Thursday 8 November 2018

Ornamental cherry.

Trees are a fabulous addition to any space.
Do you have a favourite tree in your garden?


  1. It's beautiful. My favourite would have to be the little oak tree we are growing from an acorn we found in the woods. X

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm, now that is an interesting question. I am afraid that I can't say I have a favorite. I love all trees. The trees in our garden that we (I planted) chose to grow may evoke a bit more favor from me. Each tree has such personality and style that I love them all.

    1. Yes Lisa, I agree.
      In saying that I do have a favourite. Of course, its the old apple tree.
      I would be absolutely devastated if I lost this tree.

    2. I can understand that because I was devastated when our old apple tree gave up.

  3. Hello Cheryl!
    That’s a beautiful tree with lovely Autumn shades on the leaves!
    I have olive trees and a lemon and orange tree in my garden.
    I like to cut a lemon or an orange when I need them for cooking or for my cakes!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    1. Wonderful DIMI.
      What a lovely thing to do.
      My friend lives in Spain and has oranges in his garden.

      BTW I love olive trees and have one in a pot on my patio.
      It is treated with plenty of tlc.

      Have a wonderful weekend

  4. My favorite is a big Deodar cedar. It's the kind with drooping branches. Sometimes (once so far in seven years) it has gorgeous seed receptacles that look like wooden roses. It's not a native to the US, but it's common around.
    I like my fruit trees when they aren't giving me trouble. Like bugs or sappy ooze...

    1. I love Deodar cedar Lisa. There are a couple in our village.
      They have such a sadness about them with their weeping branches. The seeds sound amazing.
      You are so lucky to have one in your garden.

  5. She is a beauty. I love all trees too, but my favourite has to be the rowan, I love all the myths and legends associated with it, said to be protective

  6. A lovely tree …
    We have some wonderful oak trees nearby.

    All the best Jan