Sunday 22 May 2011

The Bee and the Honey Lily

The little bee hovered beneath the honey lily bell for a long time.

He seemed to be trying to work out, how to enter.
Trying various approach paths,

with a little effort,

patience won the day. Happy bee!


  1. There's a lesson to be learned here I think!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Lol, lovely! I found three Bees all hanging onto an Allium yesterday evening... They must've been caught out too late to get home! [:

  3. Hi Liz,

    I have often found bees hanging from flowers late in the day.
    Sometimes I cut the bloom and put them in the shed for a while to warm up and then release them.

  4. What fabulous shots Cheryl. Love to watch those honey bees at work. Maybe this was a young one.

  5. This is so sweet, Cheryl--fantastic photos! Thanks for starting my day with a smile:)

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Perhaps it was fascinating to watch.

  7. Hi Rose, tku.

    I must say, it made me smile.....

  8. Hi Cheryl...another drizzly day today...except for Saturday afternoon it has rained every day for 8 days now and the snails and slugs are just terrible in the blossoms everywhere but I, afraid the rain will do them in before we can enjoy!!
    My wonderful granddaughter's graduated from college yesterday so I'm trying to play catch up on blogs today!!
    I just love your post..I love hearing the buzzing of a bee in a flower especially when they are inside a flower and it takes a bit to detecting which flower they are in!!!
    lovely photos and I love that plant ...such a delicate color!!
    Have a great week...&heart;..Grace

  9. ♥ ...Grace forgot the s' on hearts again

  10. Oh dear Grace,

    What dreadful weather, and here am I praying for rain. I do hope that the sun shines for you soon.
    I have been away for a few days, will visit your blog sometime this evening.

    Congrats to your lovely Grand-daughter. You must be so proud. I can imagine it put a smile on your face.....these are such special days.

    I love the honey lily and the bee for me is a bonus.
    I know you have to be careful with them due to your allergic reaction.

    Have a lovely week.......

  11. Beautiful photographs. I always love to see the bees. For some reason they give me hope that more of us will respect and protect our environment.

  12. Tku. I could not agree more. One reason I garden organically, is to keep the bugs free from harm.....this is a safe haven for them.

  13. What fantastic pictures Cheryl! I really love the first one, where the bee certainly does seem to be weighing up how exactly the fly in there. You are always so successful at noticing and capturing the tiny details of nature's daily life.

  14. Tku Dan, for your kind comment.
    I have such a passion for nature, to view it through my lens and capture images such as these, gives me a huge amount of pleasure.

  15. Dear Cheryl,
    Sweet dear bee....lovely Honey Lily...I always enjoy watching your bees....It finally warmed up enough this afternoon for the bees to come out in my backyard. I thought of you while I watched a honey bee in the kale.
    They have so much to teach us.
    Stormy weather once again is forecasted for the week.
    I pray for rain for you.....

  16. Dear Sherry,

    I am so pleased to hear from you, I was becoming very concerned. I do hope the storms miss your area.

    I spend too much time watching the bees. I find them very calming. I agree, we have much to learn from them.

    Stay safe.....thinking of you.

  17. So sweet and such lovely captures... 'Happy Bee'... smiling me :)