Thursday 24 March 2011


Gold laced polyanthus began to appear in UK around the mid 17th century. They were one of the most noted prize flowers among florists. They have graced this garden for many many years. The previous owner tells me he can never remember a time without them.
Initially I was not overly keen on them, but over the years I have begun to look forward to seeing them. These shy little blooms have made their way along the path of the woodland walk. I like the clear lines ......I like the contrast in fact I now realise I really love gold laced polyanthus.
Is there a plant that captured your heart when you least expected it????


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely, I don't think I've ever seen them before - perhaps a little out of fashion at the moment?

    Hope you've been having a good week, I caught the sun yesterday; probably due to spending almost 2 hours sat in it!

  2. HI Cheryl...Such a "cute as a button" flower.
    I say cute, as on the same level as beautiful or adorable, but cute describes its look..."do understanding what I'm trying to say" ..."good because I'm not sure I do" lol
    I like it.. very unique in color shape and that little white trimmed edge is something else.!!
    Cheryl I can't say that there is a plant or flower that I have experienced in that way...I just fall in love with them all!!lol
    ♥ Grace

  3. They're adorable. You have such diversity in your garden! How nice to be able to trace a plant's origins that far back.

    I guess I'll have to say dahlias. I never really paid any attention to them until I moved in with David 15 years ago. He planted them every spring in the rock garden and I've grown to love them.

  4. These are so unique and unusually dramatic. I wish I could grow them.
    I have a type of tiny iris that grows between the rocks here in Houston. I am always surprised when it blooms. It's blooming soon, so I'll take a picture!
    David/ :-)

  5. These are so stunning, Cheryl! I didn't even know what polyanthus was, so I had to look it up. I thought the leaves looked like those of primroses, so I was glad to see I was right. My primroses look nothing like this--the blooms have much shorter stems. The contrast between the dark color and yellow really is dramatic.

    I would have to say that the purple coneflower has a special place in my heart, since it was the flower that really struck me with its appearance and started me on this whole journey into gardening.

  6. Hi Liz, Apparently they have been out of fashion for years. I have found an old book on antique plants and it includes this polyanthus.
    They were often planted beneath pink roses or they would line a pathway, which is exactly what the plants in my garden have done.
    It is old fashioned but it does have a certain charm that has captured my heart......

    I have worked in the garden all week and it is just beginning to look like the garden I

    Have a good weekend and take care of your skin....what you do now, returns to you in latter years......

  7. Hi,

    I think my nan has some, last time I saw her I'm sure I remember her referring to them as polyanths, I've no idea which type she has though or perhaps she just means primroses?
    These are actually quite pretty, especially the dark petals - it's quite unusual to see such dark shades.

    Just cleared some of the garden of the fence debris, well... I moved it all to one side so I don't feel quite as stressed now with all the mess. Would be nice to come back from Rotterdam and have the fence finished and all the rubbish gone... Unlikely to happen though!

    I'm not one for sitting out in the sun - usually I hide from it or at least wear lotion. It was only because I was at uni and others wanted to sit outside, just wish I'd put on lotion before I left the house! Not to worry, I won't be a 40yo with skin like a leather bag!

  8. Liz, Rotterdam....have I missed something. Have a lovely deserve it for sure.
    Hopefully you will arrive home and the fence will be in place, the rubbish gone and everything will be looking gorgeous!!"

    Polyanthus is the old name for primrose, I believe. I think we were influenced by Europe many many decades ago and started calling them primroses. I hope that is least that is how I remember it.

    Leather are just too funny sometimes!!!

    Have a good weekend....I am sowing more seeds tomorrow and Sunday.

  9. Grace, you always make me smile. Yes I totally understand what you are trying to say, and I agree with you....the flower is cute.

    How lovely to fall in love with every plant you see.....that must be a wonderful gift to have.

  10. Hi Wendy, dahlias are the 'stars' of an autumn certainly cannot miss them.
    How lovely you share so many memories of David, and that some are of the flowers you once shared.
    When my dahlias bloom towards the end of summer, I shall think of you both and smile......

  11. David I look forward to seeing your tiny iris when it blooms......

  12. Rose, I always think of the coneflower as 'yours'.
    You always write with such affection when you post her on your blog.

    I am glad the coneflower started you gardening.....if it was not for her I would never have met you......

  13. Dear Cheryl,
    Your Polyanthus are charming. They seem happy. Perhaps it is because you treasure them. I think plants choose us. I fall in love all the time with a new to me flower or plant. Right now I am head over heels in love with Dead Nettle, Purple Dragon. I planted a small clump in my front Dogwood bed and am so pleased. While at the nursery getting seeds I heard this darling Nettle call out. I just had to bring her home.
    I fall in love very easily.
    Spring is looking lovely in your gardens. Snow is coming my way....slow Spring wake up for me.

  14. Hi Cheryl, what a pretty and striking little face it has! I feel sure I saw these in gardens when I was a child, there is definitely a distant memory somewhere. They remind me of Auriculas which I have never quite been able to take to, is it you who has a particular interest in them or am I muddling you with someone else?

    For me it is not so much a particular plant that unexpectedly captured my heart but a colour...white! As someone who loves and is excited by colour I would always overlook white flowers but over the years I have grown to love and appreciate the value of white in a border. White flowers contrast and compliment more colourful flowers beautifully and in hot weather look cool and restful and of course they lighten any darker areas.

    I suppose the other thing which has 'crept up on me' is the thought of including wildflowers in my garden. There was a time when I would of course love to see flowers in 'the wild' but would not have dreamt of planting them in the garden (apart from Primroses, Bluebells and Violets) but now I am gradually trying to include more and more.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

  15. Amazing! I've never see one of these. They look almost like an artist's interpretation of a little flower. I can understand why you've come to appreciate them.

  16. Oh that just jumps out at me Cheryl! I've never seen anything like it! I think we all have moments with our flowers. I'd never heard of Rose Campion until I moved to the south, even tho it grows in the north. It's a strange plant and can be a pest, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing it turn my yard into a pink smoglike metropolis!! It just kind of hangs there over everything else!
    Thanks for the new flower to look up, beautiful photos!

  17. Dear Sherry, who does not love dead nettle. I grow red and white in the garden. Nectar pots for the bees. I love the way they spread them selves around, but are so easy to pull if they become a little too excited!!

    Very strange that you should say that. Plants actually jump into my trolley as I stroll around the nursery. What can you do!

    Snow, of my goodness. Too much....I could not face snow at this time of year, although it can happen in our springtime months......

  18. Hi Jan, you are right I have a collection of auriculas. They were left by the previous owner. I would not say I am mad about them, but they are quite beautiful if you get close to them. I have offered them to many people but I have not found anyone who actually likes them.
    So they stay with me.....

    Strangely Jan, I have the same recollection. I feel I have been with these flowers before, although for the life of me I cannot remember when.

    I love having wildflowers in the garden, they are pretty, easy to manage and most of all they bring wildlife to the garden.
    If ever you want or need seed from any of my wildflowers do let me know.

  19. Hi Eve, I think your rose campion must be the same as our red campion (although it is pink!!)
    I have it in the garden and it spreads like wildfire but I love it. It is just so pretty....
    I have the white also.....

    Polyanthus gold lace does jump out, doesn't it? Although it is quite a shy little sort of peeks out from behind other plants...