Sunday 9 November 2014

New Homes.........

 I went to a meeting yesterday in the village hall.   A planning application has been put forward to build 300 new homes in the village.    The turn out was good and the vast majority of people were against the build.
 Why?    The village is situated on a flood plain.       Headcorn struggles with drainage and sewerage, at this time there is no plans to improve the systems if the homes are built.
We had two inches of rain last night......the images show my garden this morning.   More rain is forecast for the week ahead, so the situation will only get worse.
I am no academic but please let common sense prevail......are the council not aware of climate change.    Where were they last year when the worst floods for hundreds of years hit Kent.
I realise more homes are needed.....but please please please not on the flood plains.


  1. That is one soggy garden Cheryl. You'd have thought that with all the flooding trouble last year they would have more sense that to want to build more houses in a problem area without first sorting the problems out. I hope the application is rejected and common sense prevails.

  2. I have the most awful feeling Elaine, that this application will get the go ahead. If the ongoing problems are not sorted I dread to think what will happen when heavy rain arrives.
    More homes will flood without a doubt.......

  3. We live in a low-lying area, too, Cheryl, and every rainy season some of the streets are flooded as well as basements. The problem is developers just keep wanting to build more houses, which is fine, but they don't do enough to ensure proper drainage for flood season. Living next to town, it has affected us, too. I hope good sense prevails in your village.

    1. Hi Rose,

      I suppose its the old story unless you live with something you cannot appreciate how difficult it can be. We had water in the house the first year we moved here.
      Each year we have the ditches cleared and during winter Mr P and I remove any debris in the ditches. It is a constant worry during the winter months.
      I have walked Nella this morning and the lanes are flooded and the river has burst her banks.
      Livestock has been moved...........

  4. It really doesn't make sense to build new houses, does it? Unfortunately, the powers that be often don't see things the way we who live with these sort of problems do. I hope for everyone's sake that the application doesn't get the go ahead. I've just caught up on your last post and love your hare. I saw a small hare ornament in a shop recently which I hope to find in my Christmas stocking.

    1. Hi Jo

      The council intend to build homes right the way across Kent. Sadly it will destroy the beauty of little villages and countryside. Kent is know as the Garden of England long for I ask myself.

      Building on flood plains without adequate drainage and sewerage is crazy.......

      I personally think that there should be no builds at all on flood plains................look at what happened on the Somerset levels last winter.

      I love the hare..............feel sure you will love yours too!

      Have a good week.

  5. Good grief, I hope they come to their senses. Here they dig these awful mosquito ridden accumulation ponds around the new subdivisions. They look awful and are of no good. They don't help with flooding all that much. UGH...

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I have read about accumulation good to man nor beast.

      I don't know what will happen Lisa but I for one will not go down without a fight.