Thursday 10 May 2018

A romantic at heart.

 I love getting close to flowers and seeing right into the heart of them.
 A camera makes that possible and enables us to see more detail.
 Rhododendrons are just coming into flower.   The following are my two favourites Yakushimanum Dreamland and
 Fragrantissimum.   As in the latin name it is all about the perfume and believe me the fragrance is amazing.    For me, a white bloom tinged pink and the added gift of a sweet scent is irresistible.  
 Who does not love a rose.    I have never met anyone who does not.   I cannot remember the name of this one.   She is a single bloom, and in her simplicity is beautiful.
 A garden, a camera and my whole world changes.     It draws me in and I forget worries and problems.
Happy gardening days :)


  1. Looking through your lens I forget all of my troubles. Exquisite photos. When I look at close ups later on the computer I am always happy to see a spider or some other tiny bug that you wouldn't normally see unless looking so close. Georgia O'Keeffe would love your photos too. I don't know how to make my current camera do this. It is quite frustrating but I carry on...

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I remember one year I was taking photographs close up of white lillies.
      When I enlarged them one had a white crab spider in. They change colour to blend in with their surroundings, makes it easier for them to catch their victim.

      I have a macro lens. I put the camera on AV mode and set it at 2.5.
      I do not know if that is any use to you. I am not technically minded but that is what I do in the simplest terms.

      I am off to the garden market soon to buy flowers and fruit and veg for the weekend. It is a karting weekend, so our son and family are popping over as well. All three Grandchildren should be here :)

      Have a good weekend Lisa.

    2. I had to research Georgia O'Keeffe as I had not heard of her.
      What an amazing artist. I love her flower art, so romantic, so pretty. Thank you for mentioning her.

    3. I know you had fun this weekend with your house full of family. :)
      We were busy too. Saturday with mulching the garden, not finished yet. Sunday with birding. Migration is slowing down now. It is still fun to get out and see the stragglers. I am glad you found Georgia. Aren't her paintings amazing? I love her perspective, as looking deep into flowers. She takes you deep into a flower physically and spiritually.

  2. I enjoyed all of your lovely photographs Cheryl ...
    This time of year is so beautiful, and I'm pleased to see all of your wonderful blooms.

    Happy Gardening Days Indeed ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan,

      Have a lovely weekend. Weather doesn't look to good this end. Never mind :)

  3. Wonderful set of photos....
    Amanda xx

  4. Such beautiful photos, you are so right, a garden is a real joy...
    Have a lovely weekend,


  5. great macro photography. I especially love the first pic.

    1. Me too. one of my favourite herbs..chives

  6. Beautiful photos, Cheryl! The rose bud is simply perfection. I enjoy walking around the garden taking photos, too. It's one time I don't think about weeding or other chores and really notice the little details.

    1. Hi Rose,
      I love a rose bud. As you rightly say simple perfection.
      It is good to be with a camera and just think about what is around you, I think way too often our head is full of other things.

      Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Oh, you drew me in too, I could almost smell these blooms, just beautiful, especially that rose. A garden is a wonderful place to forget for a

  8. Simply beautiful! yes, photos often help me notice details I wouldn't have noticed otherwise...