Thursday 15 November 2018

Oak Gall.

Found amongst leaf litter.   The gall is attached to the leaf.


  1. Taking an image in the garden each day has really opened my eyes.
    I am fascinated by the things I find.

    1. I found a leaf at the park that I took a picture of, with a cluster of galls on it. At least I think they were galls. I will dig it out and post it on my blog. They look a lot different than this gall.
      I have cut open a gall similar to this. It wasn't this old. It was during late summer. I could see the little worms in it. I guess you might call them pupae.

  2. Hello Cheryl!
    A great macro capture of the oak leaf and the gall!
    Like the blurry background of this picture and the vivid colors!
    That’s true,you can find very interesting themes for nature photography!
    Have a relaxing evening!

    1. A log fire, a good book and glass of wine is what my evening is about.
      Enjoy Dimi.

  3. I spent many an hour looking for oak galls when I was a child. We felt so lucky when we found them.

  4. I am really enjoying seeing your photographs.
    Love this one.

    All the best Jan

  5. I didn't know what an oak gall was. I think we used to call them puff balls as children (or maybe that's something else entirely).

    You've inspired me to blog a little more often now. A short post now and again might just keep the ball rolling (the gall rolling?) LOL! Sorry I couldn't resist.