Monday 12 September 2011

Plant combinations.......

 Another birthday, another year passes, how she grows.  
 And indeed, the garden grows.    I love this......dwarf pampas grass and Persicaria amp. 'firetail'.       Below are some more combinations that I really like.
 Eupatorium fortunei 'pink elegance'  and asters.
 Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers' and aster.
 Susan's and ribbon grass.
 Arum italicum and ferns.
Green can be very beautiful............


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I love your Bistort; I've meant to get it for a while now but don't ever seem to come across it, and then when I order plants I always seem to forget about it.

    Green indeed is beautiful, I've been trying to get more ferns and grasses into the garden; especially in shady spots where nothing else seems to be growing.

  2. HI Cheryl....I just love you sweet "Garden Fairy Princess"... my see is a lovely !!

    Your gardens is full of lovely images of fall flowers, and other fall growth!!

    Makes me sad in a way to see the summer end!!

    Hope all is well with you and the family

    Love Grace

  3. Hi Liz,

    If I split the Persicaria I will send you some next Spring. They are tough plants.
    I started with one, and now have around eight plants, in various shades.

    I love the combinations of ferns, hostas, astilbes, and foxgloves. I am pleased with how my shady areas are taking shape.

  4. Hi Grace,

    Poppi is lovely, inside and out. I see the changes, I learn from her. She has a way with her that can only be described as etherial.

    It is always nostalgic to say farewell to summer.......but autumn and winter also hold treasures. I look forward to my hellebores flowering.....

    My mother has not been too well, hence why I have not been around so much.
    I am going away on holiday soon and my brother will take care of my parents. I still worry though :)

  5. Hi Cheryl,

    Your shady combination sounds very much like what I'm aiming for... Only I think I'll also throw in some hardy Geraniums in some areas. I've ordered a few Painted Lady Fern, some white Astilbe, moved one Hosta and managed to get a baby from another and have so many Foxglove seedlings popping up that there isn't enough space for them all - typically they're all popping up where I don't want them i.e. in the bark chippings on the tier, so I'm moving them into the borders when they're large enough.

    Oh yes and I also bought three Hellebores; you've taught me well, master ;)
    I really hope they survive and I'm very much looking forward to their blooms in Jan/Feb.

    If you do split the Bistort I'd be ever grateful if you send me some! How very kind :)

  6. Hi Liz,

    Lovely combinations.....Painted Lady Fern is beautiful. My foxglove have done well. I had a couple of years without them, which was odd but now they are popping up all over the place. I started moving plants a couple of weeks ago....the soil is still warm and with all this rain it is perfect for them.

    Look forward to seeing your Hellebores.
    I bought native orchids yesterday and planted them. I should not have done it, I know I am going to spend my life worrying about them.
    The grower lives in our village....he was great, and so informative.
    I have bought the Marsh Orchid, the marsh Helleborine, a broad leaf Helleborine, and 2 non native ladies tresses (which is lovely).
    He also gave me a freebie because he wants to try some Mediteranean orchids in an exposed I have a tongue orchid.
    It is all very exciting but very scary......what have I done :)

  7. I find greens so soothing. Those little red shots of arum berries are a beautiful punctuation in that sea of green.

    Your little birthday girl is beautiful. She is growing up right before our eyes.

  8. I agree Lisa, greens are very calming. They say that green is good in a bedroom, it is supposed to calm the mind before we sleep.

    Poppi is a darling....she is indeed growing up :)

  9. Happy Birthday, dear Poppi...the loveliest of all things in the garden.

    Your combinations work well. My husband used to put Autumn Joy Sedum and varigated Hosta for a nice combination.

    And you are correct. Many shades of green are beautiful. I think that is why I love spring in the mountains.

  10. Ah Cheryl, Poppi is so lovely, truly an ethereal faery princess.
    I once read that our eyes see more shades of green than any other colour. I don't know if it's true but it makes sense to me from an evolutionary standpoint. I think thats why being surrounded by greens ca be such a full and complete experience.
    Your garden and its combinations are beautiful. I'll look forward to hearing how the orchids get on!

  11. What a beautiful girl,and you're right green makes a lovely calming sight but the others are beautiful.

  12. Dear Cheryl,
    Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady.
    If I could give her but one gift it would be to always remember these precious days with you and the garden. very exciting!
    Happy Anniversary!
    So much to celebrate......

  13. ncmountainwoman....tku for Poppi's birthday wishes.

    Sedums and Hostas are an unusual combination. I might try that next year, as I need to divide some of my hosta. Tku for the suggestion.

    I would imagine that Spring in the mountains is stunning....

  14. Hi Lucinda,

    The woodland walk and the copse are my most favourite part of this garden. I love the shadows and the cool air that it offers.
    I can see over the years, as the trees mature, I will be living in a 'mini' wood. This will suit me fine.........

    I am nervous about the orchids. Some should flower next year, if the conditions suit them. Others will not flower for two years. This will be very much the waiting game, fortunately I am patient :)

  15. My dear Sherry,

    Tku. I feel in my heart that she will always remember these days. I have been blessed to spend much time with her. At school, when they have gardening class, apparently Poppi often says
    'Tku, but I don't need help, my Nanna taught me how to do these things'
    That makes me smile :)
    She is also know as the little bug catcher. Where other children scream or stamp on the poor creature, Poppi always comes to their aid.

  16. Happy Birthday to Poppi! She looks just like a Fairy Princess here. She certainly is growing up.

    I love all your combinations. I find that in my garden often the best ones happen by accident.

  17. You are very much the garden artist Cheryl, and a very sweet photo of a young garden lady as well!!

  18. Lovely flower, texture, and color combinations, but none as lovely as not so little Poppi! She is indeed growing up. Happy Birthday to you Poppi!

  19. Happy Birthday dear Poppi! How grown up she looks in her pretty dress, like a garden faerie.

    Your garden is bursting with colour and delight! I like your combinations too. And green is one of my favourite colours.
    Sending gentle hugs for the birthday girl.