Friday 20 August 2010

A small boy, the Ent and a garden.........

Riley is a gifted child.......he is way ahead of his years. I rarely post images of him, he is sensitive and shy. Today he studied the ancient apple tree.
He was amazed to see that the trunk is completely hollow.

The old blenheim orange is the most loved and respected tree in the garden.
She is being eaten from the inside out, giving life to others, and shelter to birds and bats. I often sit beneath her boughs and reflect.........

Autumn is a wonderful season, especially for the those who garden for wildlife.
I cut the plants back in early spring, so this is the time for me to enjoy the garden.
As the season progresses I will clear the leaves from the lawn. I never clear them from the borders, it gives insects somewhere to hide during the cold winter months.

Soon the grasses will appear, and give the garden a whole new look.

I am always excited by the change of season.....

I love the anticipation of what is to come.

In my mind I can see the lovely autumnal colours that will grace the garden.

Have a peaceful and happy weekend.........and enjoy your garden.


  1. Your garden never fails to inspire me. You are so gifted both in terms of your gardening skills and your photography - I always feel so tranquil when reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us.

    Jane x

  2. Tku Jane.....I am not sure about gifted but I love both the garden and my camera......

  3. What a delightful stroll through your garden Cheryl. I love seeing the old tree. Every old apple tree needs a little boy to make it feel alive. Little boy + tree = FUN.

  4. Hi Lisa, although the old tree was heavy with blossom in the spring, sadly, there are hardly any fruits. The same thing happened last year......I do not know what the problem can be.

    Riley and Poppi love the, of course, do I.

  5. Your garden is so lovely, though I'm not sure what an Ent is? I also look forward to the coming season, whatever it may be. I mulch mow my leaves intot he lawn and rake others onto the beds.

  6. Dear Cheryl,
    It is still very hot and humid in my gardens. The light is being to change ever so slightly and I know Autumn is coming. I too love the gardens in Autumn. I love seeds. I love the way nature slowly gets her Autumn dress on.
    I am smitten with Riley and Poppi. Both of your Grandchildren give me hope for our dear earth. Knowing they care makes me feel comforted. I do think you have two budding Naturalist!

  7. Sharing our love of nature with our grandchildren is a wonderful thing, Cheryl. I wonder what treasures Riley must have found in the old apple tree. Someday, someday I would love to see your garden in person. I thought spring would be the perfect time, but now I think autumn--I can just imagine it all dressed up in its autumn colors. Have a great weekend, too, Cheryl!

  8. Hi Monica, tku. Obviously not a Lord of the Rings fan. An Ent is an ancient tree (fictional, of course).

    I pile my excess leaves in the corner of the garder and let them break down into leaf mould.

  9. Hi Sherry.....I am collecting seeds at the moment. Wildlfower seeds, I have plans.
    Tku for email, I signed.

    Riley and Poppi give me great comfort. They are both interested in the outside world and the creatures that live alongside us. I need to pass, what little I know, onto them. I believe they both have a natural affinity with wildlife, they are not like most children......

  10. Dear Rose, our grand-children are the future. What we teach them now will make a difference to how they think about the outside world.

    My gardens in the spring are pretty but very very wet (though not this year). You cannot walk on the grassed area as it is often boggy.
    Autumn can be wet, but generally it is reasonable. The colours are usually beautifully.

  11. What a wonderful picture of Riley and that gorgeous grand old lady--the apple tree. I have wondered how she was doing, you haven't written about her lately--or, I should say, I have not read a post about her. I have not been very good with keeping up with my blogging friends, I'm afraid. Too much going on in my corner of the world. I will be so glad when the nights start to cool, and the days heat glows soft instead of a cruel hot. I am looking forward to Autumn--my favorite season.

  12. Hi are right I have not posted about her recently. I sometimes wonder if friends get a little bored with the same thing.

    I do hope life is calming down and you are able to get some moments of peace. Of course, I also hope that daughter and grand-daughters are well and happy.

    Wishing you cooler weather....

  13. Cheryl, what a grand old tree. As you have said-the tales she could tell. We seem to have love affairs with certain trees and I wonder if it is because we see them as having a permanance over great periods of time that we are envious of. Their stately bearing never fails to awe me. How delightful that the young are drawn to them as well.

    Your gardens are looking so lovely. I know your tender loving care is most of the reason. And I am collecting seeds as well! Hope your weekend was as grand as ours was with the girls.

  14. It's a marvelous tree Cheryl, no wonder your grandson is intrigued by it~I think you are wise to honor his sensitivity. Poppi and Riley are learning much from you~Someday I hope to have granchildren with whom to share a garden. gail

  15. Hi Beckie....that sums it up perfectly....from the moment I saw the old tree I fell in love. I could no more fell her, than chop off one of my toes. I am so connected with her. I find pleasure in planting beneath her is almost like a form of worship. I am without doubt connected in a way I could never explain and I feel sure you understand.

    Collecting seeds, so pleased to hear this. The lovely Monica has sent me some fabulous seeds. I am just too excited......

    The children went home tonight....they come back Wednesday morning. I must confess to being a little has been a long summer break this year. I love them dearly, more than life itself. If I can give them my time, I am more than happy.

  16. Hi Gail....I love the tree, it is treasure and protected here. It has so many stories to tell.
    Riley is a delightful child.......I respect and honour his sensitivity. He amazes me with his grown up ways and his mathematical mind.

    I can imagine your grandchildren one day walking and talking with you as you walk the garden together. My little ones took their first stroll in my arms at only a few weeks old. We stood under the apple tree and I told them of things to come. My journey with them as been the most magical thing..........

  17. Cheryl, Your garden is absolutely breathtaking - and I can imagine Fall, well sort of! Today it's supposed to hit 108 degrees - so my garden is not so lush looking right now. Poppi and Riley are so fortunate to have you teach them the "natural way." I, too, don't like to rake the leaves in the beds - maybe that's one reason why the voles are able to hide so well. Oh well! And I'm not going to update you on that situation, because every time I do, another varmint takes up residence in my domain!

    Good to visit and catch up - it's been awhile due to travel.

  18. Tku Amy, you are more than kind.

    You are having such temperatures this summer. It must be so tiring.
    I am glad the grand-children are happy to learn.....I love to share with them.

    Glad you are travelling and enjoying life, that is what it is all about. How is Jack??

  19. LOL, no I've never read or seen Lord of the Rings. I'm not even into Harry Potter, lord save me! Do like Doctor Who, though...

  20. That apple tree is a joy - you are so lucky to have such a beauty in your garden, rather more desirable than our Fangorn Forest of leylandii :}