ever happen? I sure hope so. Have a good week.

  2. Thank you Lisa, you are so sweet.

    Celebrations is a pretty Rose, it does has a beautiful golden tinge.
    The scent is beautiful, and the flowers last a long time.

    I know what you mean. I find during the Summer months the garden is constantly on my mind.
    You might be interested …… last week a couple ask if I would landscape their front garden. They live in a Tudor cottage. It is a tiny patch so it will not be too challenging for me. I cannot wait to do it. Will tell you more soon.

    Have a good week Lisa.

    1. What fun! I hope you take pictures, before and after. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Oh, what beautiful roses! Imogen does take the crown though, she is simply stunning. My Chinese lanterns are turning orange too and there are lots of signs of autumn here too. I'm with you, I like autumn the best too, it's like taking a deep, slow breath after all the frenzied

    1. Summed up beautifully Snowbird, that is just what it is like.

  4. There’s something about a rose and yours are beautiful. Ours haven’t liked the heat this year. I’m looking forward to autumn too x

  5. I grew roses for years. I gave them lots of care and was rewarded with lovely flowers all over the house. We don't have enough areas with sunlight to grow them here in the mountains. I've thought about containers on the deck, but can't over-winter them. Fortunately, I'm content with lots of other flowers we can grow.

  6. Your roses are just lovely … and where would a garden be without them!

    I am so pleased that Autumn seems to be just around the corner.
    Slightly cooler days, wonderful colours and leaves crunching under my feet as I walk - there's nothing better!

    Wishing you a good weekend and a happy September.

    All the best Jan

  7. You bought some wonderful roses, I have put Imogen on my wishlist....Who should we be without roses.... Like you I like autumn best, especially for the walks early in the morning.