Saturday, 14 July 2018

Too hot to handle.

 I decided to work in the garden today.    Temperatures were high but I thought if I worked in the shady areas, it would not be too bad.
 A couple of hours later and I didn't seem to be getting anywhere.   The humidity was making me feel so weary, everything seemed to be an effort.
 The moss garden is now a grass garden.  Ha!!      Perhaps I should call it the green garden :)    That covers everything.
 The Eucalyptus is shedding its bark.   I love watching this process.    When it is completed the new trunk will be like a piece of art.    
 Beneath the tree is this lovely Hydrangea.  It has a beautiful blue/purple centre which I love.
 Last year I divided Crocosmia Lucifer.     They now run through every border and island bed and have really bought the garden together.    They will tolerate drought and the beautiful red blooms fit in perfectly with this very hot Summer.
 The garden looks lush and that is mainly due to the storm last week.   Here's hoping there will be more to come.
My darling girl is not happy in the heat and spends most of her time in the front garden.   Sadly she is slowly losing her sight.
We will cope.    She is my faithful friend and we will work through this together.
The rabbits are taking full advantage of her dwindling sight, and inviting their friends into the garden.     
Sadly her rabbit chasing days are over.

Stay cool, stay happy and enjoy these long Summer days, they seem to be passing very quickly.


  1. Oh my the colour of the hydrangea is wonderful so too the marvellous red of your Crocosmia Lucifer.

    Sweet Nella looks so lovely laying there …

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and stay as cool as you can

    All the best Jan

    1. Trying to stay cool Jaan… is actually hotter today. Phew :))

  2. You are brave to get out there and work. I on the other had have been outside but not doing so much work. I have just been keeping some things watered. I do usually have a 5 gallon bucket nearby to accept any weeds I find.Your garden does look so lush. Lucifer looks perfect standing up there in the heat taking it in stride. My poor little spot of moss is almost dried up. We did get a spot of rain this evening. Not enough to budge the rain gauge. I will hope for more. I will check my tiny moss patch in the morning. I love your statues. They remind me of Poppi and Riley. My favorite hydrangea is beginning to bloom too. It is white and turns to shades of pink. ;) Give sweet Nella a pat for me.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I think I was foolish rather than brave. I didn't feel that great later on in the day. Fine now of course, no gardening today.

      Lucifer is great and I am thinking more of this kind of planting.
      I believe this is the start of things to come. I do not want to have to worry every year about what will survive.

      I hope your little moss patch survives.
      I have found a couple more ferns growing beneath the tree house.
      I shall plant them up this evening.
      Also have a fern growing by the pond. They seem to be popping up all over the place. Surprised in this heat??

    2. The heat is probably coaxing the ferns from the soil. They don't mind all that heat. Do be careful and don't overdo out there. I did one day and it took a week to recover. Best to work in short shifts in the garden if you must.

    3. Thanks for that Lisa.

      I have been a good girl today and waited until the sun went down.
      I am always tempted that is my problem :)
      Have a good week

  3. Your garden is looking just beautiful! So is Nella, oh, this weather is just too much for dogs isn't it? I find it exhausting too so haven't done much gardening at all, the weeds are ruling supreme at the moment. Lovely butterfly!xxx