Saturday 5 March 2011

Things change in just a few days......

A week in Cornwall with Mr P was just perfect....wall to wall sunshine was a blessing. The first thing I do when I get home is walk the garden. I like to note the changes.
Daffodils are now in bloom, they do brighten dull days. Tete a tete work well here, ideal for an exposed garden.

Kilmarnock willow have broken bud. I can never walk by without touching them. Well they are very tactile, don't you think?
Cowslip are in flower ........memories of a friend who passed away. They came from her much loved cottage garden. They are very precious.........
I planted Helleborous Tutu last December. A Christmas gift from my parents. It is lovely to see her in bloom.
I am not disappointed.....she is very pretty. My collection of hellebores is increasing as the years roll by. They never fail to please me and will always be at the top of my list of favourites.
Queen bee likes Tutu......
She stayed a while ........
After visiting Helleborous White Beauty she made her way back to her nest.
It lies beneath an old oak tree. She is a clever bee......wild flowers bloom beneath the old tree in the summer. A perfect location.
"God almighty planted a garden.......and indeed it is the purest of human pleasures"........................Francis Bacon
Enjoy your garden........and count your blessings.


  1. Welcome back Cheryl :) I'm so glad you and Mr P enjoyed your break, how lucky you were with the weather, it has been so cold and dull here for most of the week.

    I can't believe how advanced your garden is compared to mine, it all looks so beautiful and so are your photos! The Cowslips in particular are much earlier than the ones which grow in my lawn each year. There is still no sign of any bees here either.

    I only discovered by chance today that you are still posting occasionally on your other blog, I left a late comment and have put 'Sanctuary' back on my sidebar :)

  2. Hi Jan, thank you. We were extremely lucky with the weather. It enabled us to do a lot of walking, something we enjoy. Whilst visiting Padstow we saw several Turnstone. They were feeding on the gravel pathway we were using. We got really close. I thought of you. I decided not to take my camera away with me.......never mind.

    The garden is looking very pretty......just hope that we do not have too many heavy frosts. The bees will arrive soon Jan, they are just waiting for it to get a little warmer your end.

    Tku re not feel obliged to read it, as I am mainly using it for my own record.
    Of course, you are absolutely welcome to visit, I always love to hear from you.......

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    I'm glad you had a nice time in Cornwall, and even managed to have sun! Lucky you, it's been quite horrible here, especially today but we have seen at least a little amount of sun.

    I love those Cowslips, are they really that lovely creamy colour? Normally I only ever see them in the yolk yellow shade...

    Very nice to see Mrs Queen Bee, they do seem to like the Hellebores, I had one on my Hellebore too this week. My Hellebore collection is growing very slowly, they just don't seem to want to flower for me :(

  4. Hi Liz, thank was perfect and the lost gardens of Heligan were amazing, especially the ancient woodland.

    Yes the Cowslips are that colour.
    I never asked my friend where she got them from, they look like the genuine wild cowslips to me. What do you think??

    I think you will find that next year your hellebores will put on a good display. I think I have mentioned before, they do like a good mulch after flowering.....leaf mould is the best if you have it.

    So pleased the bees have arrived in your garden.

  5. Glad you had such a good time. You were lucky with the weather as I gather it had been wet in Cornwall till recently. Your garden is as always lovely.


  6. Cheryl, it's so important to walk the garden and visit our friends when we've been away. So much can happen in a garden in a few days...some of my plants bloom and decline in that time. Queen Bee is very smart and beautiful to have a nest beneath a tree by lots of wildflowers. I am so glad you had good weather for your holiday~gail

  7. Dear Cheryl,
    Welcome home! I understand wanting to go straight to the garden when you return home. It is where I always go first too. Seeing the bees just gladdens my heart. The wheel is turning once again and all the butterflies and bees will return. I love seeing your bees. All is well in your gardens......Your Queen is a cleaver bee.
    So glad you two were able to get away. Sometimes we need time to walk together and time to gaze into each others eyes......My favorite way to relax is holding my husband's hand.
    Wonderful seeing your Spring.
    Sherry, who is waiting for the bees

  8. Hi Jane, we go to Cornwall at about the same time each year. We have always been lucky with the weather.....we count ourselves very fortunate.

  9. Hi Gail, So true, I sometimes worry that I may miss a plant in is a chance we take, we all need a rest now and again.

    Hopefully queen bee will do well in the spot she has chosen.

    Tks for dropping by.

  10. Dear Sherry,

    It gladdens my heart also to see the bees return.....I am sure your bees are not too far away. They will come when the time is right.

    The time away with Mr P was wonderful. Walking and talking along deserted beaches and in ancient woodland is very healing. Each moment precious.

    Happy Sunday, look forward to your safari.

  11. So nice to see all the spring bloomers in your garden, Cheryl. But I especially love that old gnarled tree in your first photo. I'm glad to hear that you had such a nice holiday; being welcomed home by daffodil blooms and the Queen makes the return home even better!

  12. Hi Cheryl ...I'm sorry.. I almost missed out on this beautiful post... I'm glad I noticed it!!
    So refreshing and delightful to see your spring blooms bursting with life and color!!
    I even love that knobby looking tree in the first photo!!
    Beautiful ♥

  13. Wow, you have lots of spring blooms Cheryl. What lovelies to welcome you home. Love seeing the old gnarled tree too. It seems like an old man watching the cheerful children playing in the garden. I can't wait to see some bees in our garden. All I have seen so far are a few gnats, stink bugs. Not very glamorous visitors but it is still fun to see a bit of life other than birds in the garden.

  14. Hi Cheryl,
    I've just looked through your last 5 posts and I love the flowers and especially that beautiful bee.
    Good luck with your home nursery. I've had plant sales from my front yard many times and always loved meeting new gardeners.
    I loved that quote from Francis Bacon. May I use it on my blog? Thanks.
    David :-) Houston/ Tropical Texana

  15. What pretty shots of the bee! In flight too! And your lovely flowers brighten up cold winter days. I'm glad you and Mr. P. had a good holiday. It's nice to get away and relax in the sunshine.