Sunday 27 March 2011

Sunday safari....ancient woodland.

Britain's woodlands wake from their winter slumber this year to a reprieve.
Plans to sell 258,ooo hectares of government-owned forests - a fifth of all woodlands in England - have been scrapped.
More than 500,000 people signed a petition opposing the proposed sell-off,
forcing the Prime Minister to abandon the consultation over their future.
Fears that the open access to these forests for walkers,
horse riders and cyclists could be lost,
that biodiversity may not be protected,
that forests would be sub-divided, or even chopped down,
prompted widespread condemnation.
Riley and Poppi are fortunate to have ancient woodland at the bottom of their garden.
In a few weeks the woodland floor will be carpeted with bluebells and other wildflowers.
Long may it remain so.........happy Sunday safari.


  1. I think maybe it was the uncertainty about what would happen to the forests in the future that scared me most. I did sign the petition.
    Your pictures are beautiful, and I hope you played in your forest with Poppi and Riley too!!

  2. Yay for all the petition signers. It is a scary thought that the government might sell off all protected lands. It is awful how the almighty dollar can make people do stupid things. Great seeing the family having a romp in the forest. My how Poppi and Riley are growing.

  3. Hi Dan, I signed the petition also. I am passionate about keeping these precious landscapes for those that are here, long after I am gone. That includes you my friend.

    Yes I had the most wonderful time with Poppi and Riley. I am still able to climb trees!!

  4. Hi money money......that is all it boils down to at the end of the day.
    I signed the petition, as did most of my family.
    We need to keep these precious landscapes for our children and all the generations that follow.......

  5. Hooray for our woodlands, I too was very frightened when I first read the proposals. I wrote to my MP (liberal) about it and he sent a long reply back which basically just criticised the last government and said nothing useful at all, it was very disappointing. It was a great relief to see the plans had been scrapped.
    My husband and I often stand on the Downs and imagine what it would have been like when it was all covered in forest, now so little remains it's so important we safeguard it.
    It looks like you had a lovely time with your beautiful grandchildren in the woods!

  6. Thank goodness for the 'power of the people' ... if only the rest of the world would listen and understand the need to retain natures natural woodlands.
    I'll leave the climbing to the youngsters but I would be lost without my regular fix of walking beneath my local veteran trees.

  7. Hi Cheryl...Riley and Poppi are getting so big...don't just want to put a brick on there head so they don't get any bigger ( have you ever heard that saying,thats what they used to say when I was young)
    Wonderful that the land will remain untouched for all to enjoy, like your Grandchildren do!!
    Love the photos...Poppi is beautiful...she needs a brick for sure!! : }}

  8. Dear Cheryl,
    Much joy indeed and a happy day for the forests.
    Thank goodness people are waking up and realizing how important it is to care for our trees and wildlife habitat.
    Riley and Poppi have good role models! They will care for the trees and teach their children's children to also protect and defend.
    Seeing the children with the trees just brings me to tears....New growth with the old growth. They care for each other.
    Thank you for this safari.

  9. I am so glad the forests have been saved! I can't imagine anyone wanting to chop them down, or pave them with asphalt for more cars (or whatever the plans were). At least the people stood up and did something about that horrible plan! Bravo!

    Riley and Poppi are growing so fast! And aren't they just the apple of their grandparents eyes?
    So good they are learning respect for our forests and wildlands (and having fun too!)
    Happy sunday safari.

  10. It's wonderful that the people still have such a strong voice and that they were able to save these forests. Too often big business and money interests win out. I understand the forest's importance ecologically, but I think of it, too, as a place of mystery and imagination. Visions of Robin Hood and fairies come to my mind as I look at these photos.

    Good to see Riley and Poppi enjoying this special place; they really are growing up! And good to see Mr. P and Nella as well.

  11. I am so glad the woods will not be sold. I saw a lot of tweets about that and I am so glad that a good old-fashioned grass-roots people's campaign stopped this!

  12. It was a wonderful victory for people power Cheryl and I was proud to have played a tiny part by having a link to the petition on my blog. Now if only I had the influence and money to attract the same amount of attention to my petition against bird traps!

    How lovely for Riley and Poppi to have such a wonderful place so close to home. How they are growing! Poppi is more pretty every time I see her and what characer Riley has in his handsome face, I had to keep looking at him, do you think he will be academic, he has that look to me?

  13. Jan, you are extremely knowing. Riley is a gifted child.....mathematics and science are the subjects he excels in. We are very proud of him....of them both, of course.

    They are fortunate to have the woods at the bottom of the garden. It is rarely used, so has not been spoilt by man.

    One day, when I win the lottery Jan, I will fund your petition against bird traps. In fact we could work on it together. It is a dream, but my mother always tells me, dreams can come true.