Tuesday 9 October 2018

October is..........

 gold on blue
 and sleeping solitary bees waiting for Spring.
 Empty nests
 and hibernating hedgehogs.
 Jewel wasps that will never see another Summer.
Late flowering Asters
 and lone bumble bees.
 Faded flowers
and ruby red leaves.

Beautiful days.
Hope you are in touch with the outside world and enjoying each and every moment.   I am.


  1. October is being so good to you Cheryl. All of your photos evoke a warm feeling for October. I found some bumbles asleep on the tall Asters in my garden this past week. They looked so sweet clinging there in the cool damp morning air. I thought I heard one of them snoring. It appears that your little hedge hog has found a warm spot to hibernate. I hope it enjoys its long winters nap in your garden.

  2. I am so enjoying October Lisa,
    I have spent most of the time outside and have been amazed at the discoveries I have made.

    Sweet bees. Bumbles are such gentle bees. I could spend a day watching them and never tire of the moment.

    I am still feeding the hedgehogs (we are now back to three).
    One has made the nest I showed on this post. Another is in the hedgehog house.

    I think the third is under a pile of logs in my neighbours garden.
    The wait at dusk for me to arrive with food. They stand so quietly while I put the food down. I do not stay long as I do not want them to get used to humans and think we are all friendly.
    Dominic is in love with them :)

    Have a good week Lisa.

  3. That lucky Dominic soaking up all of Grandmas knowledge and love.
    I forgot to mention that I love your header picture, a great capture.
    I hope you have a great week too. I received the most beautiful letter ever. :)

  4. Beautiful set of photos, has to be my favourite time on a par with spring.
    Amanda xx

  5. What a lovely tribute to October, Cheryl! I do love autumn, though I wish it would last a little longer. We went from the mid-80's--about 30 C, I think, earlier in the week to near freezing this morning. I'm hoping the little hummingbird I saw yesterday made his way much farther south before the cold hit. I just noticed your header photo, so beautiful!

  6. Yes Rose, these mild spells during Autumn, then a sudden drop in temperature are a challenge for wildlife. I hope the little hummingbird made it too.

    We have not had a frost yet. It is has been extremely mild, a tad worrying, although very nice :)

    Thank you re header.

    Enjoy your weekend Rose.

  7. What a wonderful collection of photographs. So lovely and calming. All about enjoying the autumn while getting ready for winter.

    1. Winter seems a long way away but I know it can arrive at any moment.
      Just enjoying this time.

  8. October can be such a wonderful month, and so far here in the UK we have been quite fortunate with the weather.
    Of course that can change so quickly!

    Loved seeing all of your photographs.
    For me, like so many, the seasons of Autumn and Spring are simply wonderful and to be enjoyed at every opportunity.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. Hope you enjoyed the weekend Jan.
      Much too warm for October !!!

  9. How beautifully you describe autumn with words and images. Such an ethereal post. xxx