Saturday 21 January 2012

A good job done!!

At last my task is finished.      I mulched eight areas in all.        I had so much bark left over I ended up extending the pathways........on reflection not sure if that was a good idea !!     

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your garden if you can.


  1. You did well to move all that bark so quickly.

  2. Tku Rowan,

    I must confess I could not see an end to it at one point but hey I got there in the end :)

  3. Bravo, well done Cheryl. You handled that huge pile of mulch in no time. You will feel so far ahead of the spring rush of chores since you got this accomplished. Your ferns look so healthy for this time of year. All is covered with ice here this morning and it isn't to get above freezing. UGH... Winter found us.

  4. Even though the pile looked huge, seeing it spread out into those big beds really gives a sense of how much mulch there was!! Good job!!

  5. HI Lisa,

    We had several frosts at the beginning of the week, but they seemed to do little damage (even though the water feature had icicles hanging from it )

    It was a bit of chore Lisa but feel as though I have accomplished something by doing it now, instead of Spring.

  6. Hi Monica,

    I only showed a few areas for fear of boring everyone.
    There were actually eight areas that I mulched. I confess, I gave myself a pat on the back when I finished :)

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  8. Hi Cheryl...Well since you moved all that you would be in good shape to shovel some of the snow I've have been getting here!lol
    Looks like you might be set for awhile on the mulch bedding...!!
    Your plants little roots are going be warm for now and cool and moist this summer ...aren't they lucky to have you as there gardener!! ; }
    Hope you took a nice hot soak in the tubby after doing that!!

  9. Hi Cheryl,

    I'm so glad you managed to move such a massive load of bark!

    I haven't done anything in the garden for such a long time that it feels like I no longer know what it looks like... And yet I won't get a chance to this weekend either. So many Hellebores waiting to be planted now.

  10. Hi Grace,

    I would willingly help you shovel snow if I lived nearby :)
    I could bring Mr P as well....he is good at moving snow.

    I did have a nice long soak Grace and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Hi Liz,

    Must say it is a little odd not having my winter rest :)
    I hope that by doing these things I will be able to enjoy the Spring more. Good theory anyway.

    Oooooh, so many hellebores, how exciting. Can't wait to see them.....pleeeease.

  12. Hi Cheryl :-) its so nice to be back!

    Well, my goodness, that pile certainly was a pile ;-) but you managed it. I thought you would be away moving it for much longer. You did an excellent job, well done! I would have been very daunted by it. I'm sure your beautiful garden will benefit greatly.

    My garden has been horribly neglected lately, maybe I will get to grips with it in the Spring... maybe!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Cheryl.

  13. Well done, Cheryl! This must have taken you quite awhile to finish, but now you've got a headstart on spring. You deserve some time just to put your feet up and relax--enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    I see although I finally figured out how to leave a comment, my last comment was on the wrong post:)

  14. Hi Jan,

    I confess I was daunted by it....I did not know where to start. I do ache, but I know given time these will pass. It does make such a difference to the garden, the paths make access to some of the borders much easier.

    I am sure you will catch up with your garden. Just take care of yourself, and enjoy thoughts of Spring.

  15. Hi Rose,

    A rest indeed. I did tell myself at the end of the week I would not be working in the garden this weekend. The weather once again is so mild, could not resist and decided to take more I obsessed, probably :)

    Ha !! too funny......

  16. Hi Cheryl, wow you did so well! Everything looks lovely under its blanket of mulch. Time to sit back and enjoy a book and some hot chocolate now! Congratulations on a job well done indeed.

  17. Dear Cheryl,
    Your garden paths look wonderful. I feel as if I am walking into a secret garden! I love the way you have open spaces and more private spots. Your mulch provides habitat for all sorts of bugs and small critters.....
    My January gardening is keeping the bird feeders filled and fresh water for the birds. I love the way you are outside in the gardens year around.
    Taking cuttings and potting them up is so fun. Being in the dirt....
    being in the fresh air....we know our days by the feel of the soil.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  18. You certainly accomplished a lot of work! And your paths look fine. They will be a joy to walk upon over the coming months and into the fall.

    It is nice to be out in the fresh air, hands in the earth in January, but I gather you had some frost, so perhaps those days were not warm enough to stick hands in the soil.

    Glad you had a good soak. What better way to end a day of gardening?
    Keep well, my friend.