Monday 28 June 2010

Do you remember when.......

Do you remember when you were a child, something would catch your attention. For a moment in time, you would be completely lost in your own little world.
As we grow, we get caught up in the whirlwind called 'life', all to often we lose the ability to forget all else and just enjoy the moment.
Our daily worries hold centre stage..........
and we forget to stop and smell the flowers. There is so much beauty out there, if only we take time to look around.
I watched the frog on the lily still...... enjoying the warmth of the sun.
I lift my face to the sky .....I must take time to stop and smell the flowers.


  1. It is good to take a deep breath now and then to refresh ones perspective. Fortunately I can still easily get lost in my own world...I hope you can.
    Bless you...FAB.

  2. Frank, thank you. That means a lot, I am grateful......

  3. I am so glad that you will be continuing to share your lovely tranquil and wise posts with us - have missed you! This one is lovely and so very true - we do so often forget to just "be" in the moment and to appreciate all the beauty which surrounds us - thank you for the reminder.

    Jane x

  4. Thank you Jane....I have missed fellow bloggers very very much. Not so much the posting, but the contact with those I call my friends.
    I felt starting a new blog would be a new beginning and a way to deal with the problems I am facing at this time.

    Nice to be with you again x

  5. Well, I am happy that you have decided not to leave permanently. I hope you don't feel obligated to post too often and you stay in contact. I was a little frustrated that I couldn't communicate with you. I thought I had your email address but no I don't. Your photos are marvelous. That sweet Poppi does take me back to my childhood. We all need time to not feel overwhelmed. Take time. Smell those roses, what the butter fly, listen to the frogs flop and the bees buzzing.

  6. Cheryl, if your writing is going in a different direction you might like to read a blog written by a friend of mine. She writes beautifully about how nature impacts her life. She doesn't have many readers. She doesn't get that you have to read other blogs and comment to get commenters etc. The title does sort of put you off. I haven't told her that. She isn't as self centered as the title sounds. Anyway I thought you might give it a look.

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    As you are probably aware by now, I spend most of my time in that state... And jobs don't get done!

    I must still be a child - which is very true if I'm honest. I just don't quite have the writing skills you have :)

  8. Hi Lisa......Thank you. I shall use this blog very differently to 'sanctuary'. I intend to post freely and when it suits me. I may include daily events etc, I am not sure.

    I shall visit your friends blog for sure. Tku.

    Will be in touch.....

  9. Hi Liz.....I still have the child in me. I lost it for a while but it is coming back.
    Ceasing to post on sanctuary was the right thing to do. I need a change of direction....

    I know you have the child in you....I have felt it many times. May it always stay with you.

  10. Dear Cheryl, what a wonderful surprise! I'm so glad you are able to join us again and in a new form too.

    I think I probably have too much of the child in me, I dream too much, I think too much and before I know it another day has gone by, the chores have piled up and I go to bed full of good intentions for the next day...but... :)

    I do hope your new blog will give you the comfort and support you need at the moment and that those mountains become easier to climb in time. I suppose it could be said that the higher the mountain the better the view from its summit when we reach it. You are in my thoughts Cheryl, strangely enough you were very much in my thoughts yesterday and today, as if by power of thought, here you are :)

  11. Tku Jan. very much. How strange, I had a very difficult day yesterday (not personally, I am fine). We must be connected by an invisible thread. I havn't reached the top of the mountain yet Jan but I will take your comment on board and think about the view that may greet me.

    I instinctively knew you had the child in you. We are so lucky.......

    Glad to be back amongst friends.......

  12. Cheryl,
    I am thrilled you have a new blog. I loved the other and was broken hearted that you ended that one. I live in the US and purchased a piece of land 3 years ago that was stripped of trees and shrubs. I am working to make it a wildlife sanctuary. I will be checking in often.

  13. Hi Linda......thank you for your comment and your kind words. It will be lovely to hear from you at any time. If I can help in any way let me know....

    Good lucky with your sanctuary......

  14. Cheryl, Such a lovely surprise this morning to see this post title pop up on my sidebar! Your photos are so beautiful and calming; even the design of this new blog seems tranquil. But most of all, your sentiments are just what I needed this morning. For some reason, this summer has been so hectic for me, and I haven't enjoyed gardening as much as usual. I was laid up with a virus or some kind of bug over the weekend, and yesterday I walked around the garden for the first time in 3 days. I couldn't believe how much had changed! Sophie and I chased butterflies (with a camera) and checked out all the newest blooms. There are weeds and chores to be done, but thank you for the reminder that it's that joy in just being in the moment that is what's most important.

  15. Dear nice to hear from you. I understand, gardening can become a liability, rather than a joy. That only happens when we allow it to. I realised because of blogging I was seeking perfection.....and that is just not me. I watched a mullein caterpillar eating my newly planted Buddleja 'Black Knight', and smiled. That is how it should be.....

    I do hope that you are feeling a little better and that the virus has not depleted you of energy.

    I would have loved to see you and Sophie chasing butterflies.....I have many images in my mind....ha!
    Take care and get better soon.......

  16. Hi Cheryl, lovely blog. You included some wonderful photography. I'm glad you decided to continue sharing your thoughts and photos.

  17. Hi Marnie....thank you. Not quite sure where I am going with this blog at the will be interesting to see how it developes.

  18. Hi Cheryl, So glad to see your new blog. And isn't it funny--I had just resolved a few days ago I need to start a new blog to talk about more personal things!! Thinking of you!

  19. Hi Monica, thank you. I enjoyed each and every moment of 'sanctuary' but felt it was time to move on.

    Life changes and we face problems we could never imagine. Sometimes it good to know someone out there is listening.......

    Look forward to your new blog??

  20. Cheryl, lovely to see you back.
    I really hope that you do post as and when you actually want to, rather than feeling an obligation to so do, otherwise it becomes a chore, rather than a pleasure.
    I'm often getting told off for stopping to smell the flowers too often. Do I listen? Of course not!
    I do hope life returns to a manageable pace, and that 'the sanctuary' is just that without the blog posts to write.

  21. Hi Cheryl..what a surprise...I am happy to see you new post... :)....hope this turns out to be a better fit for you!!!

  22. Hi Dan
    Thank you for dropping by. The last two weeks has given me time to think. This blog will be very different, in as much, that I shall use it when I want or need to.

    I am glad you take time to smell the flowers, it is so important. I hope it always stays that way, and life does not change you.

    Did the maltese cross come up? I have them dotted all around the garden. I am surprised as the weather has been so dry, they do like a little moisture at their roots.

    Thank you for your lovely comment.....

  23. Hi Grammie.....well the truth is, I missed my blogging friends. I missed the I am back....

  24. Hi Cheryl
    No the Maltese Cross didn't come up, sadly. I think they got too much walking over, wheelbarrowing over, and general rubble on top for too long. Pleased yours are making their presence felt!
    The poppies I sowed didn't come up either (I kept the ladybird ones for next year).
    No problem though, as I only put down half of the seeds. Soon the heavy work in the house will be finished, and I can dig the ground over, add compost and hope for the best next spring. I will leave some 'poor' soil for a wildflower area though (the 'up side' of the building mess).
    It'll be interesting to see what appears next spring/summer!

  25. Dear Friend,
    Children remind us to live in the moment, as do the bees and butterflies, birds, flowers and trees.
    I am so happy you have the little ones to teach and share the magic of now. It is very easy to be pulled in all directions at once. Very easy for the calls of duty and worry to take away our ability to find the quiet, to find the now, to hear our own still small voice. I am so happy you are sharing your inner journey. Thank you.
    I have lots of blogs. Lots of ways of doing photo essays. All are ways for me to connect, ways for me to open my heart and home, ways for me to hone my craft. Each blog is a journal, each an opportunity to try something different. Each time I post I learn a little bit more about myself and my world. Each time I visit you I am inspired.
    Thank you for gifting us once again with your insight, your voice and your love of nature.

  26. So glad to find you Cheryl, because I have misplaced the private email you sent me a while back.

    Believe in co-incidence? Whilst browsing around some blogs last night I came across this, but it was late and I didn't realise it was you, although part of me knew it was ... glad I came back this afternoon. Remember, this is YOUR blog, use it in whatever way you wish.

  27. Thank you Sherry. Your comments always help me to see where I am going, I am grateful.
    I have lost myself recently.....the road ahead has too many turns. I am slowly getting back on the path that is right for me.

  28. strange, I am so glad you found me, it was meant to be perhaps.....

    I fully intend to try and make this blog for me.....I do hope that I can stick to that.