Friday 2 December 2016


 Carys came to visit.   I wrote about her last year.   A premature baby, she had a rough start, but is fine now.
 Old decking has been replaced.    It is great to be able to walk to greenhouse without skating :)    I shall landscape in the Spring.
 Mr P assembled a sentry shed.    As you can see the solitary bees now have a new home.   Units dotted around the garden allowed woodpeckers etc to pull them apart...........they should be able to overwinter safely now.
 I have not done a great deal in the garden.    The weather has been bitterly cold.
 Storm Angus took most of the leaves from the trees and heavy rain filled empty ponds and ditches.
 I always clear the leaves but this year decided to leave them.
 It is amazing how they slowly disappear.
Moorhen and a Heron are frequent visitors.     Sadly the heron did not get the breakfast he came for.    The pond is frozen over.    I have so many fish it would be good for him to take some, to keep the pond healthy.
Better luck next time maybe.

It is the Christmas fayre in the village tomorrow, I am looking forward to mulled wine and mince pies :)

Have a good weekend.


  1. What a sweet picture of your niece, I love her pink top.

    Thank you for sharing your garden photo's - it really has been cold recently hasn't it. Really like the photo of the heron.

    Enjoy the Christmas Fayre on Saturday, there are many around at the moment ... including our grand-childrens school one, they are such fun.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan,
      Carys is my niece's child. She was born prematurely .....I wrote a post about her last year. She has done well.

      It is so very cold here. We reached -7C overnight.
      Not a good picture of the Heron> I had to take it from the kitchen. If I had gone outside he would have flown without a doubt.

      Have a good weekend Jan

  2. Hello Cheryl
    To start with I love your new header picture, truly beautiful. Lovely pictures of your early winter garden, the bird house hanging in the tree and the great sentry box, what a good idea. Such a sweet picture of little Carys, she has done well. Hope you enjoy the Christmas Fayre,

    We had a village email this morning to say that the lady who normally organises the carol singing walk around the village won't be doing it this year. Another village tradition lost. I can remember going round carol singing as a child, children don't seem to do it these days, such a shame.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, quite a mild day here - I shall be away for my walk soon, wonder what I shall see today.

    Elaine x

    1. I love tradition Elaine....perhaps someone else will volunteer next year and carols will be heard once again around your village. I do hope so.

      I love reading about your walks.......I really loved the hedgerow walk. I wish I lived nearer, I would come with you, although I fear Nella would chase the wildlife away :)

      It is cold here..........there is a breeze which has a biting edge to it.

      Have a lovely weekend Elaine.

  3. That beautiful Carys. I am sure those blue eyes melt your heart each time they look up at you. It appears that winter has come to your garden even so it still has lots of personality. It is supposed to get cold this coming week here. I am still gimping around on my sore foot. I am barely able to decorate inside for christmas. Slow but sure. I love the look of your new deck. I am glad you are safe. You need to put slip strips on your little bridge like they do at the parks here. Be safe... What a hoot to see the moorhens in your garden. They are such pretty cheerful birds. I hope the heron doesn't eat all of your fish. It looks hungry. ;) I can't wait to see pictures of your Christmas gathering. I know you will be having family and friends over. Enjoy it all. Love to all...

    1. Hi Lisa,

      So sorry to hear about your sore foot. I was hoping things would have improved for you.

      Carys is a beautiful child, very quiet and calm.

      Stewart is going to replace the wood on both bridges with leftover deck. He will do that in the Spring. I am not using them at the moment, too scary:)

      I love to see the birds in the garden. Saw the nuthatch yesterday taking nuts from the feeders.

      I will be going to my brothers for Christmas....I am looking forward to it.

      I am pleased with the sentry shed. The wood pecker has done a lot of damage to units in the past, I did not want to leave the bees vulnerable. I am hoping this will work.

      I have seen predatory wasps near the units in Summer......I can accept that. A little give and take perhaps.

      Praying you have some relief from the pain in your foot dear friend.........

  4. P.S. I love the Sentry Shed with all your bee houses. Perfect. Here the only predators that I have see go after my bee house is a big black wasp. I have tried to get a photo but haven't succeeded as yet. The wasp looks too large to get into the tubes. It must be able to back out or that tiny waist allows it to turn someway. Cheers...

  5. Your local wildlife must love your garden, it's so easy to put out treats and safe places for all your visitors. Your Carys is beautiful little girl.

  6. Carys is beautiful! I love your new decking! And the autumn colours in your garden is so lovely! Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Carys is such a pretty little girl--what beautiful blue eyes! The new bee shed is fantastic--well-done, Mr. P! I left the leaves this year, too. They usually blow away or into the garden where they mulch the plants. But there are still quite a few on the ground, and it's much too cold to do any raking now. But I recently read that the leaf cover means more butterflies next year, so that will be my excuse for not raking:) Heading to Texas this week to finally meet my new granddaughter and celebrate little brother's second birthday. So I won't be reading blogs for awhile--hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, Cheryl!

  8. Hi Cheryl,

    I too left the leaves... I just couldn't find the motivation to tidy up and now everything looks really rather grim; that is until it fully rots away.

    Loving your bee shed, brilliant idea!

  9. I thought I'd commented on this post....dementia must be kicking in!
    That child has me hypnotised, those eyes...are you sure she's human and not Elvish??? I can't look away from that pic!
    Love that sentry box, how the critters will love it.
    I've left my leaves, but they haven't gone anywhere.
    Loved that heron, and your post, always.

  10. Such beautiful the leaves :)

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas :)

  11. What a sweet little girl, Cheryl. It's amazing how premies seem to grow and blossom despite all odds. Thank goodness! They are strong little mites. Carys must be such a delight to her family.

    Ah a bee sentry - how creative! May I send this pic to my brother? That is if I can figure out how to do this. He loves his bees and garden - although not a bee keeper, he does make some sort of bee shelters with bits of wood, I think. And very tiny bees are seen buzzing around one of his hedges near his back deck- not sure what kind they are.

    Oh my goodness - that heron took my breath away! I think they are the most majestic creatures and when I can get close enough to capture one, I do it! My pics are not nearly as good as yours. And imagine feeling sorry that he didn't get his fish from your pond. Most people here with ponds put netting over to discourage herons and other predators from fishing! It's encouraging to read that you have abundant fish - and really, isn't that what nature is all about?

    You have a beautiful property, Cheryl. I can see your new deck will be skid proof! I painted my deck this spring - a soft green, just because.

    I find this year I am far more cautious when I step out in winter. I've slipped twice in one morning and need to buy boots with more traction. I don't remember ever feeling so vulnerable - but then again - it seems as if we are all aging and doing less (I'm not decorating as much like someone else commented). My leaves did get done, but I have soooooo many, they would smother the grass and moss in my yard.

    Have a happy and safe Christmas Cheryl with family and friends.