Wednesday 28 March 2018

Cold wet windy and snow, Oh fickle March.

 At this moment in time, the garden overwhelms me.    March has been fickle to say the least, so things that need to be done have been left.
 I ask myself what is it all for, and why do we push ourselves against the natural order of things to garden?
 I only have to walk this space, even in pouring rain, to find the answer.

 Without doubt, I am a gardener.   Those that walked before me have shown me the way.   I belong in a garden, as did my Father and my Grandfather before me.

Spring will come but in her own time.   When she is ready.
The gardener will be waiting, she just has to be patient :)


  1. Isn't that the truth. Patience has never been my forte. Patience is one thing that the garden does teach us. I am just a slow learner. Your hellebores and those tiny daffodils looks so cheerful together. I will have to remember to put some Tete Tete daffs by my hellebores. My arum is not up yet. Our tulips are making buds. I was ever hopeful that they might be blooming for Easter when the family is here but not this year. It is fun to go out and see the buds forming on shrubs. When it does warm up the garden will be bursting with growth. I can hardly wait.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I planted tete a tete alongside hellebore a few years ago. I have been pleased with the look. It makes me smile.

      It has been a long Winter and like you I cannot wait for that lovely explosion of green that Spring brings. We must be patitent just a little longer :)

  2. Are the pictures of your garden right now?! I have snow with a few bare patches. ;<))

    1. Taken this morning. Wet, windy and cold but no snow :)

    2. I've been watching Gardeners' World over here, the same day (!) that it is on in England so I have a little idea what the weather is like over there. I marvel at the flowers, and when people talk about winter gardens. Haha - a winter garden here is snow on the ground, period!

    3. I love gardeners world Nan, I love Monty Don.
      Yes we do have Winter gardens, and we do so cherish them.
      I cannot imagine snow as a Winter garden :)
      Hearing about other peoples garden always interests me.
      Thank you

  3. Dear Cheryl
    I've just looked at some of your posts dating back to January! I enjoyed each and everyone of them, thank you.

    It looks as though it was the 24th January that I last left a comment on one of your lovely posts.

    Yes, we have moved and for a time had no internet connection ... but honestly where do the weeks go to?

    The gardens have struggled with the last few months inclement and changeable weather, but they do seem to be able to recover from it ... for which I'm always grateful.

    It looks like you had a wonderful few days in Cornwall, places can be so peaceful when it's off season.

    With the Easter weekend now days away I hope you have a happy one, the grandchildren are getting excited at the thought of an Easter Egg Hunt ... but I fear it may be an indoor one! We'll wait and see what the weather decides to do.

    My good wishes to you

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan

      How lovely to hear from you
      I hope your move has been successful and your are enjoying you new surroundings wherever they might be.

      Gardens are more resilient than we think. I am always amazed at how a garden changes without any help from the gardener.

      Easter egg hunts are fun indoor or outdoor. It is the prize that is important.
      Whatever you do Jan have a lovely Easter and I hope the sun shines for you.

  4. I see you have some wonderful double Hellebores in flower, beautiful in combination with the tête-à-têtes. We have indeed a late start of spring in the garden this year but I know that the garden has overtaken time in June, always like a miracle.
    Wish you a Happy Easter with a lot of sunshine.

    1. Hi Janneke,

      Yes indeed, I have fallen in love with the double hellebore and started to collect them. Plenty of singles for the bees :)
      June does allow the garden to play catch up and beyond.
      It is a tiny miracle which gardeners love.

      Happy Easte rmy friend.

  5. I'm finding it hard to be patient these days:) We have had a cold and wet spring so far, and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the days ahead. I long to get out and finish cleaning up the flowerbeds, but that isn't going to happen for awhile. Nevertheless, I walk around each day and marvel at the new little blooms that are emerging. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!

    1. It is hard Rose, especially when the forecast is gloomy.
      Spring will come and I am sure we will all be complaining about the heat :)

      Have a very happy Easter x

  6. I understand the gardening obsession, each year the dogs wreck my garden and I feel like throwing the towel in, then bounce back each spring, it's in the blood for sure! Everything is looking wonderful despite the awful weather, but as you say, how very frustrating!xxx