Wednesday 28 November 2018


that I find in the garden.


  1. Little Grandson and I collect feathers we have found in the garden.
    We then try and identify the bird.
    I believe it is good for children to be outside and in touch with nature.
    Do You?

    1. How exciting. I am guessing that there is a pheasant and a peacock feather??? Could it be you have a pheasant strolling about your garden? Or a peacock? Now that would be a surprise. Can't guess on any others. One looks like a hawk feather.
      Here you aren't supposed to have any but game bird feathers. CRAZY. The law was enacted way back when ladies had egret feathers in their hats. The millinery trade nearly made egrets extinct here. Of course no one would do that now...I don't think. They have never changed the law. Many of the 100 year old laws that need to be changed. I would love to be able to pick up hawk feathers and others that we find while out birding or in our garden the various feathers.
      It is not only good for children to be outside and in touch with nature but adults deprive themselves of a sound mind by not connecting with nature.

    2. Yes Lisa, You are right. We do get pheasants in the garden.
      They come to feed on the Pheasant berry shrub.
      They are such colourful birds.

      Many years ago we had a peacock but I do not think so now.

      Another feather is from an owl, the little owl I believe.

      We have around 40 feathers in total, the above is just a small part of the collection.

      Old laws, what a pain. We have issues here with old laws but none that affects my feather collection :)

      We are agreed on your last comment. I do not know what I would do without my garden.

  2. Hello Cheryl!
    A great collection of feathers you have find!
    The only feather I have find is from the pigeons !
    My little granddaughter likes to go out in the garden and pick up flowers for her mum.
    We are lucky living at the countryside.Have a nice and warm evening!

    1. How sweet, dear child. I remember my Granddaughter doing much the same thing. She is 13 now, so those days are gone sadly.

      I love the countryside. I have so many wonderful memories.

      Sleep well my friend.

  3. Oh yes, I think it's very natural for children to be outdoors learning all they can about our natural world.

    I like your feather collection and I'm impressed that you have pheasants dropping by to nibble on your pheasant berry shrub. How exciting!

    We have wild turkeys here that roam from yard to yard, cross the street and down into the woods. I mostly see them late summer and early fall. Crow feathers galore and other birds - most of which I can't identify (except bluejays of course for their vivid colour).

  4. You asked …
    "I believe it is good for children to be outside and in touch with nature.
    Do You?"

    Most definitely :)

    All the best Jan