Sunday 20 May 2018

The close of another day.

 I can hear voices and children's laughter.    We have new neighbours.      At the end of the day, there is nothing sweeter, than hearing children running a garden and just having fun.
 My Grandson chose this iris when he was two years old, he will be fifteen soon.   Such lovely memories in a garden.
 Despite the harsh Spring weather, the garden is coming into its own.
 I have never seen the Rhododendrons looking so healthy.
 And just look at the Hosta.   Mr hedgehog is making  an excellent job of keeping the slugs at bay.    
 The small meadow area is attracting lots of interest, from all sort of insects.   It is wonderful to hear things buzzing about on a still Spring evening.
I remember my Grandmother saying 'Heaven is a little closer as the sun sets on the garden.'
I never knew quite what she meant.   We can all interpret things in different ways.
I know how I see it as an adult.    I often think of her and hope she meant, her garden looked more heavenly as each day ended...……..who knows :)


  1. I wonder if she could have meant that as the sun set she had time to relax and enjoy her garden. The day of work would be done and all she had to do is savor it.

    Your Rhodies are gorgeous. They look so full. They didn't mind the temperature and moisture extremes.

    I love chives. Are these chives in the pots or some sort of small allium?

    No wonder the insects like your meadow area. It appears to have embraced your weathers.

    I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding yesterday. Did you dress up to watch? ;)

  2. I love your interpretation of Grandmother's words Lisa.
    So interesting to read how other people think.

    Yes chives Lisa. I keep dividing and have so many plants now. I love to eat chives in salad during the Summer.

    It was lovely to see the young couple coming together. She looked so beautiful and I absolutely loved her dress. It was so simple and elegant.
    No I did not dress up but I did have a glass of bubbly to toast the couple.

  3. It has to be one of my favourite times of the day, pottering round the garden in the last of the light. Last year I don't think we had many evenings were you could just sit and watch the sun go down.
    As ever your photos and garden are beautiful.
    Amanda xx

    1. You are right Amanda. My husband and I were saying the other day how lovely it was to be in the garden as the light began to fade.
      We must make the most of these days.

  4. Gardens can bring us such special memories. I know I have so many of when I was young, and spending time with my parents and grandparents ...

    Fast forward and I now have so many memories of the children laughing and having fun and now it's the time for the grand-children's laughter.

    Generations of love and laughter, fun and games.

    Your photographs are just lovely Cheryl, thank you for sharing the beauty here.

    Enjoy the week ahead, we've had sunshine and showers today.

    All the best Jan

    1. They can Jan, beautiful memories with those that are most dear.
      Looks like it will be a good bank holiday...enjoy

  5. Some beautiful images here, it's funny how well the surviving plants look isn't it? Oh, what a lovely expression by your Grandmother, maybe she got time to relax and look around at that time, I do love twilight in a garden, just magical! I like to hear laughing children when in the garden, we are close to a school so all those squeals drift my way too. A lovely post. xxx

    1. Hi Dina,
      Yes it is surprising how good the survivors look.
      I have lost several shrubs and one tree (monkey puzzler) to the beast from the East.

      How lovely to hear the children laughing in the playground.

      Twilight is captivating.

      Have a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

    2. Oh....awful to lose a monkey puzzler, mine survived. They are wonderful primitive looking

  6. Beautiful pictures and wonderful Flowers. Have a Happy Day.

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    found your blog while doing blog hopping.

    what a lovely place you have here and your garden looks amazing.

    I live in a apartment but would very much love to live in a house with a garden. it's a lot of work but the work is also very rewarding you see so much beauty around.


  8. Those white/pink rhododendrons--or are they azaleas?--are just gorgeous! I can't believe Riley is 15 already! Grandchildren do have a way of growing up, don't they? My one granddaughter who used to enjoy helping me create a fairy garden will soon turn 15, too. She has outgrown fairies, but does help me in the garden occasionally, more to make a little money than because she likes the flowers:) I thought of my grandmother last week, too. I visited my Dad, and we took a "tour" of all his irises. He needs them divided, so I was making notes of all the different varieties for future reference. There are some my grandmother planted, and even one stand that my great-grandmother planted. I'm definitely going to bring home some of those! I can remember my grandmother tending her flower garden, a labor of love for her after all the other household tasks she had to complete.

  9. Hi Cheryl, Gardens are so wonderful for children, and also for providing us with beautiful memories. You also must have been very influenced by your grandmother's love for the garden. Whatever she meant by her words, the emotion behind them is clear. Lovely post.