Sunday 15 July 2018


 Inula Magnifica will grow to dizzy heights.   Even in its demise, it has a touch of shabby chic.
 It is also a wonderful landing pad for insects.   This morning the female, beautiful demoiselle, took breakfast on a bloom.

This afternoon a beautiful peacock butterfly arrived.

Inula Magnifica is a wonderful addition to borders, it is drought tolerant and grows to around two metres high.
It certainly makes a statement in the garden.


  1. Those delicate yet brilliant yellow flowers are a great magnet for all sorts of bugs, humans too. I love seeing the bugs and humans in your garden.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Inula is wonderful for drawing in insects.
      I am trying to get back to photographing wildlife.
      It is a little time consuming but worth the wait sometimes :))

  2. Beautiful image of the peacock butterfly on the Inula! I have been spending as much time watching insects in my garden as looking at the blooms:) I scrolled through your last post to catch up; it sounds like your summer has been as hot as ours has been. It has been hard to keep up with the garden in this heat, and all the rain we've had has also meant the weeds are flourishing. Thankfully, all the blooms right now distract me from the weeds:) Good to see Nella again. I'm sure she still enjoys her time in the garden with you.

    1. Hi Rose,
      I often take my camera out to photograph insects and end up watching them for so long they fly away :) For me, they are the biggest waster of time. So fascinating.

      Yes a very hot Summer for UK with little rain.
      I refer my temperatures around 20C, when they reach 30C I struggle.

      Nella does enjoy the garden and tends to follow me around now :)
      Bless her.

  3. What an absolutely stunning post! You are such a wiz with the camera, capturing the essence of insects and stimulating the imagination (I can just see Miss Demoiselle sitting down to breakfast, napkin folded neatly in her lap, delicately taking her first sip just as you clicked - LOL).

    And Mr. Peacock getting nice and comfy, ready to pose for you. Well, actually, he looks rather modest and totally unaware of your camera, so I'd have to say he wasn't really posing. As to the Inula! Shabby chic made me laugh! It's so the rage of furniture painting and decor these days.

    Anyway - nice to catch up. It's extremely hot here as well this summer and dry. Waiting for a thunderstorm....

    1. I am a fan of shabby chic Wendy. My home is full of it.
      I think it has a charm especially in an old property such as this one.

      Hope you are well and life is treating you kindly.
      Best wishes always.


  4. How beautiful the pictures.

  5. Beautiful pictures...
    I have seen many more butterflies this year than last year.
    Have a lovely day,

    1. Thank you Ida.

      I to have notice more butterflies:) This seems to be a good year for them.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. She is just beautiful and certainly attracting some beautiful pollinators. I love peacocks....that last comment on your other post re the butterfly was meant for this one! The peacocks seem less around here this year, such a

    1. I have noticed less peacock butterflies.
      I did not see any last year, so this one was very welcome.

  7. Cheryl, your photographs are wonderful.
    A beautiful colour flower … no wonder it attracts visitors!

    I hope you are managing to stay cool, this summer sun seems to be lasting and lasting!

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan

      I must confess I am struggling with this heat.
      It is a bit too hot for me.
      I think the poor farmers are having a rough time.
      Still it is what it is, so we must just enjoy it while we can.

      Have a good week Jan