Tuesday 30 August 2011

A tree house....a garden....and the coming season.

 Sleeping in the tree house with the children was fun.    Tiring but fun......
Butterfly cakes are a family tradition. Thank you mother, midnight feasts were most enjoyable.
Old troll guards the tree house whilst the children are not around.  He tired of hiding under the bridge waiting for Billy goat Gruff :)    Tku David for making him.
Next Spring Poppi and I will landscape the decks with old fashioned roses.   At last somewhere to grow them, well away from bunnies harm.
Summer still has a hold on the garden.
Yet I can smell and feel autumn, she has entered the garden in a gentle, subtle way.
September is my favourite month of the year........
where summer clings and autumn makes her approach.
A time for reflection, a touch of nostalgia, a sense of peace.
Time to gather seeds for next Spring, to collect berries to make herbal tinctures.   Tku Lucinda, you are an absolute treasure and an inspiration.
The old girl has done herself proud, her apples are perfection.   I am blessed to have her.
Even the old pear tree has produced a wonderful crop this year.   September, a breath away, my welcome mat is ready.........


  1. Your tree house is delightful. What a hoot. I can just hear the ghost stories being told and watching for the tree fairies to come out to enjoy the upper deck. Take that you rascally bunnies. Here it is still dry as a bone. I have resorted to watering. it just kills me watching the garden succumb to the heat and drought. I hope September brings us at least our normal weather and rain. Have fun in your tree house.

  2. Lisa,

    It was hilarious. Wasn't quite so funny when I walked across the lawn at 6.00 am with every limb aching Ha!! The children have little beds, I have a mattress on the floor.

    I am so sorry that you still have no rain. I understand your heartache, any gardener would.
    Of course, you must water (sometimes we have no choice) your garden is years of love and devotion. Our weather is changing to warmer days and sun at last. I think you might just get some rain now.....

  3. Wow, Cheryl can I come and live with you!? :)

    All those little mushrooms are so beautiful.

    I can't imagine anything more exciting than a tree house! There is an amazing looking b and b that has a tree house over in West Sussex. It's very expensive but I've been dropping hints to my husband for a while now so maybe one day.... :)
    Your garden is inspiring and magical as ever. We have been getting rid of the last of the concrete today which has resulted in space for two more beds, one of which will be home to the wonderful seeds you sent me.
    Is there anything better in the world than nature?

  4. Lucky children to have such a tree house. Lovely photos of your garden too. September is always a time for new beginnings even though it's more than 50 years since I was at school!!

  5. Hi lucinda,

    The tree house is a little 'new looking'at the moment. Give me time :) and things will change. I have so many ideas for this area.
    Hope hubby will respond to your gentle hints re b and b. Now there's an idea, I could let it out when the children are at school....Ha!

    The world of nature is my sanctuary Lucinda....somewhere to go when I need peace and solace.

    Two more beds....lovely. I look forward to seeing them next year.....

  6. Tku Jane...

    I can't remember how long it was since I was at school, seems like a lifetime ago :)

  7. A treehouse--what fun!! Is this the secret project you hinted at some time ago? I can just imagine how delighted Riley and Poppi are with this special place. I can also sympathize with the sore muscles the next day after sleeping on a hard mattress:)

    I'm ready for autumn, too, and there has been a feel of it in the air lately. But tomorrow we're in for another heat wave. I'm ready for cooler days with the crisp air of fall. Your pears look delicious!

  8. You are definitely a five-star grandmother! The treehouse must feel like a wonderland in the midst of such a beautiful garden.

    Like you, we have September's welcome mat out and ready.

  9. Hi Rose,

    Yes it is, tree house for the grand-children, rose garden for Poppi and me.

    Strangely we are warming up slightly. Not too hot, around 22C 74F.

    Can't wait to harvest the pears.....my mother and I love them.

  10. Tku ncmountainwoman....

    You are too kind.

  11. Oh what a beautiful blast of happy days and Autumn content. Many of us in the blogosphere are suffering non-summer blues and this cheered me no end. Thanks Cheryl for the simple pleasures you impart.

  12. I am but a simple soul Laura....a sweet comment, thank you.

  13. Dear Cheryl,
    Your tree house is amazing. I love the Troll that guards it while the children are away. A perfect Troll. A kind artist friend. A tree house rose garden...magical and practical! My kind of gardening! Roses for rose tea and rose syrups....rose water for summer face misting. I am enchanted.
    Your Mum is magical too. Butterfly cakes...midnight feasts! They look delicious.
    I love your family......I love the way you care for each other; always remembering the child within.
    Apples and Pears are September's gifts.
    I am celebrating our harvest home. I shall celebrate yours too.
    Happy September.
    Sherry, who dances with Butterflies and listens to Swans.

  14. Dear Sherry,

    This has been one of the best years that I have known for fruit. Kent is known as the Garden of England. In years gone by it produced much fruit and there were many orchards to be found.
    Now they are disappearing due to neglect etc.
    I am happy to keep this tiny piece of Kent alive :)

  15. Dirty Girl Gardening ...... Ha :)

  16. You actually slept in the treehouse? My goodness, I take my hat off to you! Your grands will remember that night for years to come (unless you sleep there all the time lol).

    Your fruit looks perfect and so delicious. And your pics too. I like the one of the leaves, just beginning to turn.

    Butterfly cakes are making my mouth water. Yum!