Tuesday 15 February 2011

Blogging break......

I am learning about the soil beneath my feet......
I need to make changes to the garden......more shelter belts, new borders. I need more time......

I also plan one day to run a small nursery from my home. This year will be spent taking cuttings, dividing perennials etc.....hopefully by this time next year I will have plenty of plants to sell.
My time is limited due to family commitments. With that in mind, I have decided to take a few months away from blogging.
I also feel you must tire of seeing the same plants each season........I feel I am a tad repetitive at times. Perhaps a break will be a good thing.......
The weather has turned and is as it should be for this time of year.
I gardened today in icy rain.....
The garden is looking very pretty......spring bulbs are popping up, and giving lots of colour.
Enjoy your gardens and the spring weather when it arrives.
I will be back in the summer, or possibly before if something amazing happens and I need to tell someone about it.
Have fun.........


  1. I shall miss your calming garden posts Cheryl and I do hope you will pop by now and then though I can understand your need to take a break. Hope that your time saved will be put to good use and that your little nursery will be a success - I'd certainly stop by if I lived near enough!

    Jane x

  2. Thank you Jane, I shall try to keep in touch.
    The journey with my parents and ma in law becomes more demanding with time. I am not complaining, purely explaning. Fitting everything in sometimes feels impossible.

    Tku for your good wishes....I need to do this for me. It has been something I have been thinking about for a long long time and just never get around to doing anything about it.
    I feel in my heart that this is the right time, and I am really excited about the whole thing......

  3. You know we never "tire" of seeing what's in bloom in your garden, Cheryl, or your inspirational thoughts. I will miss your posts, but I do understand the need for more time with all your plans. I hope the nursery is a big success; as Marigold Jam says, I would definitely stop in if I lived nearby! Hoping you'll find time to share something amazing from your garden once in awhile.

  4. Dear Cheryl, I could never tire of seeing your lovely plants or the beautiful, tranquil setting which you have created for them. Your photos are beautiful again today. However, I completely understand the need for a break to commit yourself to other matters, I know you have much to occupy you at the moment and blogging itself does take a lot of time. I wish you every success with your new venture, have fun Cheryl, don't work too hard and come back to us when you are able...I will miss you.

  5. Dear Rose, that is so kind of you, but then you are so generous of spirit.

    I am excited about my new project. I realise it is going to take a lot of time, to put into action, but I really want to do this. I just want it to be a small nursery for local people, who may not have funds to create the garden of their dreams. That is, hopefully, where I will step in with cheap plants from my garden....

    Tku for your understanding, I shall be in touch.....

  6. Dear Cheryl.
    Never boring and I personally never tire at veiwing your garden through the seasons. The spring bulbs are a joy to behold.

    I can fully understand the family pressures and wish you every sucess with the Nursery project.
    If you ever need a 2nd pair of green fingers or help with any heavy work (unpaid of course) you only have to shout.

    Take care and hope to see you sometime. FAB.

  7. Jan, thank you, I really do appreciate your comment with your usual sprinkling of kindness. You always manage to make me smile. I will visit your blog when I can, but will not be posting too often here....

    I am very excited about this new venture....I feel I need a change of direction.
    It will be fun, as you know, gardening is my passion......and by starting a nursery I will also be able to pass on the word about wildlife......

    Take care Jan......

  8. Frank, I am humbled, thank you so much. What a kind and generous offer.
    It is early days but I may just take you up on that offer, further down the line.

    I will visit your blog but not quite as often as I do at the moment......

  9. Hi Cheryl
    Wow, I'm really excited to hear about your nursery! I can imagine those gardens you will help to create, and all those beautiful plants and flowers you'll sell, and all the wildlife-friendly advice you can give.
    I think it's wonderful that you are doing something for you, and I'm sure that it will bring you a lot of pleasure.

  10. Hi again Cheryl.

    You know where to find me when needed and a trip or two into the heartland of Kent is always delightful. FAB.

  11. Dan, thank you so much for your encouragment. That is truly appreciated.
    I may fail miserably but at least I am going to have a try. I certainly intend to put a lot of work into it......

  12. Frank you are a star, thank you.....

  13. One of my favorite classes in the Master Gardening course I took was about soil.I dreaded this class most and I ended up liking it the best and I learned so much. Have a great time Cheryl. Please pop in anytime you get a chance and bring us up to date. Big (HUGS)

  14. Thanks Lisa I will, for sure.

    The books I am reading at the moment are helping a lot. I think I see things more clearly now, with regard to the landscape in my area.
    I am looking forward to the coming months, and seeing how things develope....

  15. Hi Cheryl...your post today is beautiful....the colors and textures of your photos are lovely!!
    So I will miss you,but wish you the best in your endeavor, and understand fully.!!
    Your gardens never get boring they are a work of art!!
    Best wishes!!

  16. Thank you Grammie, that is so kind.

    Time is so precious.....I never realised just how much, until these last few years.

    Will pop over now and again.......

  17. Thank for sharing these beautiful blooms before you are off on your garden adventure Cheryl! Maybe if we are lucky you WILL find something just too good to not share! Good luck and Cheers!!!

  18. Thank you Eve....you never know, life is just full of surprises......

  19. Your posts and photos are always a delight Cheryl. I'm looking forward to more updates in the summer and to coming shopping when the nursery project is in full swing! :)
    Take good care and best of luck with everything,
    Lucinda xx

  20. Thanks Lucinda......early days, but I feel excited about this project.
    It may be a disaster but unless I try I will never know.....

    I will keep in touch and shall visit your delightful blog when time is available....


  21. Dear Cheryl,
    Already you have given so much to the world and now this amazing venture and service. Having native plants for others so they too can bring back the host plants and nectar plants for the bees and the butterflies is a gift of love. Not only do you express a love of your garden (which is always a delight to behold) but a love of Mother Earth. You already are successful......You are a treasure....
    My heart is full. I will see you when the Full Moon rises.
    It is an honor to call you friend.

  22. Thank you Sherry for your kind and generous comment.

    I am so looking forward to this challenge. I am just hoping that I will be able to find the time. Still there is no rush....I am sure everything will fall into place.

    Despite the milder temperatures I have not seen any bees in the garden. Hopefully they are still sleeping.....

    Have a lovely weekend.

  23. Hi Cheryl, I am so happy for you! A dream come true (mine as well) to run a nursery from home. One day....

    In the meantime, I wish you every success. Your love for Mother Nature will guide your hands.

    I will miss you and your posts....

    And I totally agree with the others - your posts are never boring. Each plant that pops up in your garden is a miracle.

  24. Dear Cheryl - I for one never tire of your posts and shall certainly miss your beautiful images and the way you thread them together in your blog. How nice though to have a goal and a dream to turn your time and thoughts to. Loooking forward to being one of your first customers and meanwhile, many thanks for all the support you've given me.
    Laura x