Thursday 5 July 2012

Daughter of the Field.......

 I have Poppies in the house.
 Poppies in the garden, that sway gently in the breeze
I wish I had Poppies on my summer clothes.
This is the Poppi that I love most of all :)


  1. Hi Cheryl...Oooooh ♥ ♥ this post!!
    I especially like the clothes on the line with the poppies in the foreground.. : }}}
    Most of all I love your "sweet little hopie Popie"

    1. Tku Grace.....summer it seems has arrived, if only for a day :)

      I love Hoppy Poppi Too!!

  2. What a sweet post! Of all the lovely poppies the dearest and loveliest is the last. How she has shot up!!! She must have been very well fed, watered and nurtured ;-)

    I love that painting on your wall Cheryl, it's gorgeous! So now I can add that to the little girl reading sculpture I love for when I visit unexpectedly with my swag bag and bandit mask ;-) The washing...too funny, I think that is the first time I have seen someone's washing on a blog :-)

    So sorry, I thought I had commented on your last post! So nice to see how Peggy's plot is doing and I love the Maltese Cross. I had an old friend and neighbour who grew them, oddly I haven't seen them in any one else's garden around here, I love the bold red.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Tku, the artist is Sabrina Roscino, she lives on the Isle of Wight.
      I like to support artists that are young and finding their way.
      I will warn Nella to look out for you.....she is a fiesty guard dog :)

      For some reason Maltest Cross is not in fashion....I inherited it from the previous owner....I love it, it really makes a statement.

  3. I know you love the last Poppie the most. What a sweet little lady. She looks so joyful in this photo. Poppies are marvelous.

  4. Beautiful painting, beautiful flowers and beautiful little lady! x

  5. All the poppies are beautiful indeed! And you definitely have the very best one playing in the garden.

  6. Oh dear, you really should have colour co-ordinated those summer clothes. Luckily it was a one-day-only planting.

    Your last photo absolutely oozes happiness, beautiful.
    Where did you get the sunshine from ?

  7. Lovely poppies - shame they don't last longer.

  8. Dear Cheryl, who loves the bees and poppies,
    Your poppies radiate joy. While garden poppies sway in the breeze your darling Poppi dances
    to an inner song....she must be your heart's delight.
    Sunshine???? I do hope those Rain Dragons return to my gardens soon. We are desperate!
    Sherry, who is doing the rain dance

    1. My dear Sherry,

      How did you know Poppi was singing. She was apparently dancing with fairies :)

      Sunshine and showers, I am grateful. There have been floods once again in the North here. Peoples homes have been flooded....these are difficult days worldwide.
      I do so hope the Rain Dragons reach you soon.

      Cheryl, who has webbed feet :)

  9. What a sweet post, Cheryl! I love all your poppies--the painting is beautiful, the flowers reaching to the sunny sky, and seeing that I'm not the only one who still likes to hang clothes up outside. But the last Poppi is the most precious of all. She may be growing up, but she still looks like a little garden fairy spreading joy everywhere.