Sunday 4 September 2011

Llama, a shepherdess, and rainy days.

 Around a year ago the land opposite our home was sold.   At the time I was concerned as to what would happen with this field.   I need not have worried.    It is now owned by a shepherdess and all of the animals that you see in the photograph have been rescued by her.   On Friday she was working in the field and I stopped to say hello.    We chatted for a while and she asked would I like to come in and feed the llama.    I explained that Nella was not used to large animals and felt it might be better if I declined.    She assured me she would be fine, so in I went.
Nella was great and I was really proud of her.       I fed the llama, they were so gentle and very timid.    The Alpaca were much to frightened to come close.....I think it will take some time before I can feed them.    Ann is a lovely lady, and it made me feel happy to know that these animals will now spend the rest of their life in rural Kent and will be treated with nothing but kindness.
I have told Ann I will check the animals regularly for her (I can see them from my bedroom window), she is going to give me a key to her gate so that Nella and I can walk the field if we so wish.    She has also offered me the droppings for the garden.   She will bag and I will collect from the gate.      I think Ann and I will become very good friends :)
It soon started to rain, so Nella and I made a dash for home.   I noticed this beautiful toadstool as I entered the garden.
Such beautiful detail inside the cup.
Looks like another soggy day ahead..............but hey, perhaps tomorrow will be better.


  1. Hi Cheryl...What a wonderful thing you new neighbor has done for these amimals!!
    She sounds to be very kind and how nice for you to!!
    I love your toadstool looks like you could see through it delicate and frilly looking!!

    I loved the tree house in your previous post great is that for the Grandchildren...and you of course ; }

    It is sunny,humid,and 80f ...hard to believe it is Sept.
    Hope your weather gets better!!

    I have to work on alterations on a wedding gown today for a friend of my grandaughters ..not a great day for it!!
    ♥ Grace

  2. Hi Grace,

    Yet another talent. I always admire those that can sew. Something that I have never been able to do. I do not have the patience that is required, for such intricate work.
    My needlework teacher despaired when she saw my finished garments :)

  3. Hi Cheryl, how lovely to have an animal sanctuary just across the road! Lovely to see Nella too! She's such a lovely girl.
    It'll be interesting to see the effects of llama and alpaca droppings on the plants ;o)
    The toadstool looks amazing, I've never seen anything like it.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Adding the llama droppings to my compost makers will be beneficial to the garden, of that I am sure.
    I think the more organic matter added to a garden the better :)

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    How wonderful to have such an inspiring neighbour, it sounds like you will be good friends indeed. :)
    I absolutely adored your spiders web pictures on your other blog, it still won't let me comment without a blogger account so I have to leave my messages here instead.
    I saw some of these toadstools a couple of years ago and my husband got some lovely pictures, I'm not sure what they are though. They are straight out of faery!
    Nella is beautiful and has such a wise expression.

  6. Hi Lucinda,

    I am so pleased to have met Ann. I love animals, so it is a wonderful opportunity for me to bond with them.

    I did some research to try and find the name of the toadstools but without any luck. I have never seen them before....they are absolutely exquisite. My images did not do them justice.

    Nella is a highly intelligent dog. We are such good friends.......she seems to read my thoughts sometimes :)

  7. What a coincidence! I just finished a post on toadstools and then I come here and find yours! I do love the detail on your white toadstool. I could not get such a good close-up with my camera. I think one day, I'll invest in a macro lens, or just learn how to take close-ups properly.

    Ann sounds like a dear, kind lady. How nice of her to let you come in to her garden when you want and to offer the animal droppings. I hope they do the job well.

    Nella looks so wise in that pic as if to say "see, I told you I'd be good with the llamas. You had nothing to worry about." LOL!

  8. Gary and I saw a lama on the way home today. Then I came to the computer and read your post. What serendipity. These are some lucky animals. I must say you are a lucky lady to have met your new neighbor. What luck to have someone like her across the road.

  9. The Llamas look as if they are doing an excellent job guarding the Alpaca....I see sheep too. I see so much lovely wool! Such a delight to make a new friend. Nella always makes me smile. She seems to be the perfect walking companion.
    We walked in the rain last night with umbrellas....
    I do love fungi...your toadstools are very delicate looking...
    I can almost see the fairies sleeping.
    Bedtime for me....

  10. Hi Wendy,

    It is that time of year. Toadstools bring a touch of magic to a garden. This particular one, was like glass. So beautiful.

    Nella is a wonderful little dog.......and a very good companion.

  11. Your garden is going to love all that luscious manure ! These are the sort of neighbours that I like, mine are cows and sometimes sheep. Lovely toadstool, autumn is definitely on the way when we start finding them.

  12. Hi Lisa,

    It is great to know the animals are in safe hands.
    Ann visits three times a day to check on them.
    I shall also peek over the gate when I walk Nella :)
    She lives in the village so is not too far away......

  13. Dear Sherry,

    When I saw the Alpaca I immediately thought of you. If the lady is going to sell the wool, I might just send you some :)

    Walking in the rain is lovely. Sometimes if it is just drizzling I do not bother with a brolly. I like to feel the rain on my skin :)

    I do hope that you slept well.........

  14. Hi Pauline,

    I am a compost sort of girl, so to have manure to add to it, is fantastic. Sounds a little sad, but I cannot wait to get it :)

  15. Cheryl, Here is a picture I took of those toadstools, the 7th picture down, I think hey are the same no?
    I'll look in my fungi book this eve and let you know if I have any joy! xx

  16. How wonderful to have such a neighbor! If my older daughter had the opportunity, this is what she would like to do--have a sanctuary for animals that have been rescued. She always tried to get her Dad to raise alpacas, too:) Free manure sounds like a great arrangement as well. Nella is such a sweetie; I don't think Sophie would be very calm around large animals.

  17. HI Rose,

    Your daughter and I would get on fine. I would love to have a sanctuary for rescued animals. Sadly it takes a lot of money and a lot of land. If I win the lottery :)

  18. I am so happy you have a good neighbor! It is a bit of a worry when land nearby is for sale. I do believe that your animal loving neighbor will be a good friend.