Sunday 18 July 2010

Memories are made of this........

The grand-children stayed for the weekend. We had fun, lots of playing, lots of treats.......and staying up late.
The sweetest thing was seeing them both on the landing, looking out at the moon. Two little figures, in the shadows, with a look of wonder on their face.
After Mummy took them home, I decided to walk the garden. Lillies have done well this year, but just as I feared the lily beetle has arrived. I knew it would, it always does.
As I walked I noticed a small butterfly in the grass. I believe this is the purple hairstreak. I have the right environment for it. Large oaks surround the garden, and betula is one of it's larval foodplants. It spends most of it's time high among the treetops but occasionally it descends to ground level.
Everytime I see this little bird, I feel so very sorry for it. It has been around for about three months now and the other birds are continually attacking it. I have placed food in a quiet corner of the garden......which he visits regularly. Has anyone any idea as to what is wrong with it??
Dill is attracting many soldier beetles. I will grow this herb again, it is just so pretty and great for use in the kitchen. I shall plant it with red flowers next year.....
I bought one Echinops three year ago. They are now dotted around the garden. The insects love them, and I really like their simplicity. They are here to stay.
and finally, little Poppi grew the sunflower. She is so proud of this plant and waters it everytime she visits. It reminds me of her, bright, sunny and colourful.......

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.....temperatures are rising again in the South East.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Oh how I love the Echinops, I really must buy some - non came up from the seeds you gave me :(

    re:Great tit, I think it's fairly common and it's probably some sort of nest mite, I'm surprised the others attack it to be honest but they must know someone is wrong.

    I'm glad you've had an enjoyable weekend! :)

  2. What a lovely weekend you had! I could just see your grandchildren watching the night sky. You are instilling a wonderful appreciation for the world around them. I am sorry the beetles have found your lilies. At least you were able to get a picture of that perfect bloom. Poor little birdie. It is so hard to see any creature hurting or suffering. How comforting to know you are giving him a quiet little corner to find food. Congratulations to Poppi for growing such a beautiful Sunflower. I love them too--like daisies, they make me smile.

  3. Gosh, I wish I could help you with the poor little bird, but it's comforting to know he/she is being cared for. Could possibly be some kind of deformity that the others have picked up on. I once had a robin which they actually tossed from the nest because his leg was deformed. When I ran out in the yard to get him, the others attacked me, but I got him into the shoebox and into the house. He lived for over a year with my care...and even got to know me.

  4. I really like that echinops too. It is so unusual, structural looking. I am glad you got to have the Grands this weekend. What fun. Those statues in your garden remind you of them no doubt. We had a good time last evening. Went to a wedding and reception. FUN Cute couple. One should go to a wedding now and then so one remembers what it was like when you are so "in" love.

  5. Hi Cheryl, I love the garden art children. The lily photo is to die for, although I'm sorry about the beetle. I'm not familiar with it here, knock on wood. Sad about the bird. I hope your offerings will help him gain strength to survive and thrive.

  6. HI Liz....I love echinops......I never thought they would do so well here. They self seed beautifully. They seem to fit in with any planting scheme.

    Tks re bird....I have never seen that before.

    Hope your week goes well.

  7. Hi Jenny, I love it when the children stay. They have their moments, as all children do, but genrally they are so very good. They both love nature, I am so pleased for them that they do.

    I hate to see a bird in distress. The little one would cope I think, if the other birds did not keep attacking it.......

    Sunflowers make me smile to.

  8. Dill is one of my favourite herbs - lovely on salmon. It's perfume reminds me of old wood - a very nostalgic smell for me. xx

  9. Such lovely photos again Cheryl!

    Poor little bird! I don't know what could be wrong but suspect it could be something like Liz suggests. I'm so glad it found your garden. How sad that the other birds attack it. It seems that unfortunately, as with humans, anyone or thing which differs from the norm is treated as an outcast.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the time with your grandchildren, Poppi's Sunflower is beautiful.

    How lucky you are to have the Purple Hairstreak in your garden, I have never seen one.

    I am really, really envious of those garden sculptures, they are incredibly beautiful :)

  10. Cheryl, I love the two pieces of art in your garden, the boy and the girl with books--are they new? I've never planted echinops before, but after seeing them in a friend's garden last weekend, I think I'll try to find a place to plant some. I have dill, too, and though I like it for seasoning, it's mostly here for the caterpillars.

    Glad you had a great weekend--my grandkids are spending the night next weekend, so I'd better rest up:)

  11. Hi Jan....the little bird has really stolen my heart. I check it several times a day. I am making sure it has plenty of food and water. I often see him sitting on a branch, looking very lonely.

    I have never seen a purple hairstreak before Jan. I have seen it in flight this morning and it revealed it's purple wings......amazing colour. I shall have to keep my camera in the garden, I would love to get some clearer images.

    The bronze statues are a gift from Mr P. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given something so beautiful.......tku for your sweet comment, I am glad you like them.

    Have a lovely week Jan..........

  12. Dear Rose, the bronze statues are new. A gift from Mr P. I will make you laugh Rose....the little girl is reading a book about rabbits...HA!
    How appropriate is that??

    Echinops are lovely and thrive on neglect. They take little room and do not need staking.
    They also attract bees, wasps, butterflies, and hoverflies......amazing plant.

    The school holidays start next week, so I will be having the children often, while my daughter is at work......

    Have a good week Rose......tku for dropping by.

  13. My Echinops has seeded around too. It looks really nice with the heavier flowers.

    I love your bronze statues. Very elegant. I'd say your Mr P is a very thoughtful gift giver.

  14. Seems you had a lovely weekend....always nice to see seems odd to hear there begining there school holidays when here they are half way through their's!!
    Your gardens look lovely.....and your poor little bird oooh so sad looking!!!

  15. Hi Marnie....echinops seems to look good in most situations....I did wonder about alliums and echinops, then realised they did not bloom at the same time....ha!

    Tku re statues....Mr P is an extremely thoughtful man, I am very very lucky.......

  16. Hi Grammie......tku. The little bird looks like that most of the time....poor thing.

    Hope you are well......

  17. Dear Cheryl,
    Your Grandchildren must give you so much joy. I can only imagine the delight. The bronzes are very lovely indeed. I love the way you planted around them. Perfect!
    I shall think of Poppi now when I see the sunflowers in my backyard. The Gold Finches and the bees love them!
    Heat at my house too.. I am inside...temperatures are flirting with 100 degrees.
    So sad about the little bird. Glad you put some seed out for him. I have a Cardinal who lost all his head feathers last winter. I was concerned but he made it and is now growing new feathers. I think he had mites!
    Nature does have its own morality....
    Have a wonderful week. stay cool.

  18. I too love Echinops, I hope to jumps around in my garden, too!

  19. I remember when Poppi planted that sunflower! Seems like just yesterday! And it's beautiful. Poor little bird. I'm glad you are taking good care of it.