Sunday 2 November 2014

Time to play catch up................

 The bride looks far away.    I wonder what she was thinking....................
 We all had the most amazing four days in Yorkshire.   The weather was perfect.   Everything went according to plan.    I could not have wished for more.
Time to wind down.....the village of Mojacar still enchants me.     Time to step back to a bygone age, to slow things down.   A perfect end to October.
 Coming home and finding Japanese Anemone still in bloom is such a joy.    
This is my most favourite Autumn flowering bulb.     Abyssinian Gladiolus is such a, fragile looking, beauty.    On my return the borders are dotted with these pretty flowers.

October has been a busy month.    I have loved every moment but now it is time to play catch up.   The garden is a mess.    Leaves, overgrown grass, untidy beds mean a busy time ahead.
A lot will depend on the weather and I must say it is not looking good today......drizzle and windy conditions.  

I do so hope you are all well and have had time to enjoy your garden...........


  1. Hello my lovely
    I was only thinking of you this morning - wondering when you post - or even if you would return at all. But here you are - all refreshed and raring to go. So glad the wedding we t well - her dress looked beautiful. I loved that ink drawing of your holiday destination action - looks a lovely place.

    It has just started pouring down here so no gardening - all thosejobsthat have piled up will just have to wait. Enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

    1. Hello Elaine,

      Thought of you when driving through your home county.

      The dress is so beautiful it could be framed and hung on a wall...........
      Unfortunately I did not take many photographs.....I was much too busy enjoying myself.

      Mojacar village is one of my favourite places........ I am fortunate to have travelled far and wide but always she draws me in. We visit every year. Each year I buy a small drawing or painting to bring home. The light is said to be perfect for artists. There are many in the area. I guess that means it would be perfect for you :)

      I have just cleared the leaves from the pond in the rain......just couldn't leave that job, I find it worries me.....and I cant bear putting a net over the pond. Silly I know ......

      Happy Sunday............

  2. Sorry about the odd words that have popped into the comment - it seems auto correct has a mind of its own��

    1. No problems.....knew exactly what you meant :)

  3. Welcome home Cheryl. So good to hear you have returned all refreshed and ready to get out in the garden when weather permits. I can just see you out in the rain picking leaves out of the pond. I don't blame you. It would drive me crazy too seeing the leaves bobbing in the pond.

    The peek at Vicky's dress is amazing. Even the sleeves are so intricate. I hope they send you other pictures you can share.

    The sketch of Mojacar is fantastic. It makes a picture in my mind. I can just see you walking the narrow streets soaking up the sun and the feel of the place.

    I have not see the gladiolus available here. I think it is gorgeous. I hope your weather cooperates soon so you can get into the garden for some of those fall chores.

    It is freezing here this morning. There won't be many flowers left if any. Brrrrrr Winter has arrived.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you. I will order photographs from the professional photographer.
      It was such an amazing wedding we all seemed to forget about our cameras.
      I am sure there will be some amazing images to come.

      I love to walk the narrow streets of the village. The tiny houses, beautiful little gardens.........there is a beautiful area as you enter the church. It is like a secret garden, an enclosed space full of pots of plants shrubs and is so very lovely.

      It is pouring with rain now.........looks like garden chores will not get done for a while....never mind I shall sit and reflect :)

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Glad to see you're OK and have been enjoying yourself - good luck with all the work in the garden... I don't envy you :) At the moment I'm erring more towards hiding in the house and ignoring the work required outside. But then I also know in a month or so I'll be climbing the walls desperate to get outside again.
    It's sunny here today, although warm in the sun isn't so warm sat in the house with the backdoor and windows open airing the downstairs as I've just oiled the kitchen worktop.

    1. I don't envy me either is pouring with rain today is lost. The forecast is not looking good. Never mind it will get done, it always does.

      DIY yuk.....not my thing.......I leave that to Mr P. Well done you ...........

  5. Sounds like you have had a wonderful month, Cheryl. The bride is beautiful, and I love her dress! I love the Japanese anemones--mine finally is producing a multitude of blooms after waiting for several years for it to mature. I'm sure you will have your garden tidied up in no time. I still have some things I'd like to get done here, but time is running out for all but the most important. As Lisa said, winter has almost arrived--very cold, but at least we have no snow. I still bundled up yesterday and planted a few more bulbs. We're off to visit Daughter and Son-in-law in Texas in another week; looking forward to warmer temps again.

    1. Hi Rose,

      It is not cold fact wet and very mild. It has been a very strange autumn, weather wise.

      Japanese anemones take a long time to produce flowers in my experience.
      One they get started they romp away.

      Ooooh Rose how wonderful. Enjoy the warmer climate Texas offers and of course quality time with daughter.

  6. Well it sounds like you've had a busy, but most enjoyable, month. I'd love to know which part of Yorkshire you visited, anywhere near me? There's always plenty to do when you've taken time out but it all gets done in the end, don't be overdoing things now.

    1. Hello Jo.....

      The wedding was held at Wood Hall.....Linton Wetherby West Yorkshire...........

      Beautiful venue :)

      It will get done....problem is I am dying to get my hands in the mud :)

  7. Welcome back Cheryl.. glad you had a lovely October. What a beautiful bride :o)

  8. What a lovely month for you and the family. Storing up wonderful memories and stories.

    1. Lots of memories to treasure for a lifetime...........

  9. Love that drawing and a wedding is always lovely too :o)

  10. Welcome back Cheryl and I'm glad you had a busy and happy October. The bride is beautiful, her dress exquisite and the flower girls so pretty.

    I totally understand your need to clean the pond, first thing. Last year I bought some netting for the pond, put it over and held it in place with heavy stones. Then I just couldn't bear it and took it off. All I could think of was my poor froggies wondering what was going on and I worried they'd somehow get caught in the net.

    Raking the leaves off is a chore, but I don't mind it at all. My pond is very small. I had the whole family in at Thanksgiving and some of the younger grands took turns raking (actually skimming is a better word) to rid the pond of leaves. Oh they had fun!