Tuesday 6 November 2018

You never know who is watching you :)

Moth at the front door.


  1. Aren't moths fascinating! There are so many it is difficult to id them because there is so little written about them. I love the furry teddy bear bodies so many
    of them have. As I was blowing the leaves off of the driveway I found a wooley bear caterpillar. I tucked it under the leaves in the garden.

    1. There are so many moths Lisa. I have quite a few at the front door at the moment.
      Countryside Tales has put me on to a great website, it will certainly help me id them.

      Good girl taking care of the wooley bear caterpillar.
      We can all make a difference.

      Enjoy your day Lisa.

  2. Hello Cheryl!
    This is a lovely picture and a great capture of the Moth!
    Love all the details!! Have a lovely afternoon!

    1. I think moths are quite pretty in their detail.
      I have many around the entrance to the house so it gives me the opportunity to get close ups :)

      Raining here today, I expect you are basking in sunshine :)

  3. Lovely! I think he's a Blair's Shoulder-Knot. Have a look at the Hants Moths website, specifically the what's flying tonight page. That species is around at this time of year. A really good moth ID book is the Field Guide by Paul Waring and Martin Townsend. I have a beautiful moth to put on my blog.... How is Nella doing? x

    1. Fabulous website, thank you for introducing me to it. Have been able to identify several moths that are gathered around the front door,

      Nella is around 13 now and showing signs of age.
      Despite that, she is still enjoying life immensely.
      Her favourite spot at this time of year is in her basket by the log fire.
      Thank you for asking.

  4. What a great photograph.

    All the best Jan