Friday 12 August 2011

Sunday safari

Sunday safari will now be posted on ' SANCTUARY'.     I will show images of insects, birds etc that I have managed to capture, with my camera,  during the week.    I hope that you will join me there.

No need to tell you what the weather is doing  :)


  1. I will look forward to seeing your SS over at Sanctuary. Unfortunately no rain here as yet. I dreamed that I was out watering plants. I guess I better get busy.

  2. Gosh Lisa,

    You are an early bird. Is it 5.15 am your end??

    You dream about gardens to :)

  3. Yes, it is that early. I am an early bird. I tried to sleep longer. It didn't happen. Too much watering needing done. :)

  4. Ha !! I was up at 6.00 am. Like you I rarely sleep in, unless there is an overnight flight involved somewhere along the line :)

    The sun has come out....yahooo out looking for butterflies.

  5. Glad to see the sanctuary is back!
    There is an absence of furry black and tan recently though...? I'll be making some biscuits tomorrow - would Nella like a little bag?

  6. Hi Dan
    How lovely, I am sure she will woof them down :)

    I have just taken a picture of her....will put her on safari just for you.

  7. Looks like rain - raindrops look good on the yellow petals. I like how your header is "outside the box" (I don't like restrictions either).

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    (I'm having trouble posting my comment on the Sanctuary blog so have put it here instead.)
    I didn't realise you were still writing here, how lovely. It's really nice to see all the residents of your garden, I didn't realise that magpies would go for a woodpecker that was almost grown like that.
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday, its a nice day here today with blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
    Take care x

  9. Hi Lucinda,

    That is fine. Do not worry about leaving a comment. It can be frustrating, can't it?

    I have witnessed the magpies mobbing juvenile birds including the Green Woodpecker.
    We have six Magpies at the moment.......I will be glad when it is back to just two, which seems to happen as the young magpies find their own feet.

  10. What a perfect photo Cheryl!

  11. Gorgeous.....
    simply gorgeous. You are elegance....