Wednesday 18 April 2018

Warm and sunny.

 Yesterday was a lovely warm day.    Everything seemed to be enjoying the higher temperatures, birds, bees butterflies and me.   Decided to take a trip to the nursery to buy some Summer bedding.
 Have kept everything soft this year.   Pastels and whites are my chosen colours.
 With the moss garden very much in mind I bought three shuttlecock ferns.    I am not sure if they will suit the garden as they like reliably moist soil.    I have prepared the planting area with plenty of organic compost and they are in shade.     
 Skimmia Japonica love it here, they do so well.   Many are in flower, bringing in the insects.    Whilst this is a fairly common plant it is one I really like, it always has something to offer.
 Have I ever shown you this little box hedge?   I planted it around seven years ago.   It looked very spindly then and I thought it would fade away.
 There are a few gaps here and there, as the dreaded box blight hit some of the plants.
 I really do need to get some new plants to fill the gaps but feel I could bring blight into the garden.   The hedge is now settled, so I am undecided at the moment.
 Ferns are slowly emerging.   These plants are such a wonderful addition to a woodland garden.
 Most ferns are extremely long lived, so these should be around for many many years.
I found this tiny specimen beneath the tree house last Autumn.   I knew it would not survive because rabbits tend to dig there and Nella sleeps the afternoon away in the shade on a hot Summers day.   I could see it being trampled, so moved it to the woodland area and planted it in a piece of wood I found on the woodland floor.   It is a survivor.

It is warm again today so I am going to do some much needed weeding.   It is great to feel the sun on the back of my neck.

Happy gardening days :)


  1. You make this time in your garden sound heavenly. Ahhh, the sun, I can almost feel it. Hopefully next week we will have some of that sun and warmth. I am so looking forward to it.
    I think your box hedge looks glamorous with all the arum etc growing by it. I didn't even notice the missing shrubs. Perhaps you can go without them. Let these eventually fill in. I just read (I can't remember where) that box is a native shrub in your country. Is that true? I have a few box in my garden. They are doing well in the veg garden but where I want to be stage front they are puny. Hmmmmm. Gary says I trim them too much. I can't seem to keep my clippers off them. Plus Annie and Nala have damaged them by playing roughhouse.
    I like all your pastels in the garden. When you have lots of shade they light up the space and they are calming everywhere else.
    Love the ferns. I have never tried to grow shuttlecock fern. I bet it is too dry here for them. My poor ferns are just beginning to show a bit of growth near the house where it is warmer. It is exciting to see anything trying to grow right now.
    Enjoy your time in the garden. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Box is native to UK.
      Gary is right leave it alone. I clip mine twice a year.
      Once in May and once in late August. Do it on a cloudy day if the plants are planted in sun. They are good with drought so hopefully will do well with you once they are truly happy.
      They are tough plants, they should come back.

      I planted my hanging baskets yesterday and have put them in the greenhouse. Pale pink fuschsia and white pelargoniums.
      Also growing some plants from seed. Cream marigolds, purple cornflowers, cerise zinnia plus some others.

      I really love shuttlecock fern. They have been on my wish list for a long time. They are great spreaders, so I am desperate they like it here.

      Two rook fledglings fell from the nest on Tuesday.
      I kept Nella from the back garden. They spent yesterday jumping between the flowers in the woodland area. Every time I went near them they opened their mouths for food. The parents were feeding them and this morning they are gone. I am hoping they are ok and not been eaten.

      Hope the sun shines on you soon.
      Have a fabulous weekend

  2. I agree with Lisa--I like the boxwood surrounded by the woodland plants. Thanks for the tips on pruning them. I have three I planted maybe 7 or 8 years ago, and they have gotten huge. But pruning is one of those chores I tend to put off, so they don't have to worry about getting too many haircuts:) So nice to see spring emerging in your garden, Cheryl. We are supposed to have much warmer temperatures next week--you may hear a huge sigh of relief coming across the pond from all of us US gardeners so tired of winter.

    1. Hi Rose,
      If your box have not been clipped for a while just take the tips of and bring them into shape. If clipped each year they become dense and make a lovely feature.

      Like yours our Spring is late. I am just a little scared to say too much in case it reverts to Winter again :)
      I do hope you have better temperatures next week and will be sure to listen for that sigh.

  3. Warm temps predicted for us next week as well. As Rose and her neighbours let out a huge sigh of relief - us Canadian gardeners will be doing the same! Oh I can't wait!

    Funny, I posted about a boxwood as well - but mine you can hardly see. I planted it last fall and was so happy to see it emerge, all nice a green once the snow melted. I want to surround my deck with boxwoods.

    I am pleased you are able to get your hands in the earth and enjoy nurturing your garden. Oh, that sun must feel good. I hope your ferns do well. You are taking such good care with the soil and the planting, I'm sure they'll be happy with you.

    I too am looking for quieter colours this year. I do love a pop of fuscia or orange and will probably buy a few annuals in those colours, but somehow I feel drawn to the softer, pastel and whites. Will definitely be looking to plant more perennials this spring. Oh what an exciting time!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    We had Summer temperatures yesterday. What a strange few months this has been.
    Go with it.....Box would look lovely around a deck. II can see it now.

    Perhaps as we get a wee bit older softer colours come to mind.
    That quieter more thoughtful time of our life.
    I find the hot colours are good in Autumn, as Summer starts to fade.
    Its all personal choice, isn't it?

    I hope the warm weather comes your way soon and you can once again enjoy your garden.

    1. Will be waiting for that sigh across the pond :)

  5. It's been so nice to finally have warmer temperatures.
    The plants, trees and flowers love it - so do I!

    All the best Jan

  6. I do like your new additions, I love skimmia, mine is throwing out a beautiful scent at the moment. Ferns are such hardy plants aren't they, almost indestructible once established, I do like that little one you moved. Your box hedge is just lovely as it is. So good to hear about the sunshine, doesn't it make a difference?xxx

  7. your garden is amazing... you are an artist...