Sunday 10 April 2011

Sunday safari

These days, are golden days.
Time to dream days.
Or sit by a pond and reflect days.
Feel the warmth of the sun, on the back of your neck. It has been a long cold winter.
A walk in the woods alone, perhaps,
or maybe with a friend.
Time to give someone a hug. Show them you are pleased to see them.
Or just time, to sing your little heart out.
Or make a bonnet for Easter........
Whatever you choose to do, be is good.

Happy Sunday safari.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely photos, so relaxing after such a busy day. I feel like I haven't stopped for breath yet!

    Have a lovely week, and I hope you enjoy your visit from Poppi and Riley :)

  2. Hi Liz, Do be careful. Give yourself a bit of time here and there. We all need 'me' time.

    I have a busy two weeks ahead. Parents and Grand-children. No doubt it will come together, it always does in the end, doesn't it?

    It was so lovely to see the mason bees leaving the units. Only a few have emerged at the moment. With the exceptionally cold winter I was a little concerned about them. They spent the winter in the shed. Looks like it was the right thing to do......

  3. What an inspiring post. Happiness is seeing what's blooming and flying and crawling in your garden.
    Lovely photos - all of them. I can't even begin to choose a favourite.
    Happy Spring - and enjoy the coming weeks with your family.

  4. What a beautiful uplifting post Cheryl. Love seeing all the action in your garden. Wonderful story, illustrated perfectly.

  5. Bee- ing happy is just a bee away!
    Oh my what a happy post.
    Lovely, lovely indeed.
    I so very much enjoyed seeing your bugs...I do miss them in the winter. Ours are waking up too. Your Robin is a charmer.
    I am learning about the bee hive. I imagine I am receiving "lessons from the hive"! This morning when I had my toast with honey I was sure it was bee bread. I also am thinking about bee space....the hive is orderly with so many sisters taking care of everything.
    Your darling little toad just made my heart leap for joy.....Spring in your garden is gorgeous.
    Happy Sunday Safari!
    Bee-ing grateful for you. Bee-ing true.
    Sherry, who loves the bees too

  6. Cheryl, Life is good...Hard sometimes, but, mostly good. Love your photos, they are filled with warmth and sunshine. The critters must be very happy, too. xxoogail

  7. Golden days indeed Cheryl! Exactly the description I always use myself to sum up such days and your lovely, gentle post illustrates that to perfection.

    Such beautiful, photos and every one delightfully described, your lovely little Robin looks so happy to share his sanctuary... with you ;)

    Enjoy every one of these wonderful, moments Cheryl, they are to be treasured... I know you will :)

  8. Lovely, Cheryl! It's good to see the sun shining and all the little creatures coming out to enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays. I hope you take that walk in the woods--have a wonderful week!

  9. It's always a pleasure to visit your garden through your beautiful photographs. I especially loved the frog.

  10. A delightful jaunt through your Sunday safari, Cheryl. Lovely words and pictures creatively interwoven. Dream stone is a nice touch!

  11. I have found your blog via PatioPatch, what a great find. I think your photos are wonderful. I covet your bee sign!

  12. Gosh! It's such a long time since I visited your wonderful sanctuary, dear Cheryl. We have had a new addition to our family... and this little bundle of joy has my undivided attention... He has stolen my heart away. He lives in Paris, which has meant as many visits as we can cram in, to see him...and the neglect of my gardening journal, and my visits to friends :)

    As always, I have loved wandering through your wonderland with its myriad of birdlife, butterflies and cornucopia of delights...truly magnificent :)

    Happy Easter, dear Friend :)

  13. I'd be so excited to find a black and white ladybird like the one in your photo, in my garden.

    Happy Easter season.