Monday 30 April 2018

Please stop now.

It just will not stop raining and the temperature has dropped to 3C in our area.    When will this weather sort itself out.


  1. OMG, it looks like you need boots to get in and out of the drive. This weather is crazy. We had frost this morning...again...April!! unheard of! It was cold this morning but this afternoon it is going up to 21C. Mother Nature is messing with us. We need rain now. I hate to say that out loud to tempt fate. Just a little rain will do. ;) I hope your area will dry out soon. At least enough that you can get outside for awhile. I am worn out from digging out unwanted shrubs today. My stamina is not up to spring power yet. ha... Try to stay dry.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      two inches of rain in one day. In a low lying area not good.
      the ditches and ponds are full.
      It has stopped raining for the moment and the sun is shining.
      Grass frost this morning.
      I have not walked the garden yet, trying to pluck up courage.

      I need to remove some shrubs but cannot see me doing it for a while yet. The jobs seem to be piling up.

      Have a good day :)

  2. Looks like a lake on your property! Hopefully by now with the warm sunshine it will have dried up.
    Jobs piling up all right. Cleaning up the yard after winter is a big one and I usually hire some young fellows to do it (there are so many huge branches blown down and they haul them away in their truck) but this year I decided to do it myself.

    Ha! After about a week of piling branches by the side of the road and diligently picking out dried leaves from around the house (you can't rake over the stones), the wind blew and there were more than before! Well, that did it. I called the young guys with their leaf blowers and they will clean up in the blink of an eye.

    Still, it was nice to rake the rest of the front lawn, pull up dead grass and remove the zillions of acorns. Discover new green shoots and random crocus peeking out from a brown dry leaf. Didn't even get to the back yard, but the strong young fellows will do that. I'd rather start planting my pots and annuals.

    Lots more to do, but I'm not complaining. Nice weather is finally here!